CGRundertow AGE OF MONSTERS: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 30.10.2011

What can you say about a free mobile game that lasts a few seconds?
I guess the answer is, “At least it looks good.”
This is Age of Monsters: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Released in October to the App Store, Age of Monsters is a lot of things. It’s pretty,
it’s simple, it’s free...but it’s also Rock, Paper, Scissors, which is a game you
can play with your hands. Like, without the smart phone in them.
Of course, you can’t play Rock, Paper, Scissors over long distances, and that’s the problem
from which Age of Monsters was born. This is a free Rock, Paper, Scissors game that
lets you play with friends online. It also has GameCenter integration, so achievements
and things are abound, and it has fantastic art by Jeff Matsuda.
So on the surface, Age of Monsters looks pretty interesting, like a bunch of comic villains
arguing who gets to kill the playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. And this brings you
back to reality. For all the fancy window dressing, Age of Monsters is a
virtual version of a game that takes 10 seconds.
Aside from the fact that the very need for its existence is at least debatable, Age of
Monsters is also very limiting. You can only play with your friends, which means you have
to talk people into downloading it. If they don’t, your only option is to play the computer
over and over, since you can’t play strangers.
Obviously, another issue is the way the game fundamentally operates. You have to choose
all three of your rocks, papers or scissors before the game starts. That takes away the
ability to make a decision based on what your opponent just threw. Not that that matters
even in real Rock, Paper, Scissors, but it feels way more arbitrary when you’re just
guessing before the game even starts.
Of course, once it does start, you get to see some great art and cool animations for
about 10 seconds. Then you either win or lose. There are different characters to use, but
otherwise, that’s the entirety of what Age of Monsters has to offer.
It seems strange to see a product this shallow this polished, and for that, the game deserves
credit. Age of Monsters: Rock, Paper, Scissors is easily the coolest Rock, Paper, Scissors
game I’ve ever played. The only question you really need a virtual game of
online Rock, Paper, Scissors?