The Village Organic Farm - Part 1

Uploaded by villageorganicfarm on 09.03.2010

we grew our herd of Jersey-X to 30+
our single bucket milker
raising the milking parlour
milking with a roof... at last!
calves locked up at night...
...get the remaining milk
bottling the milk in reused glass bottles
good cream content!
separating cream
havarti coated in ghee
milk, butter, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese
tree-planting for shade & habitat
weaned calves...
half beef, half dairy
after hanging for 2 weeks
some of our meat products
day-old meat chicks
in the brooder
out onto pasture at 2 weeks
mobile pens - each batch 2 weeks apart
nitrogen-enriched fertiliser
organic broiler mash supplements grass
curdled skim milk from dairy...
... which the chooks love
liberation day


some are put in brine...
... ready for smoking
smoking untreated hardwood sawdust
low-tech smokehouse
a few beehives for raw honey
part saddleback for hybrid vigour

free-range piglets...
... hanging out with the weaners
preparing to de-bristle
our first ham
bacon: wood-smoked then wood-fired
salami from an Italian recipe
bulk layer mash arrives
layer chicks in the brooder
then onto pasture

happy hens!

clean, fresh organic eggs

cheesery & cool room behind
general store built out the front

healthfoods complement our products

local foods made by friends
products from the farm
bureaucracy gone mad!
thanks for watching