De la esclavitud a la libertad (sub.english)

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"Clara: from slavery to freedom"
El Hogar de Luci has recently contacted an extensive livestock farm which specializes in cows,
not only to rescue Clara and save her life,
but also to know and to show a close-up of the reality of these kinds of farm.
We usually see them from our cars, with cows grazing in extensive fields,
but we are not totally aware of what is behind it all, without realizing
that this rural image is something temporary and that, eventually,
the final destination of all the animals is to be used for consumption;
after a life of fear and many emotional deprivations,
they are taken to the slaughterhouse.
Clara is a unique individual who cannot be replaced,
whose life has as much value as the life of any other animal, human or not.
But also, she is going to be for us the symbol of her species,
through which we can let people know her interests, her vital needs,
and this way, we can show her capacity to experiment emotions and feelings
such as pain, anguish, curiosity and happiness
which will give us a degree of resemblance which is higher to than separates us
and her will to live and to feel safe is also a common feeling for all of us.
There is no reason to justify the injustice of raising a baby to be killed.
Clara┬┤s story does not start with a passionate encounter of her parents during spring.
Quite the contrary, she was conceived by force after artificial insemination
and after just over 9 months of pregnancy, she came into the world on a farm,
with a destiny perfectly marked and carefully planned
in order to provide the maximum of income to the company.
The connection between a cow and her calf is as strong
as any mammal might have with her babies.
They nurse them, keep them warm, make them comfort and they show them the world.
They love and protect them.
The little ones go around investigating like children do,
but always near their mothers, without whom they feel terribly unprotected.
It is a general practice in this kind of farms that calves are separated from their mothers
when the little ones are between one and a half to three months old,
which causes a great commotion for both mother and son.
The cow, if she is destined to be exploited in the dairy industry,
will be milked systematically several times a day, until the next insemination takes place.
The calf is then transferred to a place where he is destined to grow fat.
Both the separation and the transfer are highly traumatic moments for the calf.
The hits, the strength inflicted against them and the physical aggression
are the usual working methods used to force these animals, who are confused,
towards the truck which will take them to the place where they will be forced to get fat.
Bovines are highly docile and pacific animals and very sensitive and their offspring,
just like in all species, have a strong connection to their mothers
and need them to feel confident and safe.
It is not difficult to imagine the terror they experiment.
But their anguish does not end here.
The reason why they are sent to the fattening area is to obtain the highest amount of meat
in the minimum of time and this is obtained keeping the animals in a very reduced space,
preventing this way any kind of physical movement and thus, energy waste.
In order to obtain this, the animals are chained to a bar,
letting them just the length of chain that can let them get together to sleep.
They will live like this for about one year, without knowing any floor other than the stable,
without walking, without smelling anything but their own excrements,
without feeling the sun on their skin.
But the last trip is yet to come, the trip that will take them to the slaughterhouse.
Clara was rescued from this hell of exploitation and death
and she is now another member of the family in the Sanctuary,
someone to love and respect.
In El Hogar she is recovering the childish happiness that was stolen from her
and her days are full of illusion, earth, sun, fresh grass and emotion.
Free of chains that imprison the body and destroy the soul.
Clara behaves accordingly to her nature:
she jumps, plays with new friends and enjoys every minute of her life intensively.
During the transport to the slaughterhouse, the calves travel packed
during hours or even days, with extreme temperatures in cold or hot conditions,
without receiving a single drop of water
and suffering the rough treatment from the workers.
Many of them can not stand it and die on the way.
In our country about 69 thousand calves are sacrificed per year,
according to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.
This makes 189 deaths per day, with a frantic working rhythm.
When they eventually reach the slaughterhouse they are not executed immediately.
They are given three or four hours of peace,
but this is done in order to reduce as much as possible, their level of stress
so that their situation does not affect the way the meat must look.
The calves must arrive in fastening, in order to have an exact measure of their weight
and thus to avoid any pollution during the process of quartering their bodies.
Some of the people working in this kind of places say that the animals that come
into the slaughterhouse know where they are and they infer they are going to die.
They smell the blood and they can hear the screams of others like them.
Terror seizes them.
Some of them experience such terror that they do not even offer resistance.
They surrender humbly to their destiny, with a terrible look of sadness in their eyes.
The first step is the stunning the animal, which is done when the calf is inside a box
and he is given an electric shock that stuns them for thirty seconds.
During this time the animal is hanged upside down,
his throat is cut and he is left to bleed,
a process which takes several minutes, during which the animal
is aware and kicking trying to escape.
After that his hands and feet are cut, his bowels are taken out and his skin is taken away.
Then the body is quartered and ready to be sold.
How much is a life?
What is the price of a taste?
All the products from animal origin imply, without any exception,
the suffering and the death of millions of sensitive individuals
which are considered just mere goods for the service of men,
forced, annulled, scorned and condemned since the day they are born.
Like Clara, like all of us, all of them want to live and be happy.
All of them have their own personalities which are distinguished from the rest
and they have intense emotions and feelings.
At El Hogar de Luci, Clara is discovering that human hands do not always cause pain,
some of them only caress, care and love.
And tenderness comes out and complicity grows
and beyond species, a deep friendship is born.
Looking at the other with the eyes of the heart, what is superficial disappears
and we understand that we are all equal in what is essential.
Clara is no longer afraid and the light is back in her eyes
and her heart beats in peace because for the first time in her short life,
she feels loved, respected, free and confident.
Together with her new family, she will grow up safe
and she will have the opportunity to develop herself as an individual.
Here, At El Hogar de Luci, she gets sweet words, loving looks,
a whole world of attentions and the promise of a full life.
If you believe that Clara deserves to be free,
if you believe she has the right to be the owner of her own life,
You can free all the other victims of exploitation by rejecting the consumption
of products from animal origin in your daily life.
Because living vegan is making it possible and making it possible means to make it real.
You can be part of a great change, part of a new world
where justice and respect do not discern species.
Another reality is possible
because we have a new world in our hearts.