Hot Docs 2012: Canadian International Documentary Festival

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Title: Hot Docs 2012 - Canadian International Documentary Festival
0:00:00.049,0:00:03.889 Hot Docs is North America's largest
documentary festival and market. We're
0:00:03.889,0:00:08.809 going to show 200 films from over
40 countries and welcome an audience
0:00:08.809,0:00:13.490 of over a 160,000 people to
14 cinemas across Toronto to
0:00:13.490,0:00:17.630 watch some of the greatest documentaries
made over the past few years.
0:00:17.630,0:00:22.820 My name is Nisha Pahuja. I'm a documentary
filmmaker based in Toronto.
0:00:22.820,0:00:27.250 My latest film is called, "The World Before
Her." We are going to be premiering the film
0:00:27.250,0:00:31.949 in Toronto at Hot Docs. Raising money is
extremely difficult,
0:00:31.949,0:00:35.840 right, for documentaries and it's
getting harder and harder and harder.
0:00:35.840,0:00:37.290 We had TVO -
0:00:37.290,0:00:40.950 fantastic. We also got money from the OMDC
0:00:40.950,0:00:45.660 and from the Ontario Tax Credits
and Hot Docs. Without that kind of
0:00:45.660,0:00:46.680 support,
0:00:46.680,0:00:50.450 we wouldn't have been able to make
this, really.
0:00:50.450,0:00:53.320 Other great films of this year's festival
include Detropia.
0:00:53.320,0:00:57.050 We've got a film called Francophrenia
which is directed by James Franco and
0:00:57.050,0:01:00.830 follows him on the set of General
Hospital. We've got a film called Waiting
0:01:00.830,0:01:04.430 For Lightning. So really a great
sampling of films from around the world.