How to Make an All-Natural Air Freshener | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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So, if you don't like those spray air fresheners, let me show you a natural and easy way to
make your home smell really good for guests. One of the easiest ways to make your home
smell really great, particularly if you have guests coming over, is to create a simmer
pot. It's really very, very easy. You can start these simmer pots a few hours before
you have people come over. Sometimes, I'll do them just because I want the house to smell
really great just for myself, or like around the holidays. So, let me give you an idea
of how to just put one of these together. All you have to do is start with about 4 cups
of water, and you want a good size sauce pan. Just pour the water. In this case, what I'm
using are some dried lavender blooms: 1 cup of those. And then, I'm using 1 cup of fresh
rosemary out of the garden. And half a cup of eucalyptus--its really got a great aromatic
oils, in fact, all of these botanicals have. It's gonna make your home smell really fresh.
I'm just gonna stir this around just a bit, and then I'm gonna turn the stove on. You
see, the idea here is you don't want to boil this, you just want to want it to simmer for
a very long time. And as the water begins to recede, just add a little more water. And
this will permeate your entire house with a lovely, lovely aroma. Now, one of the things
that I've learned over the years is that if you use these dried herbals and few fresh
ones, like we did here, the essential oils in those plants is really concentrated as
opposed to using fresh. Now, I'm not saying don't use fresh, because they're lovely. I'm
mean, look at this thyme. Here's some oregano. Fresh rosemary. Basil. All of these can be
used, but they're not gonna have as much punch, so you're gonna need to add more. In fact,
you're gonna have to add twice as much as you would if they're dried. The great thing
about this approach is you can come up with your own concoction, and that's what I really
encourage you to try. This is just sort of a basic starter. You can go to just about
any grocery store and find these dried elements, combine them and come up with something fun.
I remember my aunt telling me sister once: She said, "Even though you're not a very good
cook, put something on the stove, let it simmer, and everybody will think you are." Hey, if
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