Award Winning Bengali Short Film- Chor (thief) [ Debatma ]

Uploaded by the2010god on 11.11.2011

I could've been a star!
Damn, my stealing.
Are you kidding me!
Oh, nothing.
Sat with the TV already!
Get changed!
Just a li'l mommy...
You ate the banana?
Can't u listen!
Did u eat this?
Have you decided that
you won't talk to me today?
Have you?
What's wrong?
Atleast say something.
Sitting there,you're tch-tch'ing me,
How will I understand?
Tell me little clearly,
What's wrong?
Did you see Rina's Saree?
Good heavens!
Again Saree!
All I heard in the whole wedding party was 'Saree'!
Stop acting too smart!
I know what you heard!
Told you so many times,
'Buy me that purple saree!'
But why will you!
Buy cheap!Buy cheap!
Bought me a 'Beggar's' saree!
The one I bought you costs 9000 rupees!
What's the BIG deal!
Would it have hurt you to spend 3000 more!!
Move from my way!
Infront of so many guests!
You made a fool out of me in there!
What I'm saying is,
Costs... costs don't matter at all!
All that matters is carrying it off!
And you've done that so wonderfully!
The way you looked!
Just... just wow!
Don't lie on my face!
"Rina, you look wonderful!"
"This fabric is new in the market, isn't it Rina?"
"How much did it cost?"
Did anyone tell me that too?!?
Stop blabbering!
Cool down.
It's just a saree.
You're so angry because of ...THAT?
Not just the saree.
Yes! Yes!
I'm angry because of you!
You can't take care of your family,
Who else should I be angry on?
Did you see Rina's husband?
Takes so good care of everything.
Whatever she asks, he buys it for her.
Such a great income they have!
A good official post,
Plus month-end he brings pocket-fuls of EXTRA MONEY!
And look at you!
Master of misers!
If you needed a house-maid,
Then why did you marry me?
What non-sense are you speaking?
Have I not taken care of you all?
You have'nt!
You have'nt!
How will you understand?
The extra money that I bring,
If I get caught,
Then... the job... I'll lose it.
What else then!
Brood with it then!
God only knows, why I married a man like you!
Aunty warned, you weren't right for me!
If you had the slightest responsibility,
The you wouldn't have spoken idiotic things like this!
What 'idiotic things'?
How does Rina's husband bring?
And if he could bring it, then why can't you?
You're so dumb!
Why do the job if you can't get extra?
Our son is also growing up,
Dont think about me,
Atleast think of him!
He'll also have a girlfriend someday,
They'll go out,
Eat out,
Watch movies,
Go for shopping,
Or will you keep him like a servant too?
God knows,
You have a second wife somewhere or what?
Where is the money going?
The post that you hold,
You should bring even more than you bring now!
Tell me,
You're again playing those Online Lottery Games?
I bring double of what I earn,
You're still not satisfied?
No, not satisfied!
Till the time you bring less like this,
That Rina will outgrow me!
How does Rina's husband...
Holy Lord!
Rina's Husband! Rina's Husband!
Don't you know anyone else?
Don't call it bribe a hundred times.
It's your right.
You didn't sleep through getting that job.
The way it is around the office these days
It's a risk asking like that.
Few days back,
The way Sanyal-da got into problem asking for a little extra!
Infront of my very own eyes.
Let's not speak of that Sanyal now.
You are wittier that him, aren't you?
You can do it.
Listen to me,
If you can bring 10-12 thousand more,
There won't be any problems any more.
You said the same thing last time too.
Prices of things are rising, or is it falling?
Daddy, someone's below the bed.
You're not trying to understand.
It's not easy like that.
Daddy, someone's below the bed.
What's wrong with you!!
Haven't I said, when elders speak,
Do not interfere in between.
Go, do whatever you want!
Watch TV!
There's someone.
It does not happen like that.
You have to understand.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
You are not asking 10,000 from one man.
Just crank up a little of what you take.
You take 2,000 for moving files.
It's less.
You should take 2,500.
Normal signatures, People wont mind if you ask 500.
Take a little more like that, and you'll see,
Not 10,000, but 20-22,000 rupees at the end of the month.
No problem at all.
Right you are.
It's a job, not charity.
If you don't think of yourself first
and go on to help others,
The boot will come straight at you.
Unnecessary fights.
Makes me so sad, fighting with you.
I tell all my friends how great a husband you are.
Make way, brother.
Make your daddy proud.
I have your blueprint in my head.
Crooked your life, simple, mine.
You wake nights to hide your scams.
Black money stuffed up in your torn pockets.
Late night, in the dark, I stand by your fences.
Stay sharp uncle, I know about your new LCD TV.
Lockers with jewels, Pillows of cash.
I know your address, no problem.
Stealing is a super-power, but why blame the thief.
No normal nam could steal like I do. �