Makeup Application : How to Apply Mineral Eye Shadow as an Eyeliner

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.12.2008

Hi this is Irma Benavidez with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas, I'm going to show you how
to apply mineral eye shadow as an eyeliner. What you want to use is a small thin angle
brush, use a small amount of water to get the brush just damp enough to where no water
is dripping off. Find a mineral eyeshadow that you like any color, use the flat part
of your hand here and get it, to either a lightness of darkness that you want. Once
it's like the texture of a liquid eyeliner, load it up on the brush, sweep right across
the eyelashes.
Long strokes will make it look nice and smooth. The deeper the color you want just add less
water the brighter you want your color add a little bit more. Go over until you achieve,
the tone you want. And open up your eye look how bright that is, and that is how you use
mineral eyeshadow as eyeliner.