LifeMinder Plus Delivers Peace of Mind

Uploaded by lifeminderplus on 17.04.2012

A medical emergency can happen to anyone at any time and every second is precious. Are
you prepared? While valuable time is spent trying to locate a patient's family or medical
records, his or her condition may decline significantly.
Now imagine-peace of mind: knowing you can save a loved one's life, or your own, by providing
the right information, at the right time, to the right people.
LifeMinder Plus is a do-it-yourself service you can use to consolidate, store, and retrieve
your emergency, medical, financial, and legal information and documents online. Confidential
information you store in your online account is always secure, at your fingertips, and
under your management.
Through, informed medical, legal, and financial decisions can be made
on your behalf, according to your instructions, even when you are unable to make them yourself.
By logging in to the read-only emergency screen of your account from anywhere in the world,
emergency personnel will have legal record of whom to contact about your medical care,
and have immediate access to the essential information they need to make life-saving
decisions more effectively.
You alone determine what information is accessible, and to whom, during any unforeseen circumstance.
And within your account, you can generate, print, and manage do-it-yourself legal documents
necessary to safeguard your and your loved ones' health and wealth, without requiring
an attorney.
Included with your account are: do-it-yourself legal documents provided
exclusively by US Legal, Inc. such as a living will, last will and testament, and simple
trust; access to Recovery experts who help restore your identity and credit in the event
they are stolen; and access to a professional 24/7/365 personal assistance service that
can help ease the burdens of a busy lifestyle.
Take the time now to plan ahead for the unexpected. Go to for our easy-to-use,
do-it-yourself solutions, and start enjoying real peace of mind for 55 cents a day or less.