How to secure the wire hoop of a thread earring

Uploaded by ikologee on 04.07.2012

How to join together the wire for your thread earring hoop.
When finished your earring will look like this.
This is the top part of the earring see the coil and the wire loop
This is the teardrop shaped wire thread through a coil
With a pair of pliers twist the two ends of wire together, only halfway up the post
Then snip off one of the ends so you are left with one single stem.
This is the stage at which you would start to wrap the thread around your empty hoop
You would begin by wrapping the thread around the stem a few times to secure the beginning thread.
Just like I've shown in some of my other videos.
Once you've finished wrapping all the layers of thread you want
you're ready to slip a short coil over that post to hide the thread ends and tidy up the look
At this stage - you might want to add a seed bead on top of the coil
So its coil, seed bead, and then make a loop to attach earhook to.
Thats it.