Empire State of Mind Parody - Huge Dork

Uploaded by JamesatWar on 18.12.2009

Yeah, yeah I'm in my basement
Video game mecca
Every single console but I'm NES forever
I'm the new Yankovic
Okay, I'm not even close
Still have all his albums and his movie on DVD though
I still have an ALF doll
Watched him every Saturday and
Ernest was my hero I still miss him desperately
and now I'm watchin' Anime Ninja Scroll and Hellsing
Named 2 my baby girls after elves and gelflings
Yeah, I said gelflings
I think that the blonde is hot
I don't really care if someone's hand is up her bum or not
I used to watch cartoons
Make my mom get upset
Gummi Bears and Duck Tales now I got the box set
I'm not near the ocean
Still afraid of whales though
Dress like Batman get on American Idol
People call me nerdy
I would have to disagree
Tell by my persona that I am most definitely a
Huge dork
You were born for peeps to make fun of
There's nothing you can do
You're such a huge dork
You're still attached to your teddy bear
You have bushy nipple hair
You're such a huge dork
Huge dork, huge dork
Catch me watchin G4, AOTS, and X-play
Waitin' for my vids to show on Epic Fail or ATN
Try to be a good dad
Bought kids Miley Cyrus
Listenin' in my minivan and actually kinda liked it
Once dated my dream girl
Once she got fat enough
When she made me vomit, I figured that I had had enough
Gamer geek, comic geek, 'puter geek
They agree
I've never been cool enough to have been called any of these
When I was a little kid
And I tried to show off
Singin' in my church so bad that they would turn my mic off
Hung out at a park with lots of guy friends I had made
Until I finally found out it was a park for gays
Star Wars Jedi
Star Trek ensign
I love the Muppets
Rest in peace Jim Henson
YouTube is life for me
Long live the parody
Long live Weird Al
I'm the kind of guy you hear people call a
Huge dork
Every figure from Lord of the Rings
Their still in their packaging
You're such a huge dork
The Big Bad Wolf used to frighten you
And now he's your tattoo
You're such a huge dork
Huge dork, huge dork
Mountain Dew Game Fuel
I still have a liter
And every single episode of Mystery Science Theater
Every Star Trek bluray
In my inventory
I can't choose between Labyrinth and Neverending Story
I produced a Spurs song
Played it on the radio
Prob'ly never knew it was a white boy rappin' though
My hair may be thin
But it's made of epic win
Superman toys
My office is filled with them
Beat me quotin' movies
That's not achievable
Quote my man Viccini
I like fantasy
Tolkien and T. Brooks
Take a break from X-Box to read more of my Star Wars books
Gotta watch Smallville
Heroes, Lost, and Dexter
Hot For Words is into dorks
I guess I'd better text her
Bought suppositories 'cause I thought my wife needed 'um
Didn't read instructions and I just told her to eat 'um
'Cause I'm a
Huge dork
How'd you get a woman to marry you
She must be a weirdo too
You're such a huge dork
If someone listenin' is dorky too
Then they should subscribe to you
You're just such a huge dork
Huge dork, huge dork