Tornado Preparedness: Family Emergency Plan

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Tornado Preparedness: Family Emergency Plan
Spring 2011, tornado hits Georgia community
Area in GA affected by the tornado
The Rilling family lives in the affected area
Destruction from the tornados near the Rilling's home
It’s very important to be prepared!
First: Emergency Plan, Second: Shelter location
“We have a family emergency plan, and we have two shelter locations in the house.”
“One is under the stairs in the pantry, and the other one is under the front porch because is totally encased in concrete.”
first shelter location: the pantry under the stairs
family and dog in second shelter location, under the front porch.
Third: Emergency Kit. Grab and Go
the Rilling family: “We have a kit on a plastic bag that you can grab and go to wherever the shelter location is.”
the Rilling family: “ Inside the kit are our lanterns and batteries, and treats for the dog, playing cards; and a weather radio is the most important thing.”
Cindy Rilling with the family emergency kit
Area affected by the tornado close to the Rilling’s home
The Rillings are prepared, and you?
“If you haven’t already, take the time to sit down and talk to your kids and make an emergency plan and make a kit. Let everybody be involved and be a part of it so that you can keep each other safe”.
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