Chinese Paladin 4 plot and gameplay 31-d

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Lingsha Han: How........ what's that expression in their eyes, it won't be like that time in the Village peace, I hope..........
Tianhe Yun: Err......I, I didin't do nothing........
Youth A: You really drives that numen fox away?!
Tianhe Yun: Ye, yeah......
Youth B: Thank you, our benefactor!!
Tianhe Yun: Ah?!
Old Man: Maybe benefactor you didn't know, but this numen fox has forced us to contribute to him every year, while what he did was only bringing more disasters to our place........
Old Man: If we invoke for a peaceful sea for fishing, he will let the wind blow and bring some big waves; If we invoke for a good weather, he will just bring a big drought......he, he just made our lives like hell.......
Butcher Zhang: We were just going to look for little Lianbao, when Literati Xia brought Lianbao back, and said that you have driven the numen fox away, I can't believe my ears! So here we are and wanna see our great heroes!
Lingsha Han: Yee? You were going to look for Lianbao? But I don't think this is a good idea for you to play against that numen fox.
Butcher Zhang: ........Of, of course we are afraid, but, thinking it over and over again, I still can set myself at ease, when Literati Xia is in need of help, we can't just sit and watch........
Butcher Zhang: So we decided to go for it! We'd rather die than living like this.
Lingsha Han: You........?
Youth B: Yeah, and besides.........Literati Xia really helped us a lot in the past, if we just did nothing abou his problem, we'll be some ungrateful wretch........
Youth A: I, I'm scared at numen fox's magic, I would never dreamed about going into the mountain and causing some trouble with him, but I'm more scared at being called a flunky!
Butcher Zhang: Yes yes yes! Though I didn't read any books, I know that to be a man, you should be grateful. Well, how lucky, you have just driven away the numen fox, heh heh.......
Lingsha Han: Hee hee, it doesn't matter, it's already very great for you to have this willing, and Literati will be very moved knowing this.
Youth B: ........that numen fox.......would he ever come back again?
Ziying Murong: Please be assured everybody, he has learnt a good lesson, I don't think he would come back again.
Lingsha Han: And we give that stupid fox some good warnings, he must be scared like hell now, hah~
Youth B: For, for real?! Hearing this myself, I am so released!
Youth B: This is the best thing in my life ever, let's go tell others!
Youth A: Yeah, yeah, we shall let everybody know about it!
Old Man: My benefactors, you are truly the benefactors of our Jimo, please don't leave and go have a look at our lanterns tonight!
Lingsha Han: My dear uncle, we are sure to go~ The beautiful lanterns are my favourite!
Old Man: Alright, see you~
Tianhe Yun: Heh heh, this, this is the doing justice dad has told me?
Lingsha Han: Yeah~ Quite different with somebody's doing in Village Peace, huh?
Tianhe Yun: This one, is better~
Lingsha Han: Of course this is better~
Ziying Murong: Sigh, it's not a surprise for a monster to harm people, but I can never dream about it that even this fairy beast would do this, this is such a shock to me.
Mengli Liu: .....Let's go for Literati Xia's then, it would be dark soon.
Yuanchen Xia: Welcome.
Lingsha Han: Literati Xia, I think I shall take back what I said in the mountain now~
Lingsha Han: Those people are quite good I think, they are going for you and your little Lianbao at last~
Yuanchen Xia: Yeah, I've already told you, I wont' blame them at all.
Lingsha Han: Sigh, both immortals you are, you are so much better than that stupid fox.
Yuanchen Xia: .....Because I like people, thus I would hide my identity, and spend hundreds or thousands years in the realm of mortal.......Among the six realms, the Gods and the Demons are the most powerful ones, but the heaven is lonely and boring, the kindness people share with each other make this world so much better than those.
Ziying Murong: .......
Lingsha Han: ......Being a mountain god, does this means that you can live forever? Then may I ask that how could a mortal live a longer life?
Yuanchen Xia: Though we immortal's lives are usually like thousands years long, it doesn't mean that we will live forever. While mortals have a life about not longer than a hundred years, it's normal for you to admire the immortals, but when compared to the ants and bugs in this world, human's life is quite long on the contrary.
Yuanchen Xia: The length of your life, what kind of life you are gonna have, this is what we called the "Karma", why would you wanna break it?
Lingsha Han: But.......
Yuanchen Xia: Hmm, and I think that, with your aptitude, I won't be surprised that if one day you will become immortals just like me.
Yuanchen Xia: Please follow me upstairs, I'll get you the paint.
Lingsha Han: .........
Mengli Liu: Lingsha, please don't worry, the people in your village........the thing you are worried about, we will find a solution.
Tianhe Yun: Yeah, maybe he just didn't know about your question......
Lingsha Han: Thank you, don't worry about me, I wouldn't give up this easily!
Ziying Murong: People in your village? ..........What happened?
Lingsha Han: .......allow me to not answer this time, please.
Lingsha Han: Actually, Tianhe and Mengli are not quite clear about this, but there will be one day I tell everything to you, but not now.......
Ziying Murong: ........I know, if there is anything we can help, please just speak it out.
Lingsha Han: Thank you, I will.
Yuanchen Xia: Here, this is the Cold Paint of the Light Age.
Yuanchen Xia: I heard some tales said that it was left in the world by the winter god, and I only got it occasionally.
Lingsha Han: Twinkling and so beautiful! It must be a very precious artifact!
Yuanchen Xia: Well, looks like the girls are all the same, Jinglan likes it very much too.
Lingsha Han: Jinglan?
Yuanchen Xia: Ah, she, she is my lover.
Lingsha Han: Hee, your face are all flushed~ She must be a really nice girl I think?
Yuanchen Xia: Jinglan is very gentle and pretty........
Yuanchen Xia: In the past, we lived in the mountain besides Jimo, every night, I would unfold the Cold Paint of the Light Age and put it on the top of the mountain, it will be looked like the stars falling down on the mountain, and that was Jinglan's favourite scnenery.
Mengli Liu: Then where is she? She's not with you now?
Yuanchen Xia: She? She's been passed away for several hundreds years.....
Mengli Liu: .......!!
Yuanchen Xia: .........Yeah, I am an earth god while she is only a mortal.......
Mengli Liu: have brought this to you .......
Yuanchen Xia: It doesn't matter. At least we've lived happily together and I've accompanied Jinglan until the last second of her life.
Yuanchen Xia: There are countless lovers who cannot be together at all, we were already very happy compared to them, there is nothing more we want.
Tianhe Yun: Heh heh, yeah, the most important thing is to live a happy life now, there is no use to worry about other things~
Yuanchen Xia: Well our brother Yun is quite sanguine I think~
Yuanchen Xia: Here you are, hope it will help you.
Lianbao: Dad.......the stars, Lianbao like them.......
Yuanchen Xia: Lianbao, you like it too?
Yuanchen Xia: But these youths are our benefactors, we should give this to them for saving our lives, so let's give it up, alright?
Yuanchen Xia: Good girl~
Ziying Murong: ......Sorry to have to take it away, but we really need it------
Yuanchen Xia: Doesn't matter, it is useless to keep it here, I think it's good to give it to people in need.
Ziying Murong: Thank you very much!
Ziying Murong: ........!
Yuanchen Xia: Ah! I forgot it, the Cold Paint of the Light Age is among the coldest things in this world, people will feel really uncomfortably cold touching it.........
Lingsha Han: Then how should we take it? Got something wrap around it?
Lingsha Han: Yaa-------! So cold........
Yuanchen Xia: Please don't touch it, my miss. Girls' bodies are not as warm as boys, so you will feel worse than boys. Let me take a think of how you can take it away......
Tianhe Yun: It's not that me.
Yuanchen Xia: My little brother, you.........!
Yuanchen Xia: You.......wont' feel it's unbearable freezing?!
Tianhe Yun: It's cold.......but only a little colder than other things, only a little.
Yuanchen Xia: .......This, this is unbelievable!
Yuanchen Xia: I don't know the reason, but our little brother here is of this unique body to not afraid of the ultimate cold of it. So it's no problem for you to take it away.
Tianhe Yun: I am? Heh heh~
Lingsha Han: ( god, dunno what you did you eat to grow up like this, can stand this cold even.......)
Yuanchen Xia: Since our little brother here seems to be quite good at bows, I'll give this "Bow of Chasing Moon" to you together with the Cold Paint of the Light Age.
Tianhe Yun: Ah? Give it, to me?
Yuanchen Xia: Yeah, I don't know how to use a bow myself, so I'm glad I can find a good master for it.
Tianhe Yun: Hah, hah hah! Thank you!
Ziying Murong: ......please accept our gratitude here, since we have no business now, we'll just leave. See you.
Yuanchen Xia: Please take care, hope that one day we will meet again.
Lingsha Han: Literati Xia, have you told others, about you are leaving here?
Yuanchen Xia: I'll watch the lanterns with Lianbao later tonight, so I think I'll tell them at that time, I'll miss this place dearly I think.......
Lingsha Han: Well, you can come back now and then, when Lianbao becomes a beautiful little miss, you can bring her back and let them all be surprised!
Yuanchen Xia: Hah hah, more likely surprised at me not change a little I guess.
Lingsha Han: Hee~ I agree.