Equestrian stars visit Greenwich Park - London 2012

Uploaded by london2012 on 06.11.2009

Will Connell, Performance Director, British Equestrian Team: It’s been a fantastic summer
for the Equestrian teams, and the championship season’s now over. Great opportunity to
bring the riders, the athletes and the team staff to Greenwich and to see it – for most
of them - for the first time and to really start to feel where the 2012 venue is going
to be for Equestrian competitions and of course part of Modern Pentathlon. So it’s an opportunity
to really see and understand the venue and to get it in their minds and see it as a target
for 2012.
Tim Stockdale, Show Jumper, British Equestrian Team: This is my first time here and I’ve
been bowled over by the magnificent park. Where the situation is with regards to the
heart of the city and the backdrop, it has blown me away I must say and it’s been a
great morning to see the plans.
Lucy Wiegersma, Eventer, British Equestrian Team: Quite honestly, I don’t know why noone’s
tried to have a cross-country event in the park before. It really lends itself very well
to it - lots of undulations and natural features and I think it’ll be a fantastic course.
Sophie Wells, Para-Equestrian Dressage rider: It’s a lovely venue and it’s really motivating
to come here and see where it’s going to take place and, yeah, it motivates you in
everyday training – what you’re here to do.
Simon Laurens, Para-Equestrian Dressage rider: Well, I think for disability sport bringing
it to the heart of England – you know, London is the heart of England – and we really
need to be close to all the other sports which is something that’s been missing for a long
time. I mean, this will hopefully be my second Games, but certainly the Hong Kong thing
- although fantastic -it was missing that element where we didn’t feel actually connected
to the rest of the sports.
Sophie Christiansen, Para-Equestrian Dressage rider: It’s amazing, you know, to be in
the centre of London and have an amazing green space like this is just… it really highlights
that Equestrianism can be in the centre of a big host city and just the history in the
place really highlights what Great Britain has to show.
Nicola Wilson, Eventer, British Equestrian Team: It’s the most wonderful setting. Having
not been here before and just heard about it, it’s lovely to have a walk round the
Park and see where the course could go. And there really is nowhere else in the world
where you could get the opportunity to jump the Meridian Line.