Rally Sweden 2012. Team Pitlane General Financing | Day 2

Uploaded by vanagaschannel on 08.02.2012

We had quite an active day today
We wrote down pace notes for more than 100 kilometres of stages
It is almost twice as much as in Lithuanian rallies
We got up about 4:30 am
And now we have 8 pm
So we returned from the stages about 45 minutes ago
Basically we had no time even to eat
while making pace notes all the time
It was really an active day
Q: How much stages you visited today?
We did a reconnaissance for 7 stages
Shortest of them was almost 2 kilometres long
And the longest was about 25 kilometres long
Q: Would you call them difficult stages?
You know,they are very different
Part of them made us to shorten our pace notes
Because there are lots of corners in a short distance
At some moments I was very happy we had very technical stages
in Lithuanian "Halls Winter Rally"
Although here there were real "killer" stages
20 kilometres of "silent horror" as Irina said
We named this stage like that
It was literally silent horror
Corner after corner with rocks from sides
Rocks are snowy, so they aren't visible
Also roads are very narrow at some places
One mistake and you can destroy the suspension
So, we need to be very accurate
Q: Have you been to superspecial stages?
Yes, we made notes for powerstage
It begins as a standard stage
It goes up the hill for some time
and it starts to land in something like a ski track
A special road is made there in this "Rally Sweden"
And it has altitude decrease of 200 metres in 1,5 km section
So we will feel like a rock dropping to the ground
One big jump is also made there
N4 cars don't jump as good as WRC, of course
But we will jump a little bit there too
So it was first superspecial
And the second one is made entirely of ice
It is near the service park
So it's not really a superspecial
It means they have three stages entirely for spectators
Also Karlstad stage was very icy
and it was so slippery that we clipped a snowbank
with our standard studdy styres
and broke our bumper again
So, this is how it went
Q: Are there fast wide sections to reach the maximum speed?
Yes, there is
One of six stages was very fast
We saw a huge variety of stages today
From technical and narrow between the rocks
As well as stages, where lots of snow
It will be possible to touch the snowbanks with the car
And of course wide and fast stages
So, a huge variety as I mentioned
Today we've been to stages in Sweden
We are getting up at 4:30 am tommorow
Because it's another recce from 8 am to 8 pm
We will spend a greater part of a day in Norway
making our pacenotes there
then coming back to Karlstad
Also our team will pass the scrutineering tomorrow
The roads are very good indeed
"Halls Winter Rally" had also good roads
But here we think that some stages were specially prepared
Such as pouring water which then froze
Because some sections are entirely of ice
And driving with standard studdy tyres it is still very slippery
Q: What else was worth to mention?
We noticed animals act very wisely here
Even cats walk on the crosswalks in Sweden :)
We also saw some fast Swedish racers in some stages
Who got stuck in the snowbanks during recce
All in all,life goes ordinary here
Even though, there aren't lots of snow where we live
There is plenty of it in the stages
We saw no gravel spots at all
only ice, snow and it's very good