El último Elvis - Trailer - Abril 2012 - Sólo en cines

Uploaded by KramerSIgmanFilms on 30.11.2011

Have you ever felt that you'e done everything,
that you'e reached your goals?
What's your name?
I'm under Carlos Gutierrez.
You'l understand me one day.
Lower your voice!
You take her to school once,
and you think you are a hero.
Can't you act like a father, for once?
You are lucky, you are back again.
I invented rock and roll.
I was never gone.
I'm about to do something big,
what I always dreamed of.
What's your problem? You come up here and sing.
-I'm Elvis -Elvis, from where?
From Memphis, asshole.
I want you to be proud of your father.
Take it easy guys. The show must go on.
Have you ever wanted to be somebody else?
The Last Elvis.
A film by Armando Bo.