Things - I Hate About Thanksgiving

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What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So I already made a Things I Hate About Halloween. I thought it would be the perfect time to
make this video: Things I Hate About Thanksgiving.
So, without any further…
…hesitation, I present to you my list.
One of the first things I hate about Thanksgiving is the timing, not necessarily of Thanksgiving,
but of all the surrounding events that take place…
…like Black Friday for example.
Thanksgiving used to be a time where you could have a home cooked meal, give thanks for what
you had, and of course watch the Dallas Cowboy
But now it’s just turned into getting in line early so you can get a $40.00 television.
Do I want a home cooked meal or do I want a new laptop that you may or may not get after
waiting in line for nine hours?
It’s really a tough call to make.
Similarly, rivalry games in college football. Why do they have to be this week?
Now I’m in the predicament where I have to pick between spending time with my family
or driving up to Tallahassee to see Florida destroy the Florida State Seminoles.
Go Gators!
One should not have to choose between these things. It is unethical!
Another thing that I hate about Thanksgiving: the traffic coming home from college. I don’t
know about you, but this is the worst traffic that I’ve ever experienced in my life.
I personally remember sometimes just sitting in the car…just:
This is some bull. Sir, can you please, sir! This is ridiculous! DANG IT! Well, at this
pace I’ll get home in nineteen hours.
This traffic is ridiculous…this is like Lebron’s hairline, Rihanna forehead ridiculous!
Sir, sir! Oh, that’s a girl.
The traffic is terrible. And what’s even worse is when you have that one professor
who’s like:
I will be having class, I will be taking attendance, and this will be on the mid-term. Ha-ha, I
don’t like anyone.
It’s just messed up. It’s just messed up.
Here’s another thing: leftovers!
I don’t know where you go to eat, but where I go to eat, at my aunt’s house, the food
is delicious…highly delicious!
The problem is you have to eat this stuff for weeks and weeks on end.
I can picture my mom saying right now:
Don’t forget to get you a plate; I’m not cooking for the next four months!
OK, my mom is not blonde, but I couldn’t find the other wig so I just…you know…had
to make due.
Also, she never says four months, it’s implied. But you get the point!
Thanksgiving leftovers only taste so good.
I don’t want to be eating leftovers in March. You see what I’m saying.
But the final thing that I hate about Thanksgiving: we are celebrating what happened before mass
murder if you think about it.
I’m pretty sure the Indians wouldn’t have had lunch with the Pilgrims if they knew what
was about to happen after.
Just something to think about, it’s just something to think about.
And that is my list of things I hate about Thanksgiving. What do you hate about Thanksgiving?
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If you’re international, do even know what Thanksgiving is? Do you know what I’m talking
about? Do you know what Black Friday is? Do have these things in your country? Leave a
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What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So today I’m going to be talking about things I hate about Halloween.
Let me just preface this by saying: my parents never let me celebrate Halloween.
Normally when I say this, I get one of two reactions:
Oh my goodness!
I’m a grown man.