Burlesque - Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNow2 on 15.10.2010

Hi everyone from Anteprima Cinema
Let’s see the trailer of Brulesque.
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It’s the first acting experience for Christina Aguilera.
She’ll star Burlesque, a film directed by Steve Antin that will be released in February 2011.
Aguilera is Ali, a town girl who moves to Los Angeles
to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.
She starts working as a waitress in Burlesque Lounge bar,
run by the fascinating and authoritative Tess, played by Cher.
Needless to say that Ali will aim at conquering the fabulous world of burlesque.
Despicable me, the new hilarious animated movie written by the creators of Ice Age
and produced by Univeral Pictures will be released in Italy October, 15.
The main character Gru, played by Steve Carell,
is a big and clumsy evil with a clear goal: he wants to steal the moon.
He’s forced to change his planes once he meets three small orphans.
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