Simplemente Maria cap 3 part 3

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-Victor! I'll go to the children. -Ok, mother. - Good afternoon doña Mati. - How are you, Rita? - Good. - How is your health? - Great.
-How is Maria? - I don't know. -You don't know? - Well. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But she isn't ill!
-Is she pregnant? - How can you know it? - I've just guessed when she fainted. - Is she married? - Mother! What a question!
-Her husband might be in the village. - No. Maria isn't married. - My God! And who is the father of her child? - One rich and very bad man.
-And what did he say when he found out? - Just imagine! He don't want to marry her! He said he was a student and he couldn't marry. - What a wretch!
-What he has been thinking about? -Sometimes such things happen. How is she? - She is very sad.
-Why did I trust him? Why? Why?
-I am sorry to say it, but Maria doesn't want any help from Juan Carlos. - You should understand that my son can't marry her. - It's his decision, senior del Villar. And we can do nothing.
-It is better. - Yes, sure. - We won't ask her any questions. - I am afraid she won't come.
-No, Rita! I won't come. I know that they are good, that they want to help. But I don't deserve their care. How can I go to the school every evening? Very soon everybody will notice that I am pregnant.
-Are you ashamed to have a child? - How can I look into their eyes? I am filled with a deep shame. - They might help you. - Nobody will help me. The only person who can help me doesn't want to help.
-He wants to help, but you refuse. - If he wanted to help me, he would marry me and wouldn't offer money.
- I have offered her my help, but she refused. I have money. What else she wants? She even won't be able to bring up the child with her salary. - She will be earning even less when she will be having this child.
-Is it my fault? - Don't you understand this? - Please, don't read me the sermon. You are like me. - As for me I am very careful.
-What a strong argument! It's almost the same.- No it isn't! This girl will do the right thing, if she gives birth to this baby.
-Without any money. - You can take care of this. - I have explained you already. She doesn't want to see me.
- You will be on the tramp with me. But why? It is the destiny of the ignorant servants and their children. To be on the tramp.
- Why won't you invite me to you home when your cute brother will be there? I want to see him. - Sure. I'll call you when he will be at home. - Ok, Lorena. I hope to see you soon. Sorry I've called you so early. Say hello to Juan Carlos.
-sure, Carlota. see you later. Bye! - Newspapers! - I hope Carlota will distract him from this servant.
-Just a moment. I'll call Maria. - Maria! - Here she is.
-This senior is enquiring after you. - You, moestro. - Thank you seniora.
-I've come to find out why you don't go to my school. -I have a lot of work. - Seniora hasn't let you go? - Well, no. After supper I can go. - Then, what is the reason? 24 00:05:41,000 --> 00:06:03:000 -I am feeling tired all the time. - My school is very close. You can sit during the lessons. - Yes. I know. - I thought I know people well, but I'm mistaken about you. I thought you are interested in study. 25 00:06:04,000 --> 00:06:12:000 -I'm interested! -Then, why don't you go to school? 26 00:06:12,000 --> 00:06:27:000 -Come on! German! -Good bye, son! -Bye, mama. - Good luck! -Good morning, doña Mati. - Good morning, Perlita. How are you? 27 00:06:28,000 --> 00:06:36:000 -Has Marcos gone to work already? - Today he has gone earlier. 28 00:06:39,000 --> 00:06:57:000 -Why don't you come, Maria? what is the hinder? - I am not feeling well. - You know, when you fainted I thought that you might be pregnant. 29 00:06:58,000 --> 00:07:26:000 -Did Rita tell you? - Why she? I guessed. -Rita invited me. -You refused. So here I am. - Sorry, I couldn't come. - You have not answered me yet. What has happened with you? 30 00:07:27,000 --> 00:07:40:000 -Did you see a doctor? - Yes. -What did he say? -the same thing you have guessed. - That you are pregnant. - Yes,I am. �