TV3 Catalonia - Interview with the legend Eric Abidal 2012 : Part 1 - English subtitles

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I have overcome a lot of obstacles
I know I have a few more left
but until now,
I have done that in a good way
and if there are more to come
I will face them the same way I have done it
Tito: I am very, very happy
that Eric Abidal can be with us
here today
(to Eric): I have told you that,
if you want and feel strong,
we will wait for you
as long as it takes"
I knew the coach would say
something about me that day
it's not that I didn't like that
it's just I don't like to be
in front of everyone
I was hiding myself a bit
but that day was special for me
as it was the first day I could
wear the Barça shirt again
Tito said they'll wait for me
as long as it takes
well, I don't like to take too
much time either
but this mean that the coach,
the club, the team mates want me back
and want to wait for me to
join the team again.
We have been through similar experiences,
Tito and I
we are different,
I don't like to talk much, but I know he aldeady knows
what I feel about him
without saying it,
and I know the same about him
I am trying to recover for myself
but also for him.
I feel fine, it has passed some time
(from the transplant)
about eight months,
I have fought this, and I keep doing
that everyday
it's complicated, but I want to fight, I want to come back
Sometimes I would get up in the morning and
I struggled, as my body was getting used
to not exercise, but I started working out
with the purpose of comming back
This purpose has helped me
through the process, but
I never thought of retiring as football,
setting family aside, is my life.
That was a good week, hard,
but as Emili (Ricart) said to me before
we went there, that this week off
would do good to me
especially for my mental strenght, as
that is needed to reach a bigger purpose
he also said that, even if I had
mental strenght, I needed to keep working
on that, as I was in a totally different
state of mind when I was at the hospital
so he thought this was more important,
and everyday when we climbed up,
he'd say it's an honor to get here
and see how much progress we have made,
that we are small in this world,
and we could see that there,
in the middle of the mountains.
My way of working is getting tired,
I always say that, if I am not tired
after the session, I have not done
that well enough, and you know,
that week I went to a football field
for the first time after all this,
the strenght of mind was comming back too
Emili helped me to keep control
and as everything was fine, I decided
to go a bit further, to see if
I could resist
Emili: "We need to take the steep way down, to finish working the quadriceps out"
There are moments to have a laugh,
and also moments to work, and
the truth is that week was great for me
I had been in Barcelona too many months
without going anywere,
too many days at the hospital too,
too many days at home, with great
company of my family but,
I still needed to disconnect a bit
and that trip helped me to do that
I laughed a lot too with Emili and his team
as they were all stiff at day two
and I didn't..
Before going to the mountains
I already knew I would do some exercises with the ball
not much, but enough to feel a footballer again
a football player without a ball
is not a football player
so I was eager to touch it again
this was a part of the journey back for me
so from that day on,
I knew the journey back
was getting shorter now.
"Captain at Wembley"
I had fought a lot to come back
this is the captain's gesture
that was a very important day for me
as I knew all my family would be
watching at home
my parents, my uncles, cousins,
and the honor of being the first player
to receive the throphy, it meant a lot
as it represented a lot of things
as our captain says, this throphies
are very difficult to win
and he told me "when you lift it
you will feel like the world has stopped".
He was right.
I felt I was alone there, and that
nobody was watching me..
I didn't expect to play this match
in the first place, it was a surprise
so I would like to thank
our coach back then, Pep Guardiola,
for trusting me
I had told me I was ready if he needed me
so I was very pleased to be there
to help the team to win the title.