Our Berlingo Camping Car

Uploaded by hairyoldgit on 23.10.2009

The rear seats have been removed
The platform is 150cm long and 120cm wide
Cooking equipment and food is carried under the platform
The food is stored in plastic boxes.
The boxes slide under the platform
The bed extension is stored under the platform
The platform is in two parts with a joining piece
The platform is joined with aluminium strips and bolts
Front seats slid forward with bed extension, bed is 185cm long
Pictures of the construction can be seen on the Small Motorhome Camping website
The link is http://smallmotorhome.co.uk
The link is in the information below this video
The awning is an Outdoor Revolution Outhouse Handi
Join us at the Small Motorhome Camping Forum http://smallmotorhome.co.uk/forum Happy camping all