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It's a great pleasure for me to stay
in front of you today
to speak about German experience of renewable energies
it's a pressure for me
I'm visiting also herewith endure my son
so i'm happy
to stay in family issues
federal issues
please, allow me to make some mistakes in my language
I am not a native speaker
I remember when my school time
my teacher told me you never know to learn english
so I'm happy
when you can understand me
The German experiance in renewable energy sectors
is very astonorsing
even for me personally
instead of the fact
that perhaps I am one of the most
uh... optimistic guys
who promoted
ten years in fifteen years ago renewable energy sector in Germany
but now in the meantime we have innovation and technology process
relevant important
and it leads to the fact that
we now can stand infont of earth
where we can solve a lot of crisis
which are connected together with energy system
let me speak first
about these crisis
because it is important to ease this crisis and c_n_n_ she guessed
that leads to such crisis
and can pick and see usually
that we knew was pc to solve functional
we have subpoenaed by crisis
first cast geo fl sudan nokia resources
is rising oil prices we have supplied warming
crisis we have surprises on economic
what we have things you hold epsom allman brothers really hot there could
be small connectedness energy systems
than most people believe speak also
on tected
auctions increase in cantonese pain and he financial need
on more connected to his energy texan
tax extension plan achieves and spring us too
really seasons sean's economic problems
superiority in simple terms and most overseeing the problematic situation
these you know i sing or play a sense of most offices scientist c moving toward
normalizing lopez's pricing space enough or non civility overlooked
fit isn't enough
sisters and the subs
once again it should what's called i found it
uh... six years the cold to southland six
made and
unrepentant results
how much foreign isn't salutes
and roots of the cuban since the coming years and before prostitutes and should
watch was that in two thousand and thrilled to supply it
so-called that uh... complete oil production
the people on this
hardcore to be a sport
the could see
formal two thousand and six to two day development up to
on supply production of called organisms
and cisco tool
boston straddles the facts that so good needs more than laurin
note from china
increasing economy new cars and others
or if it's going to vote cookbook wilkins
ancestors of these in behind so that's another crisis
and this will become was used for him
when the nao
soooo next door all the next hamesha
multiple tool
decreasing off
to discuss his only
tunes a_t_t_'s two percent
all six percent
normal cantaloop spoke abt of this problem
olympic committee love it
the us so dependent on art
not only
in industry
according sector
also and chemist insect or
once a decade conscious act
wants out
of or
completion of the sources fall so the sources
on those those solution
if you've got to get what in quite a bit com
bcs uprising called crisis
allergic to date
called market
for decreasing sindicato financial crisis but at least since suspect
you'll see symmetric gas prices
a lot of people ziggy sent
all the go-to unconventional alone
deep-sea on
paul hartness
all our sense of canada
what happened
unconventional on
we must know
sponses accident
and damage off
continent begin astana
home state of
whose young onset
and bps willing to pay management pianist
increasingly also
convention matches loses rises
police to investigate the issue comic
first u
trip contents attacks sub cities worldwide for the new business
this highlights the first point
often deceptively words highly subsidized
it is not true
is highly subsidized worldwide
on higher
and subsidizing in four cities increasing value that it doesn't rising
because of
field social conflicts
bands of gasoline prices are surprises rising
and so sick if more text money
to give the consumers both
so same price what used its prostitutes
in only one you know
subtext money subsidy increased loaded rifles he hunted it tough
u_s_ law
to four hundred nine
next year you could see of more
that is very serious because we have floodlit
poppy patches
fail over
and attorneys
oval room would go on to secede situation
so it's a national park service recall
commencement and house
you know
sis interconnection
packages reality
scientific report came from international
and she atchinson impacts
the other side
silliest development
climate warming
instead of stock except some scientist in the face no nine warming
it inspector
and moved to the detainees
goat scientific basic
and it is clear
temperature expressing
clean house cats commissions rehab already and overloaded atmosphere
this column
three hundred and ninety parts per million
we have to be fumes
many go to the target often discussed in civil like and don't invest
conference to achieve the target to to grease global warming
i'd say a few days
behalf now
contacted and said i'm not intervals
queensland disrupts
the system includes about us
big big to substance
and misuses disaster spots you completed what would happen
and we have to take place
in moscow another strategy
cooling down skills
it's possible
to dispose of the goal to combine strategies
frost is
you have to stop sixteen house designation
not only to visit uses
because every accused greenhouse gas emission leads to an high concentration
of king hoskins executive
you have to
greenhouse gas emissions
sis's pulls into this
public percent annual bits because
eight percent of the clean house destinations are connected to these
jewels of or imagined testicle
that's threatening to cancel tissue was we have community
billington second conduct
take a problems the atmosphere
apple do not want to speak so many lecture
pat buchanan comes out last week human sort
because career
australia wonderful strategy
speech that fear is not included
fistulas a picture form
norm mail only sent on the bay area
they co-opt yahoo accounts
consistent india
respectful foghorn plans
tissue at all fallen
tools and machines to make electricity forces moveon villages
and it leads to move treating upset except for control
so it is possible
to combine it dispatching f
food production
to fight
food shortages
electrician chats
had to go to a hundred percent renewable its disposal calls it
this is a good one
constand full-time status university is falls from california
you know almost and forty minutes she's really famous incivility
because of that some students is a tease
dispute insets
too is a leading opinions of both the president met
president clinton's chief off
technology manufactures i think that insist time
sis she's totes of students
the personal computer remember companies and
so students like the dates postive josette
beyond that
invest in his opinion
and it did not take
sometimes you just kind of these young often bandied total
friendly noblesville contradicts soul competent take on twenty years
well pulses much much pasta
laptops grades of within twenty years
we couldn't believe
ten years ago
fifty quid
among platform nexus
and all popped
budget is down
technology courses are very fast
mister checkups and then to go to chicago
stand for the davis megaton force a vote
too complicated twenty years but two hold two thousand and thirty
two hundred percent self-cleaning ovens
the whole energy system that will be added to secure system
it is possible
on the technology
reboot needs the balls
the heart
in his plan in southern
activity call
what would we need so many big power stations with most people believe that
would self the hostels ensued
by people
fizzled out
and you won't surprise
may go up in polity would need only three point
then politicians
answered recog nized
wanted responded technology also spend they can put your sensibilities yearly
seventeen million cars and trucks
what would be to twenty years
twenty million
imposed sanctions
he decided to this
to speak
approx humans cannot
passed on the technician pls
as a frontal even
financial goals as this pc
yes we need a lot of money to a speech to a hundred percent annual dues
complex thousand billion u_s_ dollars
can you imagine sis
printed cells in continuous book
this really great
i tossed suspension what school
this if you will be informed because of voting trend two years ago the doorknob
speech to the news
because of the problems on up
fields to operate
this electricity bills
what could go also to constant
traffic systems
soho if you would be enforceable
on some basic also
off two thousand eight isn't by size of twenty percent
board the
wendy to not speech to humans
so now my question to you
watkins chico
to go to a new boots
what saves coming up soon
to go along with the completion of the switches
means to unlock economic sanctions
and it happens
business investment
when he was
as investigators
you can go sequel obstacles
good morning best into a new business
such a person could come
it is incest excel at plating process
and at least on
commission cutting
this is an example of charlie
the anecdotes of moment nine hundred sixty million talks
big bend it would not have
annually since it joined economy reward image
competent twenty million points more
excuse for what it is
it's best success
inclined actually
and often we were told
it is impossible to go to class today to includes
into the cells that we had about six percent of the new bush ad electricity
sector or germany
it was mostly
nearly most people will be
nearly nothing
in the poll
nothing until now
nothing could shield so i'm in
nearly nothing and buy it
and be seven talking a lot of all in all of you to be talking to all we want to
look at chief
to two thousand and ten
class president
it is that she loved it
weakest typical fork reported you should see has no sense of economy
but a cvs reached
two thousand eleven
twenty percent
much fast
it is possible and as a political frederick a sort
answers politically friend reptiles under bom
this planet protection
defense he didn't tell if satisfied enough so its investment of private
this over time
six so basic plus a few details
and it works
very very good
viva told us
ins and ask
when you're faced out new video
you must buy a lot of electricity folks a false nuclear power stations
not isn't
two thousand on the left
nuclear power stations
and even in two thousand eleven children will blossom electricity export
disfavor early
we had to have very hot victorian hope you'll
and because of the facts that falls has a lot of electricity heating
needs a lot of electricity
so high
fit to me
germany has more efficient
isolated houses and toughness
and samples to do not need so much and it was achieved in two time
but they had insisted worldly another friend and a lot of sunshine
until they could have pulls
risk electricity
and it would not have sis twenty percent and it wasn't such armpit
i believe
falls would
half and black out in electricity systems that statement
most it is possible assets of public opinion polls
and pc new situations rheumatology
last year
menu face i don't know if you don't
friend your court all stations come on the press has a mass produced so must be
electricity to legalize
cut down mellitus possibly sixty-odd is the biggest cooperate in germany
she announced
afford not to go
third which shopstyle
some nuclear power
and would know
change to the business
call paula personal
this is important for q here in australia
because a lot to offer
mining operators long still sad code to charlie
french divisional spelled
this would happen also in crystal city
sonar adventist cheapest unclaimed property
who've been parcels twenty
i feel
so the motto of
investment in
mining is stunted investments here
netherland sustained
last tuesday in arms
they want to
they've got a new nuclear power station
too so strongly several need cheap electricity
no wasn't absence of that
because of
homes there's so much electricity into european trip
because of some installment on
lopped off a new boots mixing electricity so cheat
to half moon economic basic
for them to do with the postage
not individual guns are expensive
so you know what
surprise on some children and give it to visit his stock market
won't they
every time when a lot of wind is blowing into a lot of sunshine
because so much for the clinton secret
so it's a kind of update us have to call it the whole time
it's this time
policy sheets unfolds please it takes the most
demands they do not produce electricity
savage fires of simple uniqueness people total
lowers the price of electricity
it is not
and expensive bruton
and replace already
annual economy
in nineteen ninety eight we had such a salsa employment
continue with that
today they have three hundred and seventy cents
and it is not only is it
new companies you have a lot of
souls and so few companies discontent yes
also in texas to come
fervent interests me is the second biggest
by our office deviants
it brings us to you in just a lot of your business
so scientists lee is one of the biggest byob grass
concert last destiny
for children
they will be punished
is not also starting to say she faxed to our in crisis situation
doing financial crisis
consultant agent was also nine
its policy only plenty of charlie who increased anymore
and plus new jobs
we have another continent andrews who came to pass fast
out office of financial crisis two thousand nine
it was china
both come to
haven't pipes
and successful strategy
for humans
mississippi's bibles compton's current hospitals psychiatrists
and all the distorted disability false economy to go visit in new orleans
because of some high up in extending last yes we have some more calls because
he'd intelligence
falsity message principles
ten percent of cynic because it's a question
fraternity electricity consumers
citizens of whole it was also demand blast began you'll
oxy symbol post-op although compensated on awful for instance of showman economy
because of the lawyers involved cost falling doubts
coat thank you for a new buyers amount of not good
and he could avoid extra nichols played by texts
not buys electricity consumers
but the great basin management of corporal returns
you could avoid
twenty billion girl
final cost of twenty
ignorance notebook
forcing the clinton are already to be
and this more polls almost be some more calls we have to pay that as a formal
attire what's really expensive
six seven eight years ago
to think it is very cheap
soon you investment into full-time oscalus
more and more
vistas of the intended for u
yearly into next year for fought with high quality
looked to two thousand and dressed for people to talk systems a great eighteen
cents per cubao
twenty cents
the last few
as it happened
more important
mended talk tones of street intensive investment incomes
because of topping tones of
production cost
last month in the past year eighty seven total shown that they were invested
three mega hot
foldable tidy normandy all moms
does this sound simple straight ahead stinson hold
for tax
not difficult ross industry
to switch twitter australia
cost two hundred percent moves
behalf using your technologies
or not
can happen to management strategy
reactive count is very important role wanted stability frequency stability and
of course
battle is combined missing you
portable tai kwon battles
reactive count
even in nights
renault some recognition
we can use it
randy close to home
all politicians who think
could stability
weekend using balls of his formal teksystems not it's a future
technologies operatic event
pensacola's spong
this is a static
duke university north carolina
not so many celebrities much smoke helped send australia
and you'll fall a tax system
as of this frontal system put to use cheap electricity son and you will get
understands bible barn rockets and always for new nuclear operators
last week he announced
but purcell
pickets lost tax money
so it's a nuclear operators for him
really afford to operate
you could avoid such tax money
when he goes
a new twist
and then you cannot compare new investment needs new investment by both
investment after financial beauty and his oval
ceremonies function
piece of sh forms of
compression and he's upset
onto u_s_ compressible can
so cheap goods that the other calls
recalls what we need after financing useful
transforms a lot
and from that
on natural gas
and surprise for the technologies talked about talking anymore
by the time slot by himself
because what we see no mention of any is the pollsters
that's a
odoj companies
sissies economic pressure from the new boots
and want to go on to simply wrong
called paul states will be a september because they're lolz execute
opcode polled
but z zicom
under economic pressure
and so it's a fight
the politicians
including some
to make the rules
that do not
tickling you it's very fast
the lost what we would need to accelerates
content consenting adults
would be a a lot of different mls
firstly vineet
at basics that's investment into into which is part of it
this is an awful fifteen times
return gift xd and he's going to lose
and you must cancel subsidies
is very important
eagle eyes
external calls
that are not paint
it because it comes from
contamination to your contacts ministry
we need to them
often sixty such welcome
a lot of technologies who ought not to have to really
ready for mass-market
in research
moneyweek and give them
weekend at seventy would be needed
education often simple universalmccann communists
suspected cases often sex is not all that important
on june the los angeles on school it's
to influence the young people
the nipples an education
or some kind of people
manage those and of course state moscow rm
to go along with the combination of energies isabel in faucet
unused asa simpson's
no successful
clinic protection
oc quartile certificate systems
or admission printing
admissions writing is not successful
but it is often discussed to take it
instead off-street interest
because a lot of people you know
randy can make their mission trade team
sandy can give
opinions as a
yes we are doing in the heart for
kind of protection
but in reality isn't
and section of orange
based function if you can't have it
brokaw importance
the groups
strategy in the student out of his
working tonight
check pattern was a good leader in fort worth texas terms
to have a very good subsidy program
nearly nothing
philosophy intended for political attacks in the parking lot i'm enough
to make it profitable
in two thousand visit commanding officer renewable energy
and visited international so many
japan very fast civil leader
and you'll see
recover lost a lot of the asian and pasta you know
minimal teksystems
it is not the course of some sort of yours dispute calls sir
rules ke you have some
you have time
in the states
took a successful
and sort of corporations
prompted transcripts
and favorites excess workers
but it is very important to taking off and the feet eight traffic flow
it must based on preventing
no system
catapult sixty feet detail if most of the rooms
continued successful stalling
but only if you were seven
the clearly
recruit returning
in spain germany
in china
atkinson vast fife yes plan for big hollow
fences target rules because of sophy intel
five times
this attractions
often effect if you can't tell if you are
they manage to texas
you would need to scan australia because your good operators are combining
electricity potentials
and endless possibilities this week or two of those two hello not qualities
six people point to us
refutes that
imagine privileged access
anzil everyone can't come
this hispanic to the city into subject
yes we have to belittle
boxes for his only
when secret is full of misconduct descent into words
first they have to cancel
civil bhakti
nucleo called industry much gas
i think i have to be sufficient
like that it was a delight
not by text mining
because when you pay a flat tax money is a finance minister who is a next here
all my biopsy just below
we must cancer treatment
since happened two years ago and state
very successful uh... fit intestinal
big sought out
and even said kate and
tulle high feed interactive four-fold expand
then you can imagine what about it
of optimistic
intensifying its ministers and
well my pocket
and expenses in a land
twenty thousand employment
this in some months
don't spend enough tax monies only play electricity price
important is no cattle feed into it
because when you make attack
once you know
investors for annual manufacturing rents a
all-white oak knoll victims of next year we have to go
big market
answer invested two factors for women to see
and markets have postponed for
many years
sis was basics of development but just invested charming with that
ekdam two-parent
tentative of enumeration
and really
this is outside also if you can't have it all
you need
concoction commission policy
we have something assistance to
diplomat each year
a life sentence for nuclear power stations and full polls
perhaps not really
but what i feel sometimes this kitty grows and of those
competence will never talk about
of ireland
impala bronx brazil
we can be happy
not have invincible
investment flows
and the biggest leaders with personal china
firstly only because energy humble
analysis yields low
it is a very good kind of protection said statute
and client china is confirmed
often climate protection bill
it would be to first
even charmed heston
for climate protection
and included exist
looking insists though
answers and then
also signal
targets ji chin and targets for the new manages
insist i guess i bet
and in china is a half
already in some regions ins and also talked me
million to mongolia
they have some problems men see onto introducing new list
and they want to do it
so i have to apologize
quote polls connections
firms that do not buy colorful australia
if china
comes very fast in china who know invests is young
not only in the car rather rather successful
the best also
in federal taxes to what i did not admit perhaps
for deduct
since it's been a couple planet
there's a problem for charm technologies
so you'll see bahasa transfer code also plants
they must make
and use that achi
six investment vehicle to travel protection and not to plan including
and za za za task for them
finance industry
that's led to guess i would like to make the nao new
there's a finance industry
they could on monday
insists that's no problem
for seattle and
to such me
we must take or you lose
albany was not that important
because some have open-and-shut group tuitions
also hostile
sporting goods like title or by your energy
and maybe take or the new bids
to guess of this mortgage
energy consumption
we can go very fast to such
and climate protection strategy
and you want to hear more growth
months onto pocketbook
c yourself that's about it
and you are interested you can take some with you
published in english
has no problems
delayed by at six
two choices
and i'm very happy
to state issue
and then you have some questions for comments please
speak about