No Super Bowl Party?

Uploaded by chublinbrother on 28.01.2013

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna have a Super Bowl party this year.
I'll just watch the game by myself.
Who are you?
I'm you, from the future.
I've come to warn you of the dire consequences of not having a Super Bowl party. Here. Look
at this holo-tablet.
Our wife has already bought a large quantity of, what in your time, is referred to as "snacks".
But with no party, you'll have to eat them all by yourself.
Well that's not so bad.
Then, after eating that which was not meant for just one man to eat, you will become too
sick to watch the Super Bowl. Including the halftime show.
The greatest show history has ever known.
There's more. While searching for some Pepto-Bismal or Alka-Seltzer to relieve your abdominal
pain, you knock something loose from the top shelf: the posterboard you bought for football
betting squares. It falls, and you receive the worst paper cut of your life.
You're like the claw machine!
Before long you've exhausted your entire life savings investing in robotic prosthetic limbs
and time travel technology.
Time travel...
Your wife leaves you, your dog bites you, and the cat... stays.
Golly, that's, like, 60% bad stuff. OK, I'll have the Super Bowl party.
Yes, yes! I can feel the past shifting around me! All these new memories! The Super Bowl
party... oh, it's glorious! Glorious!
It's gonna be a really good party.