Piero Cappuccilli: Nemico della Patria (HD)

Uploaded by heildirgunther on 04.05.2009

An enemy of the state?
It's an old story, but luckily the public still swallows it.
Born in Constantinople? A foreigner!
Studied at St. Cyr? A soldier!
Traitor! An accomplice of Dumouriez!
A poet? Corrupter of hearts and traditions!
Once it was my joy
to pass untouched by all the hate and feuds around me,
pure, innocent and strong!
I thought myself a giant...
I am a servant, now as always!
I have but changed masters,
and become the obedient lackey of violent passion!
I kill and tremble,
and as I kill
I weep!
I, a child of the war of liberation
and the first to hear her call
and to unite my voice with hers...
Have I now lost faith
in my vision of destiny?
I used to walk a path that blazed with glory!
To re-awaken the voice of conscience in men's hearts,
to comfort the downtrodden and those who suffer,
to make a world fit for gods,
transform men into gods
and with a single kiss,
a single kiss, to enfold all in a loving embrace!