2011 VMAs, Britney Femme Fatale Tour, DWTS, OK Go + Pilobolus

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SHEENA: OK Go and Pilobolus make magic, Miss P recaps the
VMAs, and Britney Spears prepares to tour Europe and
South America.
This is Just Dance for September 1, 2011.
Hey guys.
It's me, Sheena.
And yes, you heard that right.
It is September 1.
Sayonara summer, hello TV fall lineup.
I am super-excited to set my DVR for Dancing with the
Stars season 13.
We have Ron Artest, the LA Lakers' NBA champion.
Elisabetta Canalis, the Italian
beauty and figure skater.
Soccer superstar, Hope Solo.
Iraq veteran turned soap star, JR Martinez.
Kristen Cavallari from The Hills.
Legal analyst, Nancy Grace.
Daytime diva, Ricki Lake.
The solo Kardashian brother, Rob Kardashian.
Carson Kressley from Queer Eye.
Chaz Bono, child of Sony and Cher.
From Wilson Phillips, Chynna Phillips.
And film star, David Arquette.
There you have it.
Let me know below your predictions.
I'd be pretty impressed if you can name the winner before the
season even starts.
The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards took
place this past weekend.
And as usual, there were some awesome live performances,
some bleeped out profanity, and some crazy happenings.
I really appreciated Lady Gaga's alter ego showing up,
Jo Calderone, and accepting awards on her behalf.
And also finding out the awesome news
that Beyonce's pregnant.
Let's check in with Miss P for the total recap.
MISS P: I'm here to discuss the VMA's 2011.
It was just a lot going on.
Best Choreography went to Beyonce--

Definitely should have won because she was doing footwork
honey, she was giving it to them.
And getting back to business.
Video of the Year went to Katy Perry for
"Fireworks." Ha, ha, ha.
I love Katy Perry, glad that she won, even though she had
that little LEGO cheese thing on the head.
So Best Cinematography went to Adele for "Rolling in the
Deep." You know that video was actually pretty good.
I love Adele, so I definitely had to pick for that one.
Lady Gaga.
Honey, if she didn't take me around, down,
and through the ground.
But when she did "You and I," her
performance was really good.
She had her choreography going on.
For once, she was crazy, but her
performance wasn't that crazy.
It was an all right awards show.
Hopefully better next year.
SHEENA: The band who made dancing on the treadmill
famous, OK Go, just teamed up with esteemed dance company,
Pilobolus for their new video, "All is Not Lost."
The video is gorgeous, and Pilobolus is known for taking
its beautiful dancers' bodies, putting them together to make
crazy kaleidoscopes of shapes.
I was so excited to sit down with the artistic director of
Pilobolus and get his thoughts on this crazy collaboration.
ITAMAR KUBOVY: We had a number of different ideas that we
were all interested in.
And then in terms of what we were wearing, we ultimately
knew that we wanted something that would allow our bodies to
remain very much circles and lines and curves.
The squares that you see there in the final image of the
videos was performed from the beginning of its appearance to
the very end of the video.
And each one of those dances was danced slightly
differently and with different cast from the previous one.
Pilobolus tries to find people and projects to make
impossible, beautiful things.
SHEENA: The legendary Britney Spears just finished up the
United States leg of her Femme Fatale tour.
And I have to say, you guys, this tour is ridiculous.
There is so much dancing in it from beginning to
end, start to finish.
I wish I was a dancer on that tour because I would be in
kick-ass shape.
From her oldest hits like, "Toxic," to the newer ones of
today like "Hold It Against Me," they are
dancing full out.
Now we're going to check in with Alison Faulk, who's the
supervising choreographer for the tour.
Let's hear her thoughts.
ALISON FAULK: The supervising choreographer on a tour
oversees the entire project.
Anything involving choreography with Britney--
that's my job.
Sometimes Britney will come up with different ideas, like
she'll want to add a breakdown here, or just new choreography
here or there.
And basically she'll tell me what she wants, and we'll just
talk about it and figure out if that's the best thing for
the number.
Usually, she's pretty right on.
She has great instincts.
Britney has super dedicated fans.
Basically any iconic outfit that she's ever had, you will
see people dress up in it.
Girls, guys, everybody.
Brit is going to Russia and Europe and then
off to South America.
So it's going to be huge.
SHEENA: All you international Just Dance fans out there, you
heard Alison, Britney is coming your way.
So get your tickets now.
All right, guys.
That's it.
It's all the news I have for you today.
As always, like us down here, subscribe to
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I'm Sheena DiMatteo, and I'll see you next week.
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