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Uploaded by salesforce on 02.12.2010

Salesforce Chatter is a powerful new way to collaborate with people in your company, in real time, in a private and completely secure way.
With Chatter you can share new insights about competitors, ask for feedback on a new idea, or find someone in your company who can answer your pressing question. It all happens in your real time feed.
Let’s see how Joe, on the pricing team, uses Chatter.
Joe just updated a pricing list and wants to make sure everyone knows about an upcoming special. He posts the update to Chatter and everyone who follows Joe sees his update in real time.
Joe then responds to any questions or comments and everyone sees his answers - saving Joe from having to reply to lots of individual emails.
Chatter brings together the information that you’re interested in and you can use filters to quickly see - just posts to you, posts from people you follow, posts on groups you’re a member of, or updates to files people have shared.
Make sure you are taking advantage of all the great Chatter features by completing the steps in the What to do Next section.
To get started, add your picture to your profile and let people know what you do. Are you an pricing expert? Go ahead and include that here, so people learn about your specialties.
Next, you should find people who you want to see updates from. These could be members of your team, your execs, or people who just have great ideas. Click on Follow and their posts will show up in your Chatter feed.
If someone is missing from this list, you can invite them by clicking on [Invite People to Chatter]
Groups are an easy way to have conversations about specific topics.
Are you working on a project with a team of people? Create a new group to discuss ideas and share files without clogging up your email inbox.
Simply click on [new group], add a name and description and choose if you want a private space for your team to work or a public group that anyone can join.
Adding a picture to your new group and inviting members is easy. With just a few clicks you have a effective way to collaborate with your team.
Chatter isn’t just limited to the web, you can download Chatter Desktop or access Chatter on the go with our mobile apps.
Chatter Desktop saves you time by giving you instant access to your feed and alerting you when there are new posts or comments.
When Joe wanted to share his new pricing sheet he could’ve dragged it from his desktop and posted it directly to Chatter. It’s that easy.
If you have questions about Chatter or want to learn more click on Help & Training.
Getting started with Chatter is easy. Complete your profile and share what you’re working on today.