Maserati GranTurismo Sport review

Uploaded by autoblogger on 24.12.2012

There's only one word to describe this: genius.
Such a brilliant soundtrack. That's what they do well at Maserati.
Very nice, on the inside as well. You can choose to put it in sports mode.
A valve will open in the exhaust, increasing the noise.
It's also possible to make it more quiet when on the highway.
I still think this is one of the most beautiful cars out there.
You may disagree because it's rather big and quite pronounced,
but it's nice. An eye catcher and an ear catcher, because you can hear it too.
The GranTurismo isn't perfect. It won't get the award for best car of the world.
Unreal. There's a lot of things that can be annoying.
Overall impression: beautiful materials used for the interior.
Leather, aluminum, but certain buttons and the navigation system
show that Maserati is a small player in the luxury market.
Annually they sell about 6,000 cars worldwide. Not many.
The navigation is a bit outdated. It works, but it could be better.
This GranTurismo Sport replaces the GranTurismo S.
10 hp have been added. The engine has known many varieties.
Now it has 460 hp, 520 Nm, so you do need to rev the engine a bit.
It's only available without a clutch. A real automatic such as we have,
or a single clutch automated manual transmission.
The latter is a bit faster; 4.7 seconds to reach the 100 kph.
The real automatic needs 4.8 seconds.
The top speed of this car is 298 kph.
The hardcore single clutch version goes 300 kph.
Quick enough.
However, it gets nervous at higher speeds.
And then I'm not talking about 250 kph, but already at 160 / 170.
You feel the front lift, and you don't want that in this type of car.
Of course it's RWD, so when it's cold and wet you lose grip.
This happens at higher rpm, because the V8 has to be woken up first.
I've noticed that the chairs don't move back enough,
although you can still stuff someone in the back.
Imagine you put this car on the short list. What needs to be added?
Prices start at 200,000 euros. You can buy a lot of nice cars with that.
Porsche 911 is one that immediately comes to mind,
but the real rival is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, S or no.
Sounds fantastic as well with the atmospheric V8.
Comparable in performance, a bit cheaper...
but the GranTurismo has that Italian flair, with some mistakes.
That sounds negative, so let's call it downsides.
There are things that could've been better, but they're not annoying.
There's nothing that really derogates the car.
You just know it can be better.
Italian flair also includes styling, which has been refreshed
with different headlights and a new front bumper.
And that soundtrack... You can make an entrance with this car.
When you drive past, everyone turns their heads.
And you can enjoy the V8.
Plenty of performance without being the fastest of the block.
Should there be other supercars around.
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