Let's Move! and PCFSN Get Active on the South Lawn

Uploaded by USGOVHHS on 28.09.2011

First Lady Michelle Obama: Physical activity and good
nutrition are the balance that we all need.
We're trying to encourage schools across the country to
incorporate recess and PE into the everyday routine of the
school, because we know that kids are spending a majority of
their day in school and a lot of schools have had to make cuts to
recess and gym class and we know that that's an important
part of a well-rounded education.
And it's not just exercise, you know,
paying attention in school, being able to get through class
and focus, that's all about nutrition.
But there's also the other side of the coin which
is movement and exercise.
That's what leads to a healthy lifestyle.
So Let's Move is about the balance.
Let's Move!
Shellie Pfohl: Today is just all about getting people moving.
It's not about being athletic; it's not about how fast you
move, it's just about moving.
First Lady Michelle Obama: We tell kids that movement isn't
just about sports and physical education it is about movement.
Play is movement, dance is movement,
walking your dog is movement, anything other than sitting in
front of the TV like a vegetable,
or in front of video games counts as movement.
This is something parents can do along with their kids,
make it a family challenge.
I know we do that in our household.
Shellie Pfohl: We set up stations all around the South
Lawn and we had a little lawn bowling going on,
we had a little, some basketball drills going on.
It's just a time to engage families together.
Today was a great day to announce a wonderful partnership
between Let's Move joining forces and the President's
Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Well, the President's council is
critical, because these are some of the leaders in the fields of
nutrition, sports; these are people who live this philosophy.
We've got athlete legends, we've got chefs, nutritionists,
pediatricians, so it covers the range from movement to nutrition
and these individuals are really serving as role models.
They have their own professions in their own rights,
but they are taking the time to get
out there in our communities.
With their support we think we can change the conversation
about fitness and education in this country.