Interview w/ 2GD + Singsing flame | DreamHack Valencia'12 | @GamersESP

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Hello everybody, we're here with James 2GD Harding
Do you like the city (Valencia) and the event?
Yeah I've been to Valencia last year at Dreamhack
that was really cool and it was a great crowd
a great turnout and I'm really happy Dreamhack came by
and you know, I know this is part of an already existing area
the tournament area is great, the crowd is really nice
and it's sunny outside and I play videogames
We are happy aswell
Do you know something in Spanish?
Nah, absolutely nothing
Nothing? Not even flaming?
You should teach me how to flame people
Okay, if you see SingSing, if he tells you puta
you can call him capullo
Singsing: capullo
You sadly lost two matches in a row, and we have to ask
can you win a match with Weppas in your team?
Well, you know like, I think if we won a game
with Weppas the universe would implode
so we are trying to make that happen
We had some great strategies
going up against Italian and Spanish teams
We wanted to start the game off against both teams
you know, first ten minutes we were bad
and then finish not as bad
And in the process, you know, we stomp their faces
and basically make them cry
but they used our tactic, that's the problem
Do they use the strat of picking anti-mage?
Yeah, everyone here is an Anti-mage picker
Ah, you know, we let it go in the game
because we don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings
But yeah it does come down to anti-mage
Anti-fun, anti-fun
And now, questions about The International
The teams had a great time but did you expect
all the roster changes and team disbands
Yeah, it was always.. when you went to TI
and you hung out with a lot of teams
there was always people going like
"I'm not gonna be playing with him"
and maybe someone doesn't like one guy
so we already knew that most of the teams
were gonna have roster changes after TI
And you know, the gdstudio, we like to do
some tournaments for DotA
and were like "we can't do them directly after TI
we have to wait 2 months"
So I think within 2 months time the teams will reform
in a different way and then we'll see
Let's hope
And please in exclusive for our website:
Who is Icefrog?
Everyone thinks Icefrog is a man
Maybe it's a woman, maybe... you said it was Bruno
but I'm not very fond of that
Is Icefrog even a real person?
I don't know, maybe it's you! Maybe 2GD is Icefrog
Maybe a Spanish player
Well, are you out of the tournament already?
Oh, no no, we're gonna play Fnatic next
Actually the reason we've been losing is
we've been holding a lot of strategies back
Fnatic, they just wouldn't leave us alone
Yeah, I see Trixi and everyone
Because they know we're the team to beat
and I'm okay dropping this early games
just to take down Fnatic
Yeah, you are making the PPY and na'vi tactic
you make the show: you lose and then you comeback
Like, right now everyone thinks
we are MTW skill and soon we'll be EG
So we are gonna EG-Fnatic
So, for the end, any shout-outs?
No really. Just it's a great event here in Valencia
the Spanish community is really cool
if you have time to come down and check it out
you should, and keep playing Dota 2
And if you are upset because
of the low performance of the 2gdteam don't worry
we'll be fine by The International 3
and the gdteam will be represented
Well, bye to everyone and check Gamersespañ