Die Signatur der Sphären (incl. english subtitles) - Präsentiert von Hartmut Warm.flv

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The Sun sings out, in ancient mode, His note among his brother-spheres,
And ends his pre-determined road, With peals of thunder for our ears.
The sight of him gives Angels power, and so forth...
This topic appears in various parts of Goethe's work and poetry,
as well as it was actually never lost in general poetry.
Using a selfdeveloped software Hartmut Warm explores the musical Harmony of the universe.
In doing so he was able to make principles, apparently of a higher order, visible.
Geometric configurations which appear after setting the movements of the planets over longer intervalls into relation.
In his model Hartmut Warm places orbits of planets in relation to each other,also.
The program causes thereby - in regular intervalls, and
long periods of time -
a line between 2 planets.
In this case between Earth and Venus.
At the beginning the arrangement of
lines doesn't look meaningful at all,
but after 8 earth years a symmetry can be recognized clearly.
Dancing around each other,
Venus and Earth form a fivepointed star.
But the two are dancing not alone:
If the position of Mars is being marked every eighth year
- that's always after a complete fivestar between Earth and Venus has formed -
it can be seen that both planetary systems relate to
each other in the ratio of 5 : 4.
Of course nowadays one can't simply say that it was our dear God who created it that way;
but it could be formulated in a more clever fashion,
maybe after all there wouldn't be that much of a difference.
Keppler already imagined the structure of our solar system as
nested platonic bodies relating to each other in very specific proportions.
Hartmut Warm's research also indicates that the planets in our solar system
arrange themselves according to harmonic principles.
And now, always at Mars Jupiter
conjunction, a straight line between
Jupiter and Uranus is being drawn.
The further away we get from the sun in our solar system, the slower the
movements of the planets become. Also the more time it takes to form a structure
What we discover now will be visible in approx. 1000 years.
These made visible order structures
apparently seem to be embedded in higher structures as well.
Running this simulation of Jupiter and Uranus for a couple of hundred more
years, amazingly, the same five pointed star as between Earth & Venus
will appear.
Wondrous, because neither of these Planets (Jupiter, Uranus) is involved
in the forming of the fivestar between Earth and Venus.
I am simply assuming that in the cosmos there is something creative.
Something creative which is more then natural law and mere randomness.