Introduction to LEE Filters

Uploaded by LEEfiltersTV on 13.03.2012

LEE Filters has established a world-wide reputation for impeccable quality through
its range of handmade filters and accessories.
These are made to exacting standards to meet the demands of professional and
amateur photographers the world over.
Despite the wide availability of image manipulation programmes, photographers
are increasingly recognising the benefits of refining images in-camera with the use
of filters, to achieve stunning results.
Among our most popular products are Neutral Density filters, available in
standard and graduated form.
ND Grads are used to balance the exposure within in a scene, such as when
the sky is brighter than the foreground for example.
ND Standards are coated evenly across the entire filter rather than partially like a
Grad. This allows the use of longer shutter speeds because of the reduced
quantity of light hitting the sensor or film.
One of our newest and most popular filters is the Big Stopper.
With this innovative filter, it is possible to increase exposure time to many minutes
or dramatically widen the aperture and achieve stunning results as demonstrated
by these shots taken with and without the Big Stopper.
This is the polarising filter - an invaluable tool in the photographer’s armoury.
It is perfect for removing distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces
such as glass and water and also increases colour saturation making it
perfect for deepening blue-skies.
Linear and circular type polarisers are available, with circular polarisers being
more suitable for use in modern automatic cameras.
We produce 105mm rotating polarisers to allow for flexibility when using other
filters as well as the standard 100mm square polariser.
LEE Filters are available in a number of different materials.
Resin filters are hand made from a high quality optical polymer that is lightweight,
easy to handle and can be wiped clean.
Certain filters have to be made in glass. These include Polarisers, Proglass ND
Standards, Soft Focus, Enhancers and of course the Big Stopper.
We also produce technical filters in polyester. These are thin, flexible, single
colour filters that are designed to tackle specific problems such as correcting
colour temperature or removing unwanted colour casts.
The examples shown are just an introduction to our ever expanding range
of quality filters.
We have been manufacturing since 1978 and will continue to research and develop
new products, to keep pace with advances in photographic techniques,
and new developments from camera and lens manufacturers.