Keds Brave Girl: Ashley Nails Her Audition

Uploaded by kedsbravehearts on 21.01.2013

About three years ago, my mom got deployed because she is in military, and she was deployed
for thirteen months. And we had to move really quickly because they don't give a lot of
time for that. And so when we moved, I had to switch schools in my freshman year, and
she deployed fairly quickly and I had an audition for the school that I wanted to go to. It's
a performing art school. And I had no one to take me, and no costume, and no dance prepared
for my ballet piece. And I had two days to do it all. I had to be bedazzled to do costume
by myself, and had my best friend's older sister to take me and I had to do the whole
audition process. It was like hundred girls with all their moms, and it was me and my
best friend's sister because mine was deployed. And I had to audition by myself and do it
with no parents and that was kind of I don't know -- nerve-racking, but I loved it, and
I go there now. It's amazing. I like it.