Interview Rainer Püttmann / Johannes Jakobs (Tollisan) (Pigeons / Brieftauben / Palomas) 2012

Uploaded by BobDaPaloma on 17.05.2012

>>Bob: Hello, good morning. I have here 2 fancier in front of me. Johannes Jacobs and...
>>J.Jakobs: Rainer Püttmann
>>Bob: We starting with the questions?
>>J.Jakobs: yes, sure
>>Bob: Ok Since when you are practicing pigeon sport?
>>J.Jakobs: Since 30-40 years and you Rainer? How long do you do that?
>>R.Püttmann: 45 years.
>>J.Jakobs: 45 years!
>>Bob: What fascinating you so much in pigeon sport?
>>R.Püttmann: Well, the A and O is of course that I can breed my own performance pigeons. Actually be a coach in my own loft. My pigeons accordingly can prepare.
Take best care. And at the weekend be gladden when the pigeons come back, and the highlight is when I know I flight the first place.
>>J.Jakobs: And Rainer Püttmann have a very big breeding station, one of the biggest for pigeons in europe.
>>Bob: I saw the catalog already
>>J.Jakobs: That’s great
>>Bob: What was your most beautiful moment in the pigeon sport?
>>R.Püttmann: The most beautiful moment was when I played for the German championship, the last flight, the all-important flight, so I had to designate 4 pigeons before, and 2 had to come back, and i heard nothing from nowhere,
then the first pigeon came immediately a right one, and then the second came and also immediately a designate pigeon.. And which was then the first and the ninth pigeon against 200.000 pigeons and so it was clear how the German championship end.
>>Bob: That was really a great and beautiful moment. Best performance of your pigeons?
>>R.Püttmann: That’s difficult to say
>>J.Jakobs: Every year new good performance, so we have both every year
>>R.Püttmann: I think in that point of view, there isn’t a big different of us, so everyone have his competitors and is represent in 1 of the top places, if he isn’t lead the top.
>>Bob: What could be improved in the pigeons sport? Important question.
>>J.Jakobs: We need more young fanciers, like you, more fanciers in Spain, Portugal and in Germany.
>>Bob: So 5 month, so 5 month i am in yet What is bad at the pigeon sport , if the bad exist?
>>R.Püttmann: The bad at pigeon sport, if you can call it bad, is certainly that. That we in Germany at least compete in 1 list, that actually the less successful with the...
...actually the amateur compete with the world champion. That is like the Circle class player have to play against the Premier League players.
>>Bob: So, build up different league?
>>R.Püttmann: Yes, that is our Problem. That we in Germany just to...
We have that in my competition, 3 league with additional own price list, but this is in addition to the federation a separate thing.
But that can not be done everywhere, because we are meanwhile to transpired, we have to little fancier
>>Bob: Actually we are done with the interview, but do you want say something more, something important?
>>R.Püttmann: You must also say something more. >>Bob: Yes, you must also say something more.
>>J.Jakobs: I have to say something more? I don’t know what I can say more? I don’t know anything more.
>>Bob: What was your most beautiful moment in the pigeon sport?
>>J.Jakobs: Every week when the pigeons come, that is all time a beautiful moment.
>>Bob: OK, that it was, thanks a lot.