Metro 2033 - No Deaths Hardcore - Part 1: Prologue

Uploaded by NGenGuides on 15.12.2012

Alright everybody, what's up? My name is RJ, and today we're playing Metro 2033.
This is more of a guide than a let's play.
'cause i'm going to be doing a challenge where I complete each mission without
dying uh... everytime i die and basically scrap that video and i start
from the beginning of that level; so
there will be no editing involved whatsoever
and videos will just be

levels respectively. I just got this game through the
THQ bundle
paid six bucks for some pretty good games
including this one. I got Saints Row 3 as well. But, um,
this one is probably my favorite of everyone of them in the bundle.
Although Saints row comes at a vewry close second.
and i'm playing on hard-core on the pc version obviously
i turned my steam thing on
somehow. I didn't even press tab.
but uh...
I'm playing almost maxed settings
with a few things turned down; obviously DOF,
is turned off
because that
kills your framerate.

yes i know how to put my gas mask on, thank you very much very much uski

anyways, this is the prologue. not a lot happens. It's telling you how to play the game just come out so you have a quick and
this is going to be the first enemy encounter
stillness not one of my favorites i really do not like someplace
yes once
meetings and such
moderately at some pictures right now
it's practical
but they're not
that's what i do so
that way
does seem to really
students corner of review
and we only have twenty bullets recall
that we're not cutting
fighting is you actually don't really need to do anything
is just basically ends once you guys so
leader another false statements
if i'm out of tomorow just really nothing i can do
family night
soldier best i can assist with sally field thing
there again of
notes from the trailer in case you haven't noticed
and that's the prologue
rose first part of it