Homem Livre - Brazil - Interview

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With very little baggage, a bicycle
and a challenging three year ride
around the world,
27 year old sportsman and administrator Danilo Perrotti Machado
embarks on his project Homem Livre next August.
Good evening Danilo.
Good evening.
This trip also has a Humanitarian aim?
Can you explain this to us?
Well, this is one of the aims of the project.
My next three years of visiting countries around the world
will help to raise funds for poor children in Brazil.
We are working in conjunction with two humanitarian organizations:
The Society of St. Vicent de Paula and Ajuda Fraternal Sao Roberto.
They will set up a bank account
where people can make donations
and at the end of these three years
the money will go directly
to social projects for disadvantaged children in Brazil.
So you are going to raise money throughout your journey?
We’ll study your route on a map in a moment.
So, let’s say for example that you are in the United States
would you show the project to a politician, or to a businessman?
Yes , I would!
When I arrive in a country where,
because of its wealth, should be able to help
I will make contact, so that I can talk about the Social Project
and raising funds for the poor children in Brazil.
How many countries are you going to visit?
I will travel through 50 countries.
50 countries!
That means you’ll travel through a quarter of the world’s countries.
looking at your route map, so you’ll leave from Brazil and go through the Northeast?
No! I’ll take the Estrada Real from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro.
From Rio de Janeiro I will catch a plane to Europe.
The yellow line shows the countries that I have already cycled through.
So do you go straight to Europe?
Yes! I’ll do the European circuit starting with the Scandinavian countries.
Then I’m going to Greece,
where I will have winter break
because by then it will be December.
In the spring I’ll go to the Middle East
where I’ll start Stage 3 of the project
which also covers Africa.
What places in the Middle East are you going Danilo?
ll have I have to be careful in this part of the world,
as it is a little complicated.
Exactly! For example the Paris Dakar Rally
had to be canceled this year.
Most of the Middle East, especially Lebanon,
Iran, Iraq could be dangerous.
Are you are going alone?
Initially, yes!
But you can come as well,
if you want to, let’s go!
After Europe, Middle East and Africa where will you go?
I’m going to Asia, then Indonesia, and from there
I will go to Oceania taking in Australia and New Zealand.
From there I catch a plane to Canada for the 6th stage of the project.
Then I go all the way down to Central America, and finish where I started in Brazil.
Where did you get this idea from?
It came to me while I was traveling
through the Way of St. James.
Just to remember, The Way of St. James is in Spain
The tranquility of this place is famous
and many people who need
to find answers to inner questions visit it.
Exactly this is very deep.
It is also famous for the author Paulo Coelho
who wrote the book The Pilgrimage on his experiences there.
While I was cycling through The Way of St. James,
I could see that I would be able to cycle around the World.
Let us see your website.
Homem Livre (Free Man).
I think you could change the title a bit
and put ‘Free Man the fearless’!
Danilo congratulations on your project,
I hope you send us your news.
Will the website be updated?
Yes of course!
I have a commitment to always update the website.
Like a diary?
Yes! It is where I will be reporting the entire project,
so everybody will be able to follow my journey.
We are also trying to get a GPS,
so people will be able to see the exact location
of my whereabouts on the world map.
Just to clarify!
Are you leaving on August the 8th, or October the 8th?
I start it on 08.08.08.
8th of August of 2008. It is the start of the Olympics in China.
It is a special day for the Chinese, you must be numerologist,
let's go for a chat after the interview!
Enjoy you trip!
Thank you for inviting me,
it was a pleasure talking to you.
Thank you very much!
Now let's talk about football…