STAR RUNNER - Part 4-8 Engsub

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Young man, what're you thinking?
Nothing, just looking around
How about you?
Same as what you're thinking
Doesn't do much if you just look
Show your guts, beat him!
l can't even block Chris' kicks
How can l beat him?
Problem is you only think to block
lt unconsciously means you fear him
Why should fear him?
Because you're afraid of losing to him
So, you lost before the fight...
How can you win?
You think l can beat Chris?
You've such great potential yet such low standards
You should aim to beat Tank
Tank is human too
Even though he's powerful fighter
there're still ways to beat him
To beat Tank, the best way is
to defend as an attack
You just told me not to block
l said to defend, not to block
How 'to defend' without 'blocking'?
Have you read Sun Tze's Art Of War?
A good attacker will hide his way of defense
A good defender will cover his weakness to attacker
The best attack is:
No one knows how to block your blows
A good defense is:
No one knows how to attack you
But there's no where to run in the arena
We don't let them come to us
But go to them
Simply, l want you to stick to him like glue
Stick closely to him
He would be unable to fight
Muay Thai doesn't have this style
Chinese Kung Fu does
Kung Fu in the arena?
Use your kick boxing on me!
Come on!
lf l keep that close, how can you hit me?
You can't even see me strike
Master, that's amazing!
What if he knows wrestling?
l used to train with Benny
l know how he trains Tank
l quit boxing because of Benny
So you guys belong to the same master
Old stories, forget it
But don't tell anyone about it
Can you teach me Kung Fu?
Fill in this form and bring me $800 tomorrow
Why takes so long?
Hurry and give $800 to me
Brother Lung, just a lucky money,
please accept this
He is a Wing Chun Master
lt's not easy to get him to teach you
What is this, Coach?
Didn't he lose all his Kung Fu power?
To learn the stick technique, go to Wing Chun
lt allows you to stick closely to someone
The more he moves, the closer you stick to him
Coach, what's wrong with Bond?
Why a priest here?
Father Sun is not here to pray
He'll teach Bond how to fight
Western boxing?
lt's Hong Kuen!
Great, Father!
This is the Hong Kuen's move
Why is it so powerful?
lt gains the strength of someone to its own
Most important is still timing.
lt has a unique way of generating power
lnternal power, external strength
Generate and exert spontaneously
So to defeat Tank, Bond
beside Wing Chun & Hong Kuen, needs perseverance too
That Bullshit Bill
He'd won 2 championships before
got the crown prize
what's the big deal?
You know what's the taboo in boxing?
Thought of having 2 bosses were all his fortune
women and alcohol every day
he finally got into trouble
What happened Master?
He ruined half his liver
and owes a load of debts since then
With all those monkey tricks he is teaching
Bond will be in trouble one day. Don't you agree?
Kong Ching!
Kong Ching!
Welcome to
Star Runner Pan Asia Martial Art Championship
We've a packed audience tonight
Partner, tell us what ''Star Runner'' means?
Simply any style of martial arts
Can mix and fight in this competition
Next is Bond Cheng from Fusion Tao
against Chris Young from Kong Ching
Punches and kicks
l will make you proud!
Bond used to be from Kong Ching
How did he end up with Fusion Tao?
Yes, that's the way...
Why Kick Boxing? Use your Kung Fu!
- OK? - Yes
Not to dodge , move forward!
Don't duck!
Knock him!
Knock him!
Easy job
What is it, nostalgic fight?
Looks like Chinese Kung Fu
Kung Fu?
lt's such a long time not in the ring
Don't stick together!
Right, but how!
Get up!
Bond! No, Chris... Get up!
Get up! Get up!...
He not only has style
he's really good
Use Hong Kuen!
Hong Kuen's arrow fist!
Get up! Chris! Get up!...
Good! lnnovative!
Hang in there!
Get up...
Good fight!
Clean the blood off your nose
Bond, how about a photo?
- This side... - Look this way...
How about a photo with your the girlfriend?
Yes, a photo together Don't be shy
Come on...
More intimate...
Do you know about Kim?
Of course, the teacher-student love affair
Whole school knows about it, with that boxer
She shouldn't be so open
Yes, should have some respect
for herself and this reputable school
What's wrong with us?
l'm your teacher and you're my student
Have you forgotten?
Final assignment
Don't ever ask me to go
l need some time
Hey, we're into the top four contenders
They're all solid fighters
Now it's Hong Hoi Vs Tank
Here they come!
First, Hong Hoi from Kong Ching
the winner of HK Amateur Boxing Competition last year
- He looks every bit the winner - Senior Hoi!
Next is Tank from Soul Boxing Gym
He's been trained by his brother
Does Senior Hoi got any chance to win?
He's the three-time Champion in NZ competition
Beat him.
This KC kid is quite something
Your Senior can't stand very long like this
Hoi, get out of there!
Don't let him block you up!
How come he knows wrestling?
Senior Hoi...
Never expected Tank to keep that till the end
Hoi looks like he's injured
Did he break his chest bones?
Hoi, forget it!
Don't stop!
- Hoi! - Senior Hoi...
Take care of Hoi
You want to kill him?
You know why?
Because he didn't say stop!
Tank, let's go!
Why would that be?
You say he doesn't know wrestling?
Coach, why then?
How would l know?
Aren't you and Benny from the same school?
You said that, l didn't
You said you trained with him
But we're not from the same school
Why so many questions? You blame on me?
l've nothing to do with your Senior Hoi!
So what?
l'll withdraw from the competition tomorrow
l've a bad reputation anyway
lt makes no difference to me
But if you...
break your leg, you are done for life!
Senior Hoi has been injured!
Simon called
He's coming to Hong Kong for me
l see
He's divorced and
wants me to go back to Korea with him
He's lied to you before and you still believe him?
l don't believe him
l just miss him so much
Go back with me?
Trust me
Miss Kim is absent for the last lecture
l'll conduct the final exam today
Why haven't you been here to see me?
l'm busy training lately
Grandpa, you know,
l've made it to the finals.
Coach says l stand a good chance of winning
Remember what Grandpa have told you.
Don't be too concern about the outcome Losing doesn't mean total lost
The importance is the process
Where's that girl who came last time?
She's busy, exams are near
l'll take her here after the exam
Grandpa, l miss you
Stop drinking
When l was young, l felt invincible
l didn't treasure my future
l ended up in a total mess
When l decided to fight again,
all mocked at me and said
Bullshit Bill, if you fight again
You'll lose the rest of your liver
l thought: my prime time had over
but l can train someone to beat all those bastards!
l'm okay
ln my life, l've told the truth on two things
The first was what l said to my wife...
l'll bring her a championship belt
But next day
she left me with my daughter
The second time telling the truth was...
when l said you'd great potential
But it doesn't matter
l'm a loser, nobody now
Coach, stop drinking
Don't bother me
Stop drinking!
l've finished
What are you doing?
Fusion Tao, go to hell!
You rascal!
Ruin my signboard!
Ruin my signboard...
You go to hell!
Can we continue?
Can we?
We haven't lost yet!
Then come and help me up
l've decided to fight in the finals
Hope you can come
This is for you
lf you want to counter Tank's wrestling,
there is a way
Come, try and throw me over
Let me up to the point first
When you throw me over, let go
ln fact, l use your strength to accelerate
l then throw you back
lf necessary, go and fall with him
Anyway, nothing to lose Right?
l know it hurts, but
the longer you perform, the closer to victory
Tank! Good hit...
Yes, brother
Tank, l've told you many times
Don't call me ''brother'' in the ring
Yes Sir
Get up, try again.
Get up.
- Are you okay? - l'm okay!
Coach, take a rest
Only a few days left, come on!
Mr. Bond!
Here we are
Forget Master, no big deal
Welcome to Star Runner
the match of the century!
Got it...
You thought of a way to defeat Tank?
l know what l can do after this competition
l can sell wanton noodles!
Don't make a shit
$20 for a bowl, $200 dollars for 10
On and on, it's good business indeed
Senior Hoi...
Senior Hoi!
Don't just think of revenge for me, do your best.
l've confidence in you.
Oh, no...go.
There's only you left from Kong Ching
Be careful
Yes, Master
You did a good job
We're late
What's happened with you and your student,
l've not asked you about it.
For these years...
what's happened with you and your wife,
have l asked you about it?
You go back to Korea first.
l've to go to watch this match
Kim, will you come back?
Remember each time you go to your wife
what would you tell me?
Trust me
The first to appear
Bond Cheng from Fusion Tao
Bond looks like in top form
He's in a good shape tonight.
Next is Tank from Soul Boxing Gym
We've seen his killing kicks
He broke Hoi's leg last time
Tank! Tank!
Excuse me, no food in the stadium
Why not? Only the snack
Go to hell! So what?
This looks as Thai Boxing vs Chinese Kung Fu
Who will be the winner?
We come to know soon
No attacks on the throat, crotch and back of head
lf one falls, other've to stop
When l say 'stop', all stop, get it?
Don't wait! Hit him!
l don't object your support for your team
But you can't keep on kicking my seat
Did l kick you, or your chair?
Your chair from your house?
Get the chance, throw him over
You have to move.
To be certain.
Punch him!
Push him away...
Push him away. Move apart...
Don't waste your energy, More precise
Don't go!
Move away...
Hey, Tank has a grip on Bond's arm.
lt must be his tricks again
Use a hood punch !
Don't waste your energy. Flip him!
What do you call this?
''Bear Hugging The Tree''!
Great! Great!...
Get him and kick
Don't scare, bounce back
Don't waste your energy to counter blow
Use wrestling!
That's it
Listen, he tries to use up your energy
My leg hurts
What to do, Coach?
Get used to it
-Kick him... -You're terrific.
C Y is in a fight!
You need me to teach you how to fight?
Be aware of his kick and flip, get 3 more rounds
Bond! Good!
Move apart
Grasp him!
Throw him over!
Grasp him!
Get up...
Don't counter blow, use his strength against him!
Be careful of his grasp!
Throw him over!
Don't be afraid of his flips
Use his strength to attack him!
His grasps!
What happened?
Bond gets a better chance now!
The use of strength tactic is amazing!
Don't be afraid, he's only lucky.
Twisting slam!
Tank! Get up...
Hit him!
Strike him hard, he's gonna faint soon
He's out of breath
Push him away!
- Grasp him! - Great!
Next time if l tell you to part, do part
You're okay?
Coach, Bond can't take it anymore, stop him now.
Well done!
Go there
Boy, l'm so proud of you
Easy, it's a game after all
As long you took part, good enough
Kim won't be coming
So, forget it
lf you dare fight...
l would dare watch!
Promise me, don't throw in the white towel
l, Bullshit Bill...
will never lie to you.
l'll never throw in the white towel!
Be careful
l will, Brother
Nice moment
Pretty peaceful
You are not as bad as l thought
l have a good coach
Me too
l've got what l want? You?
Your time will come
Let's do this
Let's applaud such sportsmanship!
Commendable! Great!
l'll make it through the finals
3, 4, 5, 6, 7...
- 8, 9... - Sir
Please give him a chance
Let him finish the game
Let's go
- No! - No!
That night was the last time l saw Bond
After this game, l go back to Korea
Simon and his wife are divorced
But l can't be with him anymore
ln my mind
l constantly hear Bond saying 'work hard'
That was a really happy Summer
l miss this place so much
l've finally got an excuse to come back
l owe C Y a dinner
l heard Bond has gone abroad to study
l've visited his Grandpa
The nurse said he's gone
to take photos
of the same train station again
lt's not as pretty as Grandpa has made it out to be
Perhaps the owner...
of this place has left, l guess