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Uploaded by HyperReport on 27.07.2010

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for July 27th
of 2010.
Gold is currently trading at 1184.30 Silver is at 18.15
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 65.25 Oil is at 79.05
and the US Dollar is at 82.03
First... Europe's Prospects Brighten as U.S. Fades
German business confidence is soaring while U.S. consumer sentiment sinks. Britain's second-quarter
economic growth was almost twice as fast as expected, the strongest in four years. Friday's
U.S. GDP report is likely to show a hefty contribution from government spending and
a slowdown in consumer spending. With this and other factors, what happened to Europe
being the weak link in the global economic recovery? It is even more appearent that in
the US, that Odrama, a former community organizer, only knows how to demonize businesses and
the acquisition of personal wealth at every turn. It's time to party like we are in Rome
circa 330 AD!
Four Shocking Bombshells Bernanke Did NOT Tell Congress About Last Week
Last week, Benji Bernanke gave us a glimpse of the disasters now sweeping through the
U.S. economy; however, there are four things he did not go into.
1. The recession never ended. Yes there was positive growth in the GDP; however that was
due to stimulus. 2. The U.S. Housing Market Is Now LOCKED Into
a Chronic, Long-Term Depression 3. Official Government Data GROSSLY Understates
the Magnitude of Unemployment which may be as high as 21.6 percent.
4. The Biggest Government Interventions of ALL TIME which is causing the debt to go through
the stratosphere. If you were counting on the government to
prevent the second major leg in this great double-dip recession, don't hold your breath.
Next... The Scariest Unemployment Graph I've Seen
Yet Take a look at this graph. The median duration
of unemployment is higher today than any time in the last 50 years. That's an understatement.
It is more than twice as high today than any time in the last 50 years. Because of the
high unemployment numbers, the government will extend unemployment benefits; thus, sadly
getting us even deeper into debt til the whole system falls apart.
Next... ObamaCare: The Rationing Begins in Earnest
The ink is not yet dry on the Obama Health Care takeover and the Administration is already
attempting to limit life-extending drugs for cancer patients such as Avastin. Once these
proven drugs are taken off the label, it is highly unlikely that patients will have
access to these drugs unless they have the money to pay for it outright. So, in affect,
the death panels are making their appearence.
To add on to this.... Some Insurers Stop Writing New Coverage For
Kids Yes, another unintended consequence, courtesy
of Odrama and those who voted for the Healthcare bill without reading it. Some major health
insurance companies will no longer issue individual policies for children.
As a result, state insurance commissioners have brought the problem to the attention
of the Obama administration. To which Odrama most likely be calling on Planned Parenthood
for advice.
Finally, Please prepare now for the forthcoming economic,
and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US.
Good Day