Masala Baati recipe in Oven - Stuffed Bati Recipe

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Today we will make Rajasthani baati.
We have already made baati in tandoor but it can also be prepared in oven with ease.
Today we will make stuffed Rajasthani baati in oven.
Let's see what all ingredients are required for making stuffed Rajasthani baati.
Wheat flour - 2 cup
Semolina - ½ cup
Ghee - ¼ cup
Salt - ¾ tsp (as per taste)
Baking soda - ¼ tsp
Carom seeds - ½ tsp
These ingredients will be used for kneading dough for baati.
For stuffing we required these ingredients:
Potatoes - 2
Green peas - ¼ cup
Green coriander - 2 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Asafoetida -1 pinch
Cumin seeds - ¼ tsp
Garlic paste - ½ tsp
Green chilly - 1 (finely chopped)
Mango powder - ¼ tsp
Coriander powder - ½ tsp
Salt - ½ tsp (as per taste)
Turmeric powder - less then ¼ tsp
Red chilly powder - ¼ tsp
For making baati knead dough first.
Add semolina, salt, carom seeds and baking soda in the flour.
If you are using baking powder then add 1 tsp.
We are using ¼ tsp baking soda.
Mix all ingredients nicely.
Add half amount of ghee and keep rest for greasing the baati.
Now knead hard dough then that of chapatti.
Add little water at a time and knead dough.

Keep it aside for ½ hour for fermenting.
We have less the 1 cup of water for kneading this much amount of dough.
After ½ hour start making baati.
Firstly prepare stuffing for baati.
Turn on the gas.
Add oil in the pan and place it on flame for heating.
Peel the potatoes.
When oil gets hot add cumin seeds and asafoetida. Sauté for few minutes
Now add green chilies, ginger, turmeric powder, coriander powder and green peas.
Sauté green peas for 2 minutes
We are using frozen peas but you can also use fresh peas.
If using fresh peas then boil them in water first.
Crumble the potatoes finely.
Add potatoes, salt, mango powder, red chilly powder and green coriander leaves.
Mix all ingredients and cook for 2 minutes.
Mash the potatoes finely.
Stuffing is ready.
Knead the dough again.
Now divide dough into small balls for making baati.
Make small balls (guava size) like this.
Stuff the baati.
Take one ball and with help of fingers flatten it.
Fill it with 1-1.5 tsp stuffing.
Seal it from all sides like this.
Roll it giving a round shape.
Like wise make all baati's.
We have used potato-peas stuffing for making stuffing
but you can also use paneer-peas, dry fruits, green vegetables
like beans, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot and so on.
Use any stuffing of your choice.
Preheat oven at 230 degree centigrade.
Place baati in oven for baking.
Place it on middle rack and set oven at 230 degree centigrade for 10 minutes.
Check after 10 minutes.
Baati is ready.
After cooking for 10 minutes, set the oven for 2 more minutes and cook baati again.
Now dip piping hot baati in ghee.
If you prefer eating less ghee then just brush it over the baati's.
Tempting and luscious Rajasthani stuffed baati is ready.
Serve baati with Arhar dal or mix dal.
Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us.
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