How to make a free website

Uploaded by jasonwupilly on 02.10.2010

How to create a website
Start by going to
Sign up if you haven't already
click on your domain name choose URL forwarding
This is where you put an existing weebly/webs/ucoz/wordpress site. You can also get an email
Now for your actual website creator (if you didn't already have one) go to to sign up if you want a social/login type of website. If you don't want a login interface skip to 5:53
When you're done signing up, login to your email account that you used to sign up
click on the ucoz email and confirm your registration
click on the email titled "ucoz" and confirm your registration
confirm the security code
Now it's time to create an admin password
confirm the security code again.... and make a domain name you enter THIS domain name into your URL forwarding account if you want a social network where you login
Add a site name, design template etc... and complete the configuration wizard
choose what pages you want ex: blog, forum, guestbook...
choose what pages you want ex: blog, forum, guestbook...
Now for a website that doesn't require sign in. Use this website creator if you want to make a website for a business or personal profile page.
Sign up and enter an email
Choose which type of site you want and the title of your new website
If you own a dot com domain enter it in the "use a domain you already own - free" box
To add content, drag it onto the page this site gives you unlimited space and bandwidth with the free package. However, you can't upload videos and audio recordings
Change the template by clicking on the "design" tab
To add pages or a blog, click on the pages tab.
Now publish! you get a subdomain free. Enter the subdomain name into your page.
THE END you have created your website! Be sure to check out mine at