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hello My name is Andrew Mercer and uh... as per the series of any reading and uh...
an article that i wrote a couple years ago for the canadian music educator
and uh... this article is from
uh... summer of two thousand eight issue and it's a volume forty nine number four
canadian music educator ok so uh... the article is called recording digital
now as i read this article to you feel free to put commas and about
uh... if you have any yes ingestion zinnie thoughts
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okay here we go
i'd like to be able to record my students end quote
this is professional development request that i resubmitted piracy frequently
from music educators
integration audio recording into music program can enhance a learning
experience in many ways
such as allowing self-assessment
improvisation decomposition in in context
and experiencing music making a medium that is relevant to students
this article provides a starting point for integrating sound recording intier
music program
the following is uh... them the focus is on using computer-based technology
portends to demo success a boat
inappropriate to schools and students
to maintain its
incoming in working with audio are recording and entity
to record audio
is to capture sound with the device such as a microphone in store in the sound of
a piece of meat that piece of media
uh... such a computer hard disk company or competence
once a recording is created modifications we need to it
this isn't it
there are many techniques using every now and hope for example
lowering a raise in volume
removing unwanted noise suggesting that all your frequencies based in tokyo
altering the pitch uh... adding sound to an existing recording
into have computer mason editing tools permit endless possibilities for senate
beyond limitations are our students imaginations
when installing computer based audio recording and editing there's one piece
of pure software that can function has to work
course of almost any audio project
on destiny
our destinies a highly functional a height that i guess city
is use for both recording in editing audio
along with being highly functional
body as he has another important attribute
i guess the is free software
is free not only in that it's free of any cost but the users are free to share
it with others
programs like
audacity are also called open-source software because your source code is
available for anybody to study for use
there are thousands of open pop-under
free and open source programs
including the firefox web browser
the openoffice dot org office suite
in the entire learning space effort system such as you go into
and that's uh...
from uh... in front of sourceforge dot net
obviously can be downloaded and installed in anybody every apple or
windows computer or lyrics by the way
uh... he computer in school
students can also download and install the sulfur on their home computers
this unprecedented
unprecedented excessive billy makes working with audio within the reach of
uh... with except access to a personal computer
here are also commercial software products that will do everything that
odd as he does and more
on your application such as protools
sonar an audition
offer high levels of some a specific functionality
as students requirements moved beyond the functionality called audacity
vis and other commercial applications may sounds by the specific technical
for most education that means
audacity will be more than adequate
exploring how a cassidy is beyond the scope of
uh... exploring how to use our destiny is beyond the scope of this error
i've created a series of tutorial videos and place them on the internet
to assist readers in
learning how to use this program
these videos are available three you too
which is a recent spill
touring coordinator audio
and microphone and speakers or headphones are needed
have become very expensive
a functional microphone can be purchased for under a five dollars at a discount
do not underestimate what people can be achieved with these low-cost microphones
these can be used in a variety of settings with surprisingly good results
this time of microphone can be plugged directly into the computers maker the
microphone eaten
ports on the computer
if you feel you're ready to move on to a higher quality microphone visit your
local music store computer store to explore your options
as microphones speakers and headphones have become more affordable
at our school headphones her used most often when students work with ideal
fort you've hit us late said and causes less disturbance that speakers
due to hygiene concerns our school has a policy that students are not allowed to
shear headphones
at the beginning of the year
we send home a letter asking parents to send along a pair of headphones
for the trial
pointing out that a set of headphones for the purchase of disgust or for less
than one dollar
michael music teacher brenda hugs
came up with a simple but effective way to keep headphones students headphones
each class is given a cardboard box that never leaves music for
in the box is an individual classic super bad for each student labeled with
the student's name
distance toward your headphones in these bags
at the beginning of class helpful retrieves the classes headphone box from
the storage room industries to see her bags containing the headphones
at the end of each
at at the end of class
uh... each student buys the headphones back in their own individuals have a
bags and it turns into the classes box
for stories the system eliminates the problem of las headphones
and prolongs life of the since headphones for weeks
two years
they will demolish headphones if they don't if they're left to take him
of course
integrating the use of audio recordings
in our music program can help
help too
integrating the use of audio recording into our music programs can help to
create a bridge learner centred
environment for students
innovative software tools such as audacity and low-cost hardware
is helping to remove barriers that that kept us from taking advantage of is not
some new but very excited me
there you go so once again process from the canadian music educator anise from
fall to the kearsarge summer two thousand a eight
uh... buying forty nine number four it was an article by wrote so feel free
to put comments
suggestions concerns
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