Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

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''One plus one. ''
''One and one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One plus one, eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One plus one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One plus one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One plus one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 1. ''
''Start sound. Roll camera. ''
''Take one. ''
What is it?
Are you four carrying a treasure? - Can't you see that it's a cupboard?
Your master ordered it yesterday. We have come to deliver it.
But my master left on a holiday today.
Come, now that you've brought it bring it inside. - Bring it.
Come, keep it here. - ''One. ''
''One and one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One plus one, eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One plus one. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One plus one, eleven. ''
''My Friend. ''
''Eleven, my friend. ''
''One and one is eleven, my friend. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 1. ''
''One plus one, eleven. ''
''My Friend. ''
''One plus one is not two. ''
''Those who laugh don't cry. ''
''Those who stay awake don't fall asleep. ''
''Don't lose their honour. ''
''When we find our enemies, we don't spare them. ''
''My Friend. ''
''One plus one, eleven. ''
''Eleven, my friend. '' -'Yes, this is Tara and Sitara. '
'Tired of being poor, homeless and lonely orphans, they teamed up. '
'And decided to live by the adage of a foster mother. '
'That one and one add up to eleven. '
'So they set out on the path of theft and con games. '
'Their plan was to loot the whole world. .
. .and then make a beautiful world of their own. '
'But they did not know that there are even bigger thieves in this world. '
'Conmen, who are not only enemies of society. .
. . but of the country and humanity. '
'One such mishap taught them the biggest lesson of their lives. .
. .when they encountered dangerous criminals, Cobra and Panther. '
Morning. - Sir, our troops are ready to take the guns to the base.
Load the gun fast, we have to leave.
But sir, you've an appointment with Mr. Subramaniam at 12 o'clock.
Change in plans, security reasons.
Excuse me sir. - Dr. Venu Gopal.
Captain Mahesh. - Nice meeting you, captain.
Sir, you know, except you, no one Has the permission to go inside.
He is an officer in our department.
It is his responsibility to take the guns to the base and then report.
Excuse me. - Orders are orders, sir.
Major, the captain is doing his dut y. Orders are orders.
You proceed, I'll wait here. - Thank you, sir.
Please. - Carry on.
What is the matter? - This is Dr. Subramaniam's cabin.
Yes. It is.
I would like to meet Dr. Subramaniam alone. You wait here. Ok?
Good morning Ram Singh. - Sir.
You are early. - Yes, security reasons.
Yes, the proper security of this gun is crucial.
We built this gun after a lot of hard work.
Come, watch the demonstration.
There is an in built sensor. .
. .that can sense any movement within 10 kilometres.
Now our troops can easily catch intruders.
Every gun has a different code so it. .
. .does not land up in the wrong hands and is misused.
Without entering the code number, this gun does not work.
What is the code to operate this gun?
MA238537 1.
Thank you. Can I take the gun now? - Sure. First sign these papers.
Ram Singh you signed the papers but. .
. .you did not enter the password for this mission.
You know very well, Ram Singh.
That you cannot take this gun without the password.
I'll take this gun.
Sir, you here.
Where else? The base is here. - A little while ago you were inside.
And this is the only way to go in and out.
I've just arrived in front of you.
Sir, you appeared before me with an officer of your department.
Go right.
Hello Ram Singh.
Me, Panther.
My brother left with the gun. Now you can do whatever you want.
He may have the gun. But he does not have the code.
And without the code, that gun is of no use.
And anyway, we will get back the gun. You are here, right?
Come on.
You cannot do anything. Panther.
Greetings sir. - Greetings, come Bahadur Singh.
What brings you to my house today?
I came with a purpose.
Sir I've come to alert you. - To alert me?
Two thieves have been wreaking havoc.
They come up with such novel ways to steal. .
. .that even the police are baffled.
What are you saying? - Yes.
Just a few days ago, they hid inside a cupboard.
And robbed the entire house. - The entire house?
Sometimes they pretend to be tenants and sell the house as the owners.
They sell the house.
Listen, and sometimes they are disguised as servants - Sir.
Milk and curd.
''One and one. ''
These two here?
Even my own child did not serve me like these two have.
Sir, now they are serving you, later they will rob you and flee.
What do you mean? - Sir, they are deceiving you.
They are the ones I was talking about. - Really?
One is Tara and the other is. . - Sitara, I know.
Sir, you've ruined all our hard work.
No matter how much a criminal wants to reform. .
. . people like you'll not give him a chance. - No.
Have you forgotten? - No, it will hurt my eye.
Did you forget that we took a vow on your head in jail?
That we would work hard and not commit any wrong deeds.
We were doing just that.
But you told sir and made him kick us out of the jobs.
Where are you going?
I was turned around, so I felt a kick on my backside.
I see. - On my waist.
Sir. - Yes.
I'm going to say something to you today. - Please do.
If these defenders of the law keep doing this. .
. . poor people like us will keep going to jail.
No, I'll not let the two of you become thieves again.
Sir. - Both of you'll stay here with me.
Sir, I'm leaving.
But please be on your guard about them.
Be alert? -It's got to him. - No it hasn't.
Okay, thank you.
Okay tell me one thing. - Yes.
Now you two are reformed.
Yes. - But when you were thieves. - Yes.
How did you rob people? - Yes.
If you tell me one or two such incidents. .
. .I can be cautious about thieves.
Sir, - Sir,
First, we look for a society. - Then?
Then we find the most gullible family of the society who is rich.
After that? - After that we work as servants.
Like you serve me.
Yes. Exactly.
And then sir, when they trust us completely. .
. .we mix sleeping powder in their milk, tea or curd.
That is all we need.
These foolish people. .
. .don't even know there are sleeping pills in their curd?
Like he did not notice, the fool.
''One and one. ''
''One and one. ''
They took everything. Ruined him.
He wanted to reform the thieves.
And the thieves put him to sleep.
I warned you to be alert. Now keep sleeping.
Tara ! Sitara ! You. .
Where? - There.
Come on.
Brother, I enjoyed myself a lot. - Let us watch brother Dharam's movie.
Tara, Sitara now your game is over.
Don't try to run, or I'll teach you a lesson.
Brother, he is being poetic. - I think he has a death wish.
Bahadur Singh, why are you always after us?
Just because we are famous?
Because of you two. .
. .I've not been able to wash my mouth and hands for the past week.
But now I'll teach you a lesson for sure.
Okay, we will talk when I get there.
Brother, knife.
The knife! - Mr. Inspector, don't be stubborn or. .
. .an innocent man will die.
Come here. - Yes sir.
Isn't he Cobra? - Yes sir.
You stupids, do you know who you have touched?
Keep quiet. If you talk too much I'll gouge your eye out.
You talk as if there is a bounty on your head for million.
You are right. - Quiet.
Can't you see. .
. .there is a negotiation in progress between the police and the thieves?
Very good. Kill him.
He is Cobra, the famous thug.
There is a reward of 100 thousand on him, dead or alive.
You got us in a mess.
You should walk with a board saying you are Cobra. Or how can we know?
Brother, there is a reward of 100 thousand on him. God bless you.
Will we get something? - Yes,
Why won't you? - You will.
Only if I let you live to collect that 100 thousand.
Brother. - Arrest all three of them.
My feet have become cold. And that is why I want to join my hands.
He is very rude, brother.
Tara. - Yes Sitara.
Cobra is to be presented in court, where are they taking us?
Elder brother, this is a new style.
If you hammer the nail into the wood, the steel. .
. .will float with the wood.
For example this Mr. Cobra is the engine.
And we are the two bogies that have been attached to him forcibly.
So wherever he goes, we go too, for no reason.
Brother Tara. - Yes.
For how many days do you think Mr. Cobra will be imprisoned?
Explain please.
Brother, gauging from his face, arrogance and rage, I think. .
. .you tell me, for how many years will you be imprisoned?
Brother, I don't know why he is staring at us.
Staring? - Yes he is staring.
Mr. Cobra, show me too.
See? - He stares a lot.
Brother. - Yes.
I think there's a huge storm behind his silence.
Come on, quick. The car will be here any moment.
Brother. .
. .don't be angry we are children. No, just tickling.
One man went out!
No! - Now you are free, too.
No! - No!
Come on.
Brother, we are safe. What an atmosphere.
My beloved, please come.
Keep quiet! Enough of your singing. Now come.
Mr. Cobra, at least let us sing. - You can sing later. Let's go.
Mr. Cobra. There is a car below.
It will take you to highway number 4.
Mike will take you from there by helicopter.
We don't even say our names before strangers.
The stupid was revealing the whole plan.
Mr. Cobra, what happened to him? Why is he lying down?
My bullets hit him.
Strange, we did not even hear the bullet. - Yes, when was this?
Did you kill him yesterday? - No, I killed him today.
Want to hear it once more? - You !
What is it? Don't move, or I'll shoot him. Throw away the gun.
Throw it.
What is it? We've been calling you sir for so long. .
. .and you turned out to be a real stupid.
Brother, will you just keep talking or unshackle us?
What's so great about the chains? As soon as I lower my hands.
Brother Tara, who is shouting? The chains.
Not the chains, the leg, brother. - Leg, what do you mean?
I mean the bullet hit his leg instead of the chains.
It hit Cobra's leg.
Mr. Cobra, please forgive me.
Why brother, what wrong did we do? - No you did not do anything wrong.
What if it hit him there? - No one can survive being shot there.
No. I'll undo the chains.
Brother, you are shooting your own brother.
I'm not shooting you, I was breaking the chains.
What now?
Save yourself!
Save yourself!
Brother, where did brother go?
Brother, wait. Why are you leaving me behind?
Get up sir. Police.
Sir, congratulations. Cobra has been caught.
Fine but did Tara and Sitara go endangering my job?
And you claim to be such a big criminal but you. .
. .couldn't even stop them?
Now get up.
How will he get up? He has been shot in the leg.
Carry him to the hospital on your shoulders.
How will I search for them in this dense forest? Tara ! Sitara !
Tara !
Wow! They have amassed plenty of goods.
Old woman, where are Tara and Sitara?
Don't you read the newspaper or watch T. V?
Was there any robbery in the city? - No.
Has anyone been looted? - No.
There is such peace and sanity in the city. - Yes.
What does that mean? - What?
That means both my sons are at their in-laws place. In Tihar Jail.
They escaped from Tihar jail and got me in trouble. - What?
My Tara and Sitara have escaped ! - Yes.
You useless people. If you cannot take care of my sons. .
. .why do you take them with you for 6 months?
We don't take them in to give them jobs. We arrested them for robbery.
I gave you charge of the apples of my eye.
What? - And you let them run away.
Are we mad?
Why are you looking there? Look here. - Are we crazy. .
. .to deliberately let prisoners escape? They escaped themselves.
You must have ill-treated them. Why else would they flee? - No.
They are my sole support in life. One is Tara and the other Sitara.
Listen you stupid. - Yes.
If you do not bring my children back, I'll curse you.
No. - You'll die by a criminal's bullet.
No. - If you survive, you'll lose your job.
Enough, old woman.
As soon as I find your precious gems, I'll hand them over to you.
Is she a woman or Aurangzeb? Oh my God !
Tara, Sitara, he's left.
Our darling, the world's best mother.
You were wonderful. - I swear.
Now understand the situation and go across the border immediately.
Please call me. And don't come back until I tell you to.
And here, keep this money.
I saved it for you for bad times like these.
You are so nice.
You are so simple.
You are so lovable.
Mother! Our mother!
Mother, you've done so much for us.
Honestly, even a real mother wouldn't. . - What did you say?
Have I ever loved you less than your own mother?
Your real mother would have handed you to the police to become great.
She wouldn't have sheltered you from the police every time.
You always hurt me by talking like that.
No mother, please don't misunderstand. - Keep quiet.
We meant that had it not been for you, we'd be dead.
Yes. We know that. .
. .the one who takes care of you is greater than the one who gives birth.
And you've taken care of us. Please don't misunderstand us.
Okay. Now run away from here.
Earlier, only snake charmers were after you.
But now that snake Cobra wants to break your legs.
How can he? We ourselves shot him in the leg.
Yes? - Yes.
Yes, now before he does something big, we will do something bigger.
We'll become 1 1 /2 from 2.
Yes! -Yes!
Bless you.
'My heart has no peace without you. What should I do?'
I say, hold brother.
When I see a beautiful girl I'm clean bowled brother.
Brother Tara. - Yes.
Hold this. - Yes.
I'll enquire about the train and be back.
Brother, but take care. - Okay
Okay. - Okay.
'You are the one at fault. ' - Brother.
'Beloved. ' - Please sit here.
'What should I do?' - I know. What should I do? - What should I do?
What is going on?
There's a circus in town.
Some magician has come. Or some new flop of a movie.
Two thieves have been exhibiting amazing feats. - Really?
They have wreaked havoc on the city and the police.
Is it? - Do you want to see?
Okay show me.
There is a reward for them.
If you find them, collect the reward and share it with us too.
Oh elder brother! - Preeti !
Brother, give it quickly.
''I saw love for the first time in my beloved's eyes. ''
''I saw love for the first time in my beloved's eyes. ''
''Now my restless heart is at peace. '' - Brother Tara, I'm clean bowled.
I say.
Sir, is she your daughter? - No. .
. . but you are my son-in-law. - Please bless me.
Bless you, be happy.
I can't see my other son-in-law anywhere, where is he?
I'll not tell you. - Don't tell me. I know everything.
You two cannot live without each other.
If one is caught, the other surrenders himself.
Right? Come on.
Come along. - Come.
Nice hat, who did you steal it from?
Come on. This way. - Come.
'What should I do?' - Sit down.
Sitara halt or I'll shoot you. Sitara wait!
I said, hi.
Brother Tara. -Yes.
You imperiled yourself to save me.
Brother Sitara, risk doesn't matter. Our relationship matters.
The whole world knows that Tara and Sitara are two bodies with one heart.
Brother Tara. - Yes.
What if something happened to you? - Nothing will happen to me.
If I were in your place, what would you have done?
Brother Tara, what is a jeep, I would have hijacked a train for you.
You got emotional. - Yes.
Brother Sitara. - Yes.
Today I want to say something from my heart. - Go on.
Brother Sitara, I respect you a lot. - Drive the car.
Forget the car and feel my emotion. - Drive the car.
I beg of you, please drive the car. - Don't hold friend !
''When we became friends. .
. .a story of friendship was created. ''
''It set a beautiful example. ''
''Everything was enjoyable. ''
''This is known. '' - ''Yes, this is known. ''
''The whole world knows this. ''
''My friend. ''
''One plus one eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one. ''
''One and one eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
If you see anyone trying to sneak in, shoot him. - Yes sir.
I say brother. - Yes.
Who is in that vehicle? Could you explain?
Brother, I think I've a strong feeling that I don't know.
Okay. - Major Ram Singh.
Who's he? - I'm Raju Nepali.
Yes. Greetings.
Only two people can take you across this area.
Yes. - One is major Ram Singh and he won't.
Yes. - The other is me.
Yes. - And I would only do it for money.
What a novel thing he talks of. - How much money, sir?
200,000 for 2 people.
Brother, we're not asking the cost of the area.
We are asking the rate to cross the area.
That is the rate to cross the area.
When you'll make arrangements for the money, you can come here.
Raju the Guide will be here.
Okay, bye.
He did not even respond. How rude! Brother. - Yes.
Where can we get 200 thousand here? We don't even know anyone.
Brother. - Yes.
We've reached the bank.
Brother, we can fulfill our dreams. - Because this is 'Bank Apna ( own )'.
Brother. Do you think we can get 200 thousand here?
Let us go in and check the capacity.
Greetings. - Yes greetings.
Do you want to open your account? - No. We want to rob this place.
You want to rob this place?
Fool, if two big businessmen don't open an account. .
. .what else will they open?
We have a lot of money. - Ok.
Brother, if we want to open an account with 10 million.
One. .
Bother, it seems like he's never come across 10 million. - No.
No, we have barely 2 million here.
It is a very small bank, please excuse us. - Listen to me!
No, it was our mistake.
10 million gone.
There was a strange incident in the bank.
Two customers wanted to open an. .
. .account with one, one, 10 million.
I'm such a big fool.
I told them our bank has no more than 2 million. They left.
Is the manager there? - Who could it be so late?
Give something in the lord's name.
Is this the hour to beg? Get out. - We are not beggars. .
. .we have come to make you a beggar. Right? - Yes.
But who are you?
Look here and here.
Don't you recognise us? He is the big sage and I'm the small. .
. .sage with 6 bullets.
Behave yourself, or you'll get its blessings.
Mamma. - Recognised us.
''For the first time, I saw love in the eyes of my beloved. ''
Small sage. - Yes sage.
A beautiful girl. - Where?
There. Girl, come here. - Saint. .
What is this insolence? Dad, call the police.
You phone is already dead.
Say anything and your dad will be dead too. - No.
Daddy, come here. - No. - Let them talk.
Don't be sad, please. I went crazy when I saw you the first time.
See? Your daughter stole our sage's heart.
Now I'll steal too.
What? - Your bank.
Bank! - We will sleep here tonight.
And tomorrow morning, after the veneration. .
. .you yourself will take us to the bank. - Is it?
Then you can rob the bank with your own hands and drop us outside.
And after that, police, questioning Zee News, Aaj Tak (TV channel). .
You'll be very famous. You keep eating.
Sage! Sage, sweets, potato and cauliflower rolls.
Bless you. Time is on our side, we will eat in peace.
What is it? - I made it. Will you have some?
Give me.
I say. Sage, will you have some?
I'll, you go ahead.
Okay, that is non-fattening and this is fattening.
You keep slim and I'll become fat.
What are you doing standing here? - Yes.
Go and bring a bag to loot the bank. Try to understand.
Yes, I'll get it.
Are you crying or laughing? What are you doing?
Come quickly. Don't you know who we are?
Sage with six bullets.
Do it quickly or you'll receive blessings. Come on.
Why is he crying? Listen to me.
Why are you crying like that? He is crying again.
Okay, it is done now. - Come with me, please.
Now I've a lot of money, I'll make you very happy. - Don't worry.
You stole all the money from my bank.
And now you want to take my daughter too.
Brother, hurry before the police get here.
But why? - What why?
We looted a bank, we are thieves, come on. - Oh.
Not oh, come on. - Let's go.
He took all the money.
Yes. - Times are so bad.
Yes. - Before we would run with the money. - Yes.
And now we run after giving the money. - Brother, don't you think. .
. . instead of giving him the money. .
. .we should have made some deal with Ram Singh?
He would have shot you.
Brother, bullet.
Bullet. - Brother, I'm thinking about Ram Singh.
Let's go. - Brother, let's get out of here. Let's run.
Let's run.
'This is Ram Singh's house. '
'Tara and Sitara could not have found a. .
. . better place to hide from Cobra and the police. '
'Tara and Sitara could get into anyone's house easily. '
'Let's see how they enter Ram Singh's house. '
A hundred rupee note.
Lord, if you wanted to give me something. .
. .couldn't you have given me a 500 rupee note?
500 rupees?
Whose face did I see as soon as I woke up this morning?
Oh lord, if you are so kind, give me a purse full of money.
Then I'll be really happy.
A purse full of money, I've gone crazy.
4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Stupid. - Thief.
Today we will teach you a lesson.
Our purse was lying on the road and you stole it.
I did not steal it, it was lying there.
It was not lying there, we kept it there safely.
Brother, take him to the police station.
Come to the police station.
Come on. - Come on.
No sir, don't take me to the police station. - Why?
I'm very poor.
I have a mother, two brothers and three sisters.
And I've to get all three of them married. You marry two of them.
And I'll find someone better for the third.
You stupid, you'll never find a noble Clarke Gable like us.
Look at his personality.
Look at my face. Do you understand?
Listen to me.
Brother, you tell him. - Son, we will not marry your sisters.
But we will help you to get them married.
How? - Here, take.
Only 100 rupees.
No take more, your quota seems bigger
Listen. - Yes. - And don't count it.
Ask elder brother. - Ask the younger one.
How? - Ask Sitara.
How? - Ask Tara. - Ask Mr. Sitara !
Ask Tara. - Why are you annoying me? - Are you asking or shouting?
No, please tell me.
Look, your marital chain. Here.
Where did you get it? - A thief was about to run away with it.
Oh lord, I've only one memento of him that I look at every morning.
Chhotu, did you catch the thief?
No. These two Tara and Sitara caught the thief.
'There will be a courtyard of gleaming stars. '
Brother Sitara, the same courtyard with the same view.
Our house hasn't changed at all.
The same house, windows and doors.
And even the curtains. - Yes.
You've been here house before?
We were born here. Weren't we? - Yes.
Our head shaving and naming ceremony took place here.
I'm Tara. - And I'm Sitara.
At that time, our father was in trouble so he sold the house. - Yes.
To this day, we miss our mother and father so much.
No son. Be patient.
Mother would say that too.
Hold it, friend. - Enough. .
Brother. - No Tara.
What can I say mother? We were just thinking of her.
You are great, Mother.
Brother, a child.
This is a child. - He is not a child.
He is a big child. - Oh my god.
Tara, do you remember, in my childhood. .
. .I bought chocolates like this.
And I would snatch it.
And I would snatch it from you. - Brother.
Yes. - Even I like snatching it from others.
Really? Then you will become a very great man.
Bless you son. -Yes, brother.
Sister-in-law. Mother.
Brother, I found it. - What happened?
I found it brother.
Room? - I found my bedroom, brother.
Hold it, friend. - The same color and the same legs.
Come to your senses, brother. - I'm in my senses, brother.
Seeing this house again today has made me very emotional, brother.
I've gone mad. - Brother,
Yes. - If you love this house so much. .
. .stay in the hotel opposite so you can keep looking at it.
We will have to live in a hotel? - Yes.
Son, why don't you live here for sometime? This is your house, too.
Mother. - Tara, no.
I can't get up, so I was just touching her feet. - Okay.
Brother Sitara. - Yes, brother Tara.
Do you remember something? - Now what?
His face and personality is just like daddy's. - Yes.
Isn't it? - The same moustache, the same height. .
. .the same arrogant face. There is no difference at all. - Yes.
Who are these people?
This house used to belong to them. They are here for some days.
So we told them they could stay here for a while.
I don't give strangers permission to stay in my house.
Come on. Leave.
Shall we leave? -What do you think?
This house does not belong to us. .
. .so how can the people here be our own?
You'll not go anywhere.
You'll stay right here.
Son, you don't know what you've done for me.
I know my son very well. - Yes.
He can never say no to me.
He is a soldier so he doesn't trust anyone immediately.
Chhotu. - Yes mother.
Keep their luggage in the outhouse. - Ok.
Sitara, give me the luggage.
'Mother, your face cannot be different from God's. '
'Cannot be different. '
Give me the luggage. - We have never seen him before.
''Sages say that there's nothing greater than love in this world. ''
''Cleanse me of all my hatred. ''
''My lord. ''
''O goddess Radha. ''
''O lord Krishan Kanhaiya. ''
''Please fulfill all my dreams. ''
''O goddess Radha. ''
''O lord Krishan Kanhaiya. ''
Son, you sing very well.
It gives the mind strength.
Mother, brother Sitara and I love to sing. .
. . but we never get the chorus right.
Son, where is Sitara?
Mother, I do my veneration in the morning and he in the evening.
Very nice.
Come I'll take you. - Yes.
Take her blessings. - Come.
Bless me.
Ram Singh, I can manage it myself. - No matter.
Chhotu. - Yes.
Why did you bring the luggage and the shoes? - I called him.
You did?
We were fine in the outhouse. Why are you bringing us into the house?
You aren't living inside the house or in the outhouse.
You can win over my family with your talk but not me.
Okay, but just a minute. Is brother Sitara outside?
Brother Sitara is waiting for you at the gate.
You already threw him out of the house? - Yes.
Come on, Chhotu. - Come
Doesn't it feel like we've been insulted very respectfully? - Yes.
Even I feel so.
You're here too. - Brother, I sang a very emotional devotional song.
But I could not win over Ram Singh, he is very smart.
I heard he did not even let your change your clothes.
Clothes? He wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom.
Bring a tin for my elder brother. - Quiet!
You know that I thrash people up when I'm very angry.
Brother, even I'm very angry today.
But we cannot vent our anger on Ram Singh. - Then?
How about him?
I'm very poor. I have a mother, two brothers and three sisters.
I've to get all three married. - Come, I'll marry your sisters.
Wait, both of us are free lancing.
Take care that the bullet doesn't hit Ram Singh's son.
We need him alive.
Save me!
Enough. Over. Don't worry.
The boy ran and you lost the race.
Get out of here. - Me?
Brother! - Yes.
The whole jungle has turned green, come quickly. - I'm coming.
Brother, thugs are here. - You handle them.
How brother, I'm on a wheelchair. - Can't you see that I'm busy?
Brother, your handle is busy and my pedal is busy.
They have guns in their hands, it is not easy. Change your handle.
Kill him. - Brother, you cannot let us be killed, come on.
Oh come, get lost you. Brother.
I'm here. - Thank you.
What are you doing here? Run. - Run.
Will you run or do I beat you?
Dad. Dad, come to the clubhouse road fast.
Some people tried to kidnap me.
Randhir, the driver was killed.
''We do not get lost in the sands of time. ''
''We don't say anything. ''
''But we don't stay silent either. ''
''We don't countenance torture. ''
''This world. ''
''Even this world has been beaten by us. ''
''My friend. ''
''One plus one is eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
Brother, Ram Singh has come.
You sit in your vehicle. - Yes brother, what a co-incidence.
Brother, do I look innocent?
Look sad. - Here.
Dad. - Greetings Mr. Ram Singh.
Are you all right? - I'm okay.
If it wasn't for Uncle Tara and Sitara,
those thugs would have kidnapped me. - Bunty.
How can I thank you?
You never thank your children.
You just put your hand on their head and bless them. Put it there also.
I'm leaving.
You aren't going anywhere.
You can live in our outhouse as long as you want.
Brother. - Brother, bow down and salute him.
Thank you.
Brother, I'm relieved. - Brother.
''I've come from very far with a gift of love. ''
Sir, you people came to buy this house, but now you're living here.
We brothers are like that. - Yes.
We don't even buy shoes without examining them thoroughly first.
Who knows when we'll need it, right?
What a guess. - Sir. .
. .when you buy this house, please hire me as your servant.
I'm very poor. I have one mother, two brothers and three sisters.
And you've to get them married. - Yes.
He has his eye on the bungalow. - Listen.
Yes. - Make arrangements for breakfast.
Yes sir.
What now? - Don't forget sir.
We will not forget!
Sir, I'm a very poor man. - I know, you have 3 mothers, 3000 brothers. .
. .and 3 1 /2 million sisters.
No, one mother, two brothers - Get away from here. Stupid man !
You don't even listen to me. - Talking nonsense.
Brother Tara. - Yes, brother Sitara.
We have found a place to hide. - Yes.
Yes. - Brother. .
. .we should hide here until Cobra is dead.
Brother, can you see anything? - I see a lot of danger, brother.
What? - You fool.
Ram Singh has not adopted us for him to take care of us. .
. .till our old age.
We are only guests for a few days.
We are not just guests here for a few days. Brother, you saw Ram Singh.
But you did not see his Laxmi like sister.
Brother, what a beautiful girl and what a lovely family.
I think I should marry Ram Singh's sister and. .
. . become a live in son-in-law.
You want to become a live in son-in-law? What do you think? - Yes.
Is he some third rate lottery owner. .
. . that he'd let his daughter marry you?
He is Ram Singh. - Even Ram Singh is a human being.
Just like we entered his house, we can enter his heart too.
Yes. - Yes.
Hold friend. - Clean bowled friend.
The truth is that Pinky. . - Yes.
I'm very pleased with your brother. - Yes.
It's great that he let Tara and Sitara live in your house.
Preeti, with the work Tara and Sitara are doing. .
. .we should keep them in our hearts, not just out house.
You are right Pinky. - Always.
Sitara looks exactly like a he-man. He is so brave. - Yes.
Preeti, Sitara alone did not save Bunty. Tara was there too.
He is so brave.
I'm amazed by how he fought them in spite of being on a wheelchair.
You are right, Pinky.
His brother is so strong - What?
And courageous. With a brother like Sitara. .
. .could fight even lying on the bed. - Preeti. .
. .why are you giving all the credit to Sitara?
Don't say that Pinky. I'm praising them both.
Really? I only hear you talk about one.
Because you are talking about the other.
Oh yes.
Oh god I forgot, I better leave. I'm late for college.
I've to meet with the senior doctor and ask about Tara's leg.
But you sit here. - Why?
Maybe Sitara will pass by here. Bye. - Stupid.
''My beloved. ''
''My beloved. ''
''I'm a lover. ''
''I'm a lover. ''
''Whatever I do, I gave you my heart. ''
''I'm a lover. ''
''Whatever I do, I gave you my heart. ''
''My lover, give me. ''
''My lover, give me. ''
''Before the lord and everyone. ''
''I cried before god. ''
''I cried. . ''
''Lover, I gave my heart to you. ''
''My lover, give me. ''
''My lover, give me. ''
''Before the lord and everyone. ''
''I cried before god. ''
''I'm a lover. ''
''Whatever I do, I gave you my heart. ''
''I look for my lover on every path of love. ''
''One day she will come to my house leaving everything. ''
''You are in my every breath. ''
''You are in my thoughts. ''
''You are in my every breath. ''
''You are in my thoughts. ''
''The heart yearns for her. ''
''The heart yearns for her. ''
''If I find her I'll say with a smile. ''
''That I'm your beloved. ''
''My beloved. ''
''Whatever I do, I gave you my heart. ''
''My beloved. ''
''My beloved. ''
''My beloved. ''
Tara !
Where did he go? Tara.
Oh my!
Mr. Tara - Yes.
Mr. Tara, what are you doing? Mr. Tara.
It is understandable. I cannot swim in the tub. - Yes.
I wanted to find out what suicide feels like. - What?
Pinky, there must be a nice high hill in your city.
Yes there is, but why?
Then take me to the top. And throw me off the hill.
Why are you talking like this?
Or Pinky, shove my face. .
. . into the tub water.
And then put your feet on top.
And don't move your leg until I'm dead.
I want to try different ways to commit suicide.
Shut up.
Look at this.
There are at least 250 ways in this book to cure such cases of shock.
With this you'll able to walk, run.
And even dance with me.
Dance? - Yes.
Pinky, I'll be able to walk. - Of course.
I'll be able to run.
I mean hold your hand and run.
Pinky, you said something so wonderful. I feel like. .
Why are Pinky's clothes drying here?
Was that idiot up to his old tricks?
Brother Sitara, you returned so soon.
I feel like I'm too late. - No, nothing has happened yet.
Tara, explain this.
What is there to explain?
She came to cure a disabled man. - She was curing you, here?
Brother Sitara. Where are you? Brother Sitara.
Being the elder brother, you pushed your younger brother.
We've barely been here 2 days and you've gone so far.
I wanted to go even further. I mean as far as marriage. - Shut up!
Be serious.
We have come to flee from here and not get entangled.
If Ram Singh saw what I just did. .
. . he would have really crippled you. - What has Ram Singh to do with it?
I'm not intruding into his sister's life. She's entering mine.
Yes. - Yes.
I keep thinking and smiling to myself about how ticklish I feel. .
. .when his sister massages my leg with her soft hands.
I feel like laughing right now.
Tara did you feel some pain?
I felt something, but It was not pain.
No. Now you'll surely feel it.
Did you feel pain? - Yes, but it was not pain.
Then why are you smiling?
Because you care so much about me, Pinky.
You treat me with so much love.
And you are after me like the police.
But I think this cane is bogus.
Pinky, you are using such a small cane on me.
When bigger sticks than this have broken.
Brother. - What?
Look at that. - What?
Look at that.
Forget that small cane.
I'll hit Tara with this whip and make him feel pain.
Move aside!
Brother. - Yes.
Why is the whole family after me?
Brother, why is Ram Singh's son coming here?
Tell him to hold it. - Clean bowled. - Why?
Ram Singh cannot control his son. How can I?
No one ever hit me with such a big stick.
This stick was specially made for this.
And has beaten up many people.
I'll hit Tara with this and make him feel pain in his leg.
Brother, please stop this fool.
He is not a fool, he is a monkey.
I'm the king of the stick. Whoever looks behind will be hit. - Save me.
Hold it friend. - Please.
Come on. Stupid !
You were treating me with such a big stick?
Why are you hitting me, I was only trying to treat you.
Even we are treating you. Yes brother.
Yes brother, give him a banana.
Yes, that will give him some extra energy.
Here, take it.
No one can treat him. - Shut up monkey, don't say that.
The treatment will be taken care of, but with love. Right?
The patient had. .
Sitara, take a seat. How are you? - Fine.
What are you doing with such big fat books?
I was looking for a new treatment for Tara.
A new treatment for Tara. - Yes.
What do you mean?
He cannot walk, so I was looking for a cure for him.
Listen to me.
Poor Tara is hungry for love.
He can be never healed with violence.
Actually. Then what do I do? Suggest something please.
Let me think. - Yes.
Create a heat inside Tara. - Ok.
A roaring flame that burns his body. .
. .so he will run and jump about.
Did you understand? - Yes.
Here is your tea.
Chhotu, tell me. - Yes.
How do you create fire and burning? - With petrol.
What? - Set fire to the petrol, the power that will be produced. .
. .will make the car run here and there.
Yes, okay thanks.
Oh yes, this is what is called shock therapy.
''Today the weather looks fierce. ''
''Today the atmosphere. ''
''There'll be a storm. ''
Hold this. Don't sing.
Pinky why are you pouring so much water on the plants?
This isn't water, it's petrol.
But I use my hands to move this, why the petrol?
This is to make your legs work, not your wheelchair.
To make me walk? - This is called shock therapy.
The stupid, fools think up a new therapy for me everyday.
Who knows what they will do now. Will they set it ablaze?
Spread it equally.
''The black clouds are moving. ''
''Every flower is for me. ''
Life amidst the thorns and the flowers.
Get up Tara ! Come on !
Come on, get up!
Where are you going?
I'm safe from all those thorns.
So many thorns!
Oh god, Tara.
So many thorns!
Tara, what is this? You ran away before we could treat you.
How do I explain it to you?
Sit on the wheel chair and then I'll explain to you.
Where do you get such exalted ideas from?
It was not my idea.
Then whose? - Your elder brother's idea.
So Sitara is behind all this. - Yes.
I hope he is safe from all the evil eyes. Where is he?
No, where is he?
Sitara, I've so much love inside me for you today.
Then embrace me friend. - Let me complete my sentence.
Brother Sitara, this is Pinky's book.
There are 50,000 cures to treat a leg.
And you told her about another cure!
Tara, I told her to create the heat of love in your body.
Creating the heat of love is different from. .
. .setting fire to the body.
She was setting my body on fire.
Yes. - Yes!
No. - Yes.
Tara !
Brother, please hide me or she'll try another remedy.
You hold here, I'll bowl her there. - No.
Only I'll bowl her. - Then at least I can hold her.
Yes. - Then you can bowl her.
Keep a distance.
''Oh enemy! ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''It is a very nice moment. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''It is a very nice moment. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''This beauty longs for your love. ''
''Hold me in your arms. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''It is a very nice moment. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''This beauty longs for your love. ''
''Hold me in your arms. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
''Oh innocent woman. ''
''Oh energetic girl. ''
''I'm an innocent boy. ''
''I'm the son of a devout man and the brother-in-law of a pundit. ''
''And you have a beautiful personality. ''
''And I, an enemy. ''
''No, no, no. ''
''Enemy. ''
''Enemy. ''
''I'll stay awake and keep you awake the whole night. ''
''You've alleviated my impatience, with such words. ''
''I'll stay awake and keep you awake the whole night. ''
''You've alleviated my impatience, with such words. ''
''My heart beats with loneliness. ''
''There is no one in the house, my beloved. ''
''Come into my soft arms. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''It is a very nice moment. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''My love is youthful. ''
''Take me into your arms. ''
''What are you thinking?''
''Listen to me, girl. ''
''Listen to me, woman. ''
''Okay, here's something from me. ''
''You are an Indian woman, more beautiful and abler than everyone. ''
''I don't want to be trapped. ''
''I cannot be patient anymore. ''
''I'm losing something. ''
''Stop! ''
''Stop! ''
''No enemy. ''
''All the curtains have been lowered. ''
''And all the windows are closed. ''
''Have some fun meanwhile. ''
''All the curtains have been lowered. ''
''And all the windows are closed. ''
''Have some fun meanwhile. ''
''My impatience is in full swing. ''
''How can I stay in my senses?''
''Please don't stop me, my beloved. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''It is a very nice moment. ''
''Oh enemy! ''
''This beauty longs for your love. ''
''Hold me in your arms. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
''Don't think of anything else at a time like this. ''
Mr. Tara stood up like a pole. Let me see. - No.
Tara, you stood up. Have you gone mad?
What did I do? I stood up. - Tara.
Tara ! You can stand up! I cured you !
I cured you ! I cured you !
Shake hands, Mr. Tara is cured.
He has not cured ; you people seem to have gone blind.
Sir stood up.
The lord listened to you, now you listen to me please.
I'm a very poor man.
I have one mother, two brothers and three sisters.
You've to get the mother married, find jobs for your sisters. .
. .and brides for your brothers.
I don't have to get the mother married.
I'll take care of it.
Why are you worried? - But I don't have to get my mother married.
Get away from here. - I'll tell everyone. Hey listen !
Brother Tara. - Yes, Sitara.
Today I feel very affectionate towards you. - What are you saying?
I wrote 50-60 duets for you. - Yes.
You stood up in the first song.
Brother I'm a Punjabi. I can't hold it.
And that's why I clean bowled her.
Yes? - Yes.
Yes? - Yes it happened.
Mr. Cobra.
He's back. - The wound in your leg has healed and your fracture too.
I've been telling you to try to walk for so long. Come on, try.
You never reply. - I can't walk, doctor.
If you think that way, you'll never be able to walk.
Only one of your legs. - Be careful.
I know! Today I read in the medical journal about. .
. .a patient with both legs amputated. .
. .who began walking by his sheer will power.
Look! Read ! - Doctor, I don't want to read it!
You'll be inspired. Read it.
Wow, doctor. This is really inspiring.
If you showed me this picture before, I would. .
. . have been running in the Asian games. - Good !
And I would have won A medal for India.
Very good ! - Doctor I want to sit.
Yes! Sit!
First, take off my plaster. - Yes.
Doctor, I want to sit. - Yes.
Carefully! Slowly! - Doctor, I can sit.
Yes. - Good ! - Come.
Doctor, let him lie down. Don't make him sit.
If he sits, then he will create trouble.
Keep quiet! His treatment is in progress! - Doctor, can I stand?
Yes! You can stand ! - No. . - Absolutely.
Inspector! Hold his hand !
I want to stand !
Doctor! I can stand ! - Very good !
Doctor, tell him to sit!
You keep quiet! Let him stand ! - Doctor, I want to walk.
You can surely walk. Careful.
Doctor, I can walk! - He will run away!
Doctor, I can walk!
Doctor, you don't know how sly he is. Next he will say he can run !
Doctor, my heart says I can run. - Yes, you can run !
I can run.
Let go of me! I can run !
I can run ! - Doctor, he will run away!
I want him to run !
Let go of me!
I can run !
Doctor, your treatment is terrific!
Careful ! Run slowly! - Doctor, stop him!
Where did he go?
He ran away!
I told you he would ! You said his treatment was in progress!
Now who will nab him? Catch him!
Stop! Shoot at his leg !
Don't shoot at his leg ! I've just treated him! - Shut up!
Brother, don't you think our life has changed after coming here?
Yes. We have not robbed. .
. . looted or pick pocketed anyone. - Yes, brother.
But I was not talking about another change.
Brother, I was talking about Pinky.
She carried me out of my wheel chair and onto a chair in her heart.
I'm saying, Tara. - Yes.
This Preeti. - Yes.
I like her. - Brother, why don't we settle down here?
Brother. - Yes.
Don't you think our life now is so much better than before?
Before we had to run from the police and Cobra.
Don't talk about Cobra.
He thrashed us black and blue.
Brother. - Yes.
We will be successful. - Yes.
In our new life.
Brother, let us kick this wheelchair together. Get lost!
''One and one. ''
''Eleven. My friend. ''
124, 125, 12 6.
12 7, 12 8.
Come, Ram Singh's pigeon. What message have you brought?
Good morning, Ram Singh.
Good morning. - You're bored of the cell. .
. .so today you called out in the open to thrash me?
You may change the place but you ask the same old questions.
First question, where is the ammunition stolen from the army?
Second, who is your partner in the ammunition deal?
Third, where is your hideout? Right?
You've forgotten the fourth question.
Where is your cronies' hideout?
I'll certainly answer this question.
My cronies are in the vicinity.
They are plotting to get me out.
The day I'm out Ram Singh, you'll die.
I offer you the chance right now. Go on, escape and kill me.
You think you are very brave, don't you?
Then try crossing this main gate.
I'm the sole hurdle between you and freedom.
Nobody will interfere with us.
With this? - Open it.
Remember that if I nab you the first time, you'll be thrashed 10 times.
The second time, it will be 5.
The third time you'll not be in any position to be further thrashed.
Run !
Soldiers, this is Ram Singh speaking.
Nobody will stop Panther.
Let him run wherever he wants to. Out!
Panther! - Panther! - Panther!
Welcome, Ram Singh.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. . - No!
6, 7, 8, 9, 10. .
Panther! Goodbye! Bye!
Ram Singh, I'll kill you.
A traitor threatening a police officer.
You thrashed me 4 times, Ram Singh. One is left.
Come. - The final thrashing !
Ma'am. - Then?
Then you know what happened? - Ma'am, please listen to me.
I'm a very poor man. I have one mothers. .
. . 2 brother and 3 sisters. I've to get them married.
Will Tara and Sitara be suitable grooms for my sisters?
Hey! - It is not a suitable match at all !
Why? What do they lack?
Go away and find other guys!
I can search only if I get out of the house. You guys don't let me out.
You guys don't let me do anything in the house.
By the way, Preeti why did you say that? - Obviously!
He was talking about his sister marrying my Sitara !
Have you seen his personality? He is so handsome.
''A little golden colour. ''
''A little silver colour. ''
''Flowers are also added. ''
''Flowers are also added. ''
''This is how my body was made. ''
''My body was made. ''
''A little golden colour. ''
''A little silver colour. ''
''If someone looks at me, he will keep staring. ''
''He will keep thinking about me. ''
''Take me into your arms. ''
''Love me as much as you desire. ''
''A little affection. ''
''A little bit of fun. ''
''Flowers are, also added. ''
''This is how your body was made, beloved. ''
''Your body was made. ''
Hello! Same to you ! Again !
This is Cobra speaking.
Brother, such a sweet voice. It's a call for you. - It's a sweet voice?
Yes. It must be my girlfriend Pinky.
Look, how I sweet talk her. - I know.
Hello. From where is my darling calling?
This is Cobra speaking. - Who is this Cobra?
Are you talking about the cobra whose teeth we break first. .
. .then we remove its poison, put it in a basket. .
. .and perform public shows for 5 cents with it?
This is your boss Cobra, speaking.
Brother Sitara. - Yes.
It is Cobra's call. - I know.
Then why did you give me the phone? - I got scared.
I can understand. - Thank you.
Because even I'm in a bad state.
Sit down. - Yes. Let's sit down.
Is he still on the line? - Please check. - What?
Hello. It's on hold.
Tara ! Sitara ! Please have a seat.
Have something to eat. Why are you guys standing there?
If you guys are not hungry, would you like me to make juice for you?
No! - What's the matter, dear?
You two seem worried. - Absolutely not. Yes, there is a little tension.
Last night we brothers had a nightmare.
Of what?
We dreamed of a cobra. - Yes.
Oh ! - Very dangerous!
Dear, that is an inauspicious dream.
People say that dream signifies that the enemy is tailing you. Yes!
But you don't worry. You give milk to a small snake.
A small snake. Shall we give milk to Chhotu?
It is better. - Yes.
'Greetings. Today's headlines. '
'A dangerous criminal Cobra conned the police and escaped from prison. '
'Cobra has escaped from prison many times before, too. '
'The police are searching for Cobra. The prime Minister. . '
Mr. Tara. Sorry.
You know when a prisoner escapes from prison?
When he wants to take revenge on his enemy.
I saw the movie 'Sholay', where Gabbar escapes from prison. .
. .and takes revenge on his enemies.
Maybe he will take revenge, too.
Hey! - What happened to him?
He didn't even have his meals.
Poor guy had terror for breakfast.
But why are you trembling? - I'm not scared.
Brother, thrash him! He is here.
- Beat him! - Beat him! - Don't spare him!
Hey beat him. - Whack him!
Chhotu ! What are you doing here early in the morning?
I should be asking you that!
You were in the outhouse! Why are you guys sleeping here? - Fool !
We are guests! We can sleep wherever we want!
What are you doing here?
Ram Singh is leaving for the border check for 2-3 days.
So I've to wash the car.
They can sleep anywhere they want, as they are guests!
Brother. - Yes.
When Ram Singh is here, Cobra doesn't dare to come here.
If Ram Singh leaves, what about our safety?
Say something.
Brother Tara. - Yes.
I've an idea. - Tell me.
Why don't we go to the border with Ram Singh?
And we can cross the border when we get the chance.
Why did you two suddenly decide to come to the border with me?
Brother, we wanted to ask you something about our character.
Elder brother, ask him. - Me?
Yes. - You ask him. - Ask him! - Ask me. What's the matter?
Brother, actually. .
Who are they?
Hey! - Come, with me!
Don't move.
Brother. - Yes.
Let's run !
Get into the car! Come on !
Run !
They have come!
Come on, you !
Brother. - Yes.
They are coming. - Let them.
Brother, take this! - Give it.
No! Don't shoot.
Brother, it didn't work. - Try again.
Brother, it worked but it didn't hit him. - Try once more.
Brother, it hit him on the leg.
Let's check. - Come.
''Remove the mask. .
. .from the face. ''
''He is here. ''
Don't remove the veil. If the veil is lifted then. .
Then what?
He's shot in the leg and wants to play game of songs.
Brother, look at him!
Brother, say something !
I can't speak, brother!
Why? - Because he is Cobra !
Brother Cobra ! You !
My leg is injured ! Fool ! - His leg is wounded.
Brother, it's his fault!
He is renowned among the police and the public.
How could we know who was behind the mask?
I'll not spare you ! - Brother!
''You don't know that your death is approaching. ''
''An inauspicious thing is about to happen. ''
''Count the days on your fingers. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4. ''
''5, 6, 7, 8. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 1. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one adds to eleven. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and one. ''
Brother Sitara. - Tell me, Tara.
Whey did Ram Singh bring us here?
I think we're going to get a big reward for catching Cobra.
I knew that we were capable of great things. - Yes.
But time limited our capabilities. - Yes.
But now that the times have Changed. . - Ram Singh will too.
Hail Ram Singh. - Come. Let's go.
Come, Ram Singh.
Now what do you want to ask?
I've not come to ask you anything but to tell you something.
Your brother Cobra who wanted to kidnap me in exchange. .
. .for your release has been killed.
Let me tell you one thing.
It wasn't me or my army. .
. . but two brave civilians who killed him.
I brought them here so you can see. .
. .that our civilians are no less than soldiers.
Brother. - Yes?
Who is he? - I don't know.
Why does happiness come with sorrow?
I don't know. I'm fed up.
Brother Panther, don't take Ram Singh's talk to heart. Yes.
What happened was just an incident. - Yes.
Just think that it was brother Cobra's time to die. - Yes.
Look, god is so benevolent.
He snatched away one brother and gave you 2 brothers. - Brother.
One free with the other. - Free.
Brother Panther brother, be patient.
I have patience.
Your brother was impatient. That's why that stupid died !
Poor guy. - Poor guy.
But the day I'm released. .
. .I'll not spare you two.
We are talking about patience. And he is talking about death.
- Hold it!
Hold it! Will you vomit on his face?
Brother, why are you so sad? Please smile.
Brother, do you like this car?
I'll give you a ride in it. - But where?
Where destiny takes us. Come.
I'm going to start the car. - Brother.
Think about it first, brother.
Can we live without Pinky and Preeti?
No, brother.
We don't have to hear the clanging of Pinky and Preeti's bangles.
We have to hear Panther's roar.
Brother, the imprisoned Panther stared at us with bloodshot eyes.
Now you are dazed, aren't you?
If I told you something, you would be dazed too.
What? - The car is gone.
What? - Yes.
The money is also gone. - I know.
Brother. - Yes.
The car is gone. But the girls have come.
Let us forget what went.
Let us be happy with what we have.
Let us, have fun !
''Let us burn in youth's flame. ''
''Let us melt like a candle. ''
''Let us sway like crazy men. ''
''Let us fall and then get a grip on ourselves. ''
''There is nobody like us. ''
''There is nobody like us. '' ''There is no lover like us. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one adds to eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one. '' ''One and one. ''
''One and one. '' ''One and one. ''
''One and one adds to eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
Tara ! Sitara ! Come out!
Brother! - The sky has parted !
The clouds are rumbling ! What is going on?
I heard a loud sound !
What's the matter, dear?
Mother, today I'll make a decision. - What?
About Tara and Sitara's life.
Do you two think I know nothing about you?
I know everything.
And today I've caught you.
Brother. - Yes.
I think he knows about our bank robbery. - Correct.
Brother! Brother! Brother! - Stop dancing !
What are you guys doing there? Come here!
Hurry up!
Tara ! Sitara !
Wow! What a lovely scene!
Do you think nobody saw you singing and dancing?
You know, whenever I'd leave for the border. .
. .I'd worry about. .
. .what would become of my family if something happened to me.
But now I'm not worried.
If anything happens to me, I know. .
. .Tara and Sitara will look after my family.
I can't believe I found such good guys so easily.
Dear, I'm happy. .
. .that you've arranged Preeti's and Pinky's alliances.
But first ask Preeti's parents.
What is there to worry about? Take mother and go.
You won't find guys like this. Mother, go.
No! It's good news.
If this proposal comes from Ram Singh. .
Yes, but who are the guys?
Introduce us too. - Yes.
We'll introduce you right now. - Tara ! Sitara !
Don't be shy! Come here!
''One and one. ''
Greetings. - Greetings.
''One and one. ''
'The sage with bullets. '
The same height and built.
If they had beards, they'd look exactly like them.
Sister, remember those thugs who robbed my bank?
Those two and these two look very similar.
Brother, he thinks that we are robbers though. .
. .we are so well dressed.
If we were in the Indian traditional attire, what would they say?
Brother, I can't bear this. - I can !
Brother, we don't want such alliances.
You don't. But I do.
Is that so? - Yes.
Dear, I was not talking about you guys.
I was talking about them!
Again ! - One of them who looked just like you. .
. .tried to abduct my daughter.
Why do you keep abusing us? - Brother, could you please explain?
Brother, I said let's go. And you want to wait.
No! - I'm abusing them!
But we are feeling bad. - Yes!
Now why are you feeling bad?
Because their faces resemble ours.
I see! Sorry!
Tell me who the thief among you is.
We both are thieves! - No!
I mean, who is the thief who stole my daughter's heart.
Who is my son-in-law? That is me, sir. - Very good !
And I'm Ram Singh's man. - Okay.
How do you do? I was just checking the time.
This is my watch !
What? This is my watch. T for Tara.
No! This is T for Tikku.
This is Tara ! Next you'll say this S is yours!
This belongs to my wife!
S is for Sitara ! - S is for Sitara !
What a strange coincidence! - Tara and Sitara ! - Yes.
It is not a coincidence. We bought it. We have the receipt.
Come, dear. Let's have some sweets.
He insulted us. And now he wants to have sweets.
Let's go. Yes come on son. - Come. - Come.
Have some sweets.
I know everything. You make delicious sweets, don't you?
And you cook delicious cauliflower rolls too, don't you? - Yes.
How did you know? How did you know?
Why do you keep asking us?
We know everything. This is the hall. The bedroom is there.
There is a commode in the bathroom.
What? - The safe is there.
And there is a table too where everybody - Hold it!
I'm clean bowled.
We'll talk to Ram Singh and set a date for the engagement and wedding.
Yes, do it soon. Tikku, your car keys. - Okay.
Brother. - Yes.
Brother. Yes. - What happened?
Brother, I'm delighted.
This is the same car. Hey!
Why is he rotating on my bonnet?
Don't worry! He is happy. Let him be happy.
But I'm not happy.
I found it! I found it! - Brother!
Oh ! - You too!
Brother, open it fast.
Our money is here. - I'm doing it!
Hurry up!
Who is it?
Brother, your girl is here.
Sitara ! What? - Your gal is here.
You handle this. I'll handle her.
Good ! - What happened to you?
Fine. - What happened to you? - I'm shy. You guys go on.
I don't have any problem. - You've come to meet me so late at night.
What could I do? I found my heart after so many days.
Control your heart. It is a matter of only a few days.
No! Never!
I spent so many days without it.
Now I won't let it go! Right? - No. - Yes.
You guys please leave. Somebody may come.
Brother, it's open. - Is that so? Both the doors. Here and there.
Papa !
Who is it? Who is there?
Who is it?
Tara and Sitara ! What are you doing here?
This bag fell down. - So we were just putting it back.
We were just putting it back.
This is the same bag ! The robbers put the loot in this bag !
You guys found my money!
You guys found my bag. - Yes.
You guys are god for me!
Tara ! Sitara ! - Yes.
You guys belong to me! - Yes. - You guys are great!
Give me bag ! - You guys are great!
You are God to me! - You guys are my Gods! - Give me bag ! . .
''All the Majnus went away. ''
''All the Ranjhas went away. ''
''All the Majnus went away. ''
''All the Ranjhas went away. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''It is not heart and romance. ''
''You are not a friend. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''All the Majnus went away. ''
''Went away. '' ''Went away. ''
''All the Ranjhas went away. ''
''Went away. '' ''Went away. ''
''Don't say the names of those beloved ones. ''
''Don't say the names. ''
''Don't utter the name of those crazy lovers. ''
''Don't utter the name of those crazy lovers. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''It is not heart and romance. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''Now there is no coyness. ''
''Now there is no innocence. ''
''Remove the veil. ''
''It ruined the fun. ''
''Now there are no rituals or promises. ''
''Now there will be a great calamity. ''
''All the Lailas went away. ''
''Went away. '' ''Went away. ''
''All the Heers went away. ''
''Went away. '' ''Went away. ''
''Don't say Ramkali's name. ''
''Don't do that. '' ''Don't do that. ''
''Don't say Anarkali's name. ''
''Don't do that. '' ''Don't do that. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''It is not heart and romance. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''What do I say?''
''When to say?''
''Why to say?''
''How to say?''
''Call Romeo. ''
''Call Laila. ''
''Call Romeo. ''
''Call Juliet. ''
''Call Soni. '' - ''Call Mahiwal. ''
''Call Paro. '' ''Call Devdas. ''
''Who do I call?''
''Oh love. ''
''Get them. ''
''Love. ''
''Love is false. ''
''What is the use of this happiness?''
''Somebody breaks your heart. ''
''Somebody abandons you. ''
''One trusts and the other betrays. ''
''Oh no! The eyes feign love. ''
''All the Romeos went away. ''
''All went away. ''
''All the special people went away. ''
''All went away. ''
''Don't say Bulle Shah's name. ''
''Don't say name. ''
''Don't say Ramta's name either. ''
''No. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''It is not heart and romance. ''
''It is not love and affection. ''
''Your love is unfaithful. ''
''Love. ''
''Unfaithful love. ''
''Love. ''
''Love. ''
''Unfaithful love. ''
''Love. ''
''Love. ''
Brother, I can't believe it.
He looked like Cobra but.
You are a shameless guy!
We threw you down from such a height. And you're back again.
There was water.
There was no water or tree.
God was standing below. And he saved me.
But now you'll do what I want.
Why did god save him? - Ask god.
Why should we listen to you?
We only listen to one person. - Our mother.
Yes! - Your mother, talk to her.
Talk to her!
Brother, give it to me.
Hello. - Hello.
Hello mother. Mother, why are you crying?
Tara son, these idiots have kidnapped me.
Where are you guys?
Brother, mother is crying.
Mother, are you okay?
I don't know anything !
These guys didn't even give me anything to eat.
Stupids! - Mother!
Hello! - Listen.
These guns are futile!
Don't beat my brother! - Brother, no!
He has a gun as well as mother. Today is his day.
What is your problem?
What do you want? - Two things.
First, entry to Ram Singh's house.
Now it's up to you whether. .
. .you take me there as your paternal or maternal uncle.
I want to change my appearance.
I'm tired of this beard. And. .
. .am easily recognizable.
Much better!
But what was the need to bring all this?
It was necessary. These are auspicious gifts.
And I'm not a stranger. I'm the groom's uncle.
Uncle Nagraj. - He'll bite.
You guys didn't tell me that you've an uncle too.
How could we? He appeared just yesterday.
Actually when they both Were very small. .
. .I left for Africa on work. - Look. .
. .the sun has brightened up his face. - Yes.
By the way Ram Singh, both my nephews praise you a lot.
They say that you've nabbed hard core criminals.
Ram Singh, tell me something.
Criminals are caught and imprisoned. - Yes!
Where do you guys keep them? - You talk so much ! Have some sweets!
Nephews, I'm not asking about any big criminal.
I'm asking where you guys keep the prisoners.
Uncle, have some more sweets.
Let him ask. He is your uncle.
We keep such dangerous criminals in a special cell at our headquarters.
Special cell?
The security must be very tight. - What security!
Bombs are implanted There. Like this.
You mean. .
. .even my two nephews can't go there? - No!
Why not? They are our campus heroes! They saved my life.
And Tara is my future brother-in-law.
Everybody knows him.
He can go there whenever he wants.
You mean I can't go there?
No! - Why not?
The relatives of those working there can go anytime during duty hours.
Is that so? Wow!
It's good !
Ram Singh, I want to know another thing. - Have some more sweets.
Uncle, sorry. By mistake I gave you chilies.
Uncle, sorry. - God bless you.
Actually I like chilies a lot. - Is that so?
Then have another. - Now stop it!
He likes it very much.
Uncle, have one more.
Chhotu, you? - Yes.
You brought uncle with you too?
Yes, because he wanted to see the regiment.
Show him. - Uncle, go.
Thank you. - Uncle, come.
Uncle, did you see Chhotu's magic?
Yes! - Did you believe me now?
My status is no less than that of Ram Singh.
You are right. - If you came here alone. .
. .they would have thrown you out of the gate.
They wouldn't have let you in, even if you are Tara and Sitara's uncle.
Chhotu, you are right. - It's my magic.
Greetings, Chhotu.
They respect me.
As long as you are with me, there is no need to worry.
Just follow me.
Don't look here and there or they might shoot.
Walk straight, uncle.
Cobra !
Don't move! Hands up!
Don't shoot! I'm not an enemy! I'm a relative!
I'm Major Ram Singh's relative!
Uncle is there! - Stop it!
Thank god you're here, major.
Your men would have shot me.
Yes, they would have. This is a restricted area.
They have orders to shoot any stranger entering here.
By the way major, your security is very tight here. Why?
We keep a dangerous criminal Panther here.
Did you say Panther?
Hat dangerous criminal whose brother my nephews killed?
He threatened to escape from prison and kill my nephews.
Please - Don't worry, uncle.
He can't escape from here. - But. .
. . not only is the security here tight. .
. . but the key of his cell is always in the cupboard in my house.
So don't worry.
What? - Caught you, uncle!
What do you mean? - I know what your intention was, sneaking inside.
What intention? - To steal.
To steal? - Yes. Scared you, didn't I?
But you won't find anything there where you're going.
Where am I going? - To the kitchen. You are hungry, aren't you?
Kitchen? - You are hungry, aren't you?
I'm hungry. - I'll just get me a bite to eat.
People are sleeping. - Shall I get you something?
I'm not hungry. You may go.
Dad ! Mom!
Dad ! Mom!
What happened?
Your mummy and daddy are sleeping. Let them sleep.
Tomorrow I've to leave for school early.
And if I didn't take my fees from them, my teacher will kill me
Then take it from mummy's purse. But let them sleep.
You too!
I don't know where mom keeps the purse!
Mummy always leaves the cupboard open !
He locked me in !
Did you check properly?
The purse is inside the cupboard. - I'm telling you.
Lower your voice. - It's not there.
You yourself check. - Sure?
Yes. - If I find the purse, then just wait.
Look! Sister-in-law kept the purse right here!
What is this, Mottu?
I didn't see it.
Do you see anything besides food?
You can find sweets anywhere.
Tara. - Yes, Sitara.
That Cobra has disappeared.
Must be in the bathroom. - He is not there.
He must be hiding in the bathroom.
Get up! - What's the matter, brother Sitara !
Let me sleep! What's the problem?
I'm scared. - Scared? Why?
I'm afraid that Cobra may have gone to let Panther out.
That is good news because the. .
. .security people will shoot him, that. .
Mouse. - Not mouse. Brother, I'm saying. .
Mouse. - Brother, mouse!
No, nephews. If I died. .
. .who'd tell you your mother's whereabouts?
Tell me where did you disappear in the dead of the night?
To make this key.
Brother, doesn't this key look odd?
Not odd, but familiar.
Brother, we have broken so many locks.
It must be the key of one of them.
This is the key to my brother Panther's freedom.
Why did he give us the key?
Explain why you threw the key on our face?
Brother, I'll tell you.
Brother I think he threw the key. . - Why did you throw it?
Because you two will use this key to. .
. . let my brother Panther out tonight.
Why would we release your brother Panther?
Because if you don't, then tomorrow the sun will rise. .
. . but your mother won't be able to see it.
Hey! You are - Brother, mouse!
No problem we'll do it for our mother.
Shake hands. - Hey.
What are you doing? Put down the torch.
Tara, you? - Who else, you?
Can you be here and there too?
Sir is sleeping inside. Open the gate.
Sorry, sir. Open the barrier, Jassi. Quickly.
''One and one. '' ''One and one. ''
''It's eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One. One. ''
''One. One. ''
'' 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. .
. . 8. 9. 10. And 1. ''
Mr. Ram Singh's car? - Sir has just arrived.
At this hour?
Shall I wake up this stupid? - Do it with love.
I will. Shall I wake him up? - Please.
Wake up. Brother, he is not responding
Is he dead? - Talk auspiciously.
I'll try. - Please.
Brother Panther, are you dead?
You guys will die! Panther will kill you both !
Now you guys can't escape!
Tara and Sitara?
We are helpless.
Unshackle me.
Brother. - Yes.
I found a truck driver. - Okay.
We have to leave in an hour. - Brother, where will we go?
Where the truck takes us.
You know we don't have a home.
I know, brother. But. .
But brother we have committed a grave crime.
What happened to her?
What happened, mother? - I'm responsible for the crime.
You guys endangered your lives to save me.
Give me the wafer.
Even a real son wouldn't love me so much. - What real son?
You hurt us talking like this.
Brother, have we ever thought of her as anything but our real mother?
Oh mother, listen to us.
Mother, not just one life. .
. .we would lay down 10 lives for you.
Talking. - Obviously! Nonsense!
Don't say that!
What's the matter?
Sir, we want to ask you some questions.
Excuse me. I can't say anything. - Sir, just one question.
Sir, we heard that you've been suspended.
I told you I can't answer any questions. - Sir, please.
Two wanted criminals stayed at your house for so many days. .
. .and you didn't suspect that they were on a mission to get Panther out?
You are a senior officer handling such an important post.
How could you've been deceived, sir?
Apart from being an officer, I'm an Indian too.
And we Indians have a big weakness.
We are emotional.
We share our food with some poor. .
. . person at our doorstep, without asking if he's hungry.
We give shelter to a helpless person in need of help. .
. .without knowing what is in his heart.
I was blind.
I wanted to marry Tara.
How could I know the man I wanted to marry. .
. .would ruin my brother's life?
'Tara and Sitara were compelled to. .
. . let Panther out to save their mother. '
'But poor Ram Singh had to pay the price. '
'Somebody said it right. '
'One man does the deed and another pays has to pay for it. '
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
All this while you've been our strength.
Now we are yours. We all are here for you.
Dad when I scored low marks in my exams. .
. .or when I fared poorly in sports. .
. .you would always tell me. .
. .that a soldier's son must never lose courage.
But today, when the very person who gives you strength loses hope. .
. .what will become of us, dad?
Son !
Your father has never lost hope. And he never will.
I've never let my enemies escape.
What I regret is that. .
. .the enemy was living in my house and I didn't realize.
No, sir! No!
Sir, I'm the culprit!
No, Chhotu !
Before they came here they deceived me. .
. . into revealing everything about this house.
Sir, this is the punishment for my crime. Shoot me!
No, Chhotu ! - Kill me!
Chhotu !
I'll kill both of them.
They betrayed all of us.
Stupid !
I'll kill you.
Brother, did he shoot you? - I'm fine.
Then who was shot?
Tara. - Yes, brother.
We came to explain the situation to them. - Yes.
And he started shooting before we could explain. - Could you explain?
Brother, I think these ups and downs in our lives. .
Ram Singh, before shooting you should have heard us out.
I don't want to listen !
Don't move or I'll shoot!
Mother, come here. - Yes.
I request you to come. - Brother, go back.
Dear. - Yes, brother.
You are hurting me.
Why? - You are kidnapping me.
Brother, I'm so sorry.
Don't move or I'll shoot!
I'll shoot the old lady.
Dad, save grandma. - Have patience, son.
Hey, fatso!
Even your father can't save your grandma !
Understand? - Father.
Don't say anything to dad ! - Be patient.
Sir! I swear on god I'll die. .
. . but I won't let anybody harm you !
Keep quiet! You won't let anybody harm him!
You have 1 mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.
You want to die without getting them married?
I swear on my mother. - Stupid !
Your sisters will languish unmarried !
And I'll see how you'll not get your mother married.
Don't try to act smart. - And no slyness. Mother, no.
I'll listen to you and do whatever you say.
Just let my mother go.
See how worried you got?
Brother, with mothers it's like that.
You became helpless because of your mother.
We were helpless too. - Yes.
That Cobra kidnapped our mother and forced us to release Panther.
If we hadn't freed Panther that. .
Fool ! - Stupid idiot!
Idiot! - Dupe!
Continue the story.
He would have killed our mother.
How could we have caused the death of the mother who gave us life?
Tara, no!
Take it easy.
What can I do?
Give me the gun. - What is the problem?
Just for a moment. - Okay.
Ram Singh, we played this charade to make you realise.
If you still don't trust me. - Yes.
Then take the gun and shoot us. - Brother, what are you doing?
If you want to give the gun, give it to mother.
Mother is very kind.
Ram Singh is a son.
Ram Singh, forgive us.
Circumstances forced us to do evil.
But we are not bad people.
Ram Singh, we never intended to hurt anybody.
Give us another chance.
We released Panther. And we'll bring him back!
Brother, this is not a minor thing. - Is that so?
Yes. I'll tell you something else too.
Ram Singh, you lost your reputation. .
. .and your family's happiness because of us.
We'll give it all back to you.
This is not a minor thing.
Mr. Ram Singh, just give us another chance.
That's all.
I know that you are telling the truth.
Go, I give you another chance.
Pinky. - Yes.
That day I watched your interview.
You said you went blind.
Then how could you have seen a nice, handsome guy like me?
I request you to marry me.
Tara. - No?
Tara. - Yes.
She is shy. It implies yes.
What? - Yes.
Thank you.
Ms. Pinky, call up Preeti and tell her. .
. .that her Sitara has been reformed.
And call yourself too.
Your Tara has also reformed.
One minute.
Hey! I called you fatso!
Brother, he is fat. No need to flatter him. - You !
Brother. - Yes.
We talked big inside, but where will we find Panther?
Brother. - Yes.
You talked so courageously too. - Yes.
Family's happiness. - Yes.
We'll bring back the family's reputation.
Yes, brother. What can I do?
I'm a Punjabi. So I'm bound to get excited.
Then what to do?
Brother. - Yes.
Mother showed us that way.
Mother will show us this way too.
I said !
Tara and Sitara, the two rascals - What are you saying, mother?
Those two rascals brought me here.
Mother, you are great! You've brought us to the enemy's den.
Mothers are like that.
Mother! - Enough !
This is not the time to get emotional. It is the time for action.
Both of you go and fulfill your promise.
Mother, you give the address of this place to Ram Singh.
Meanwhile we'll kill the enemies. - Brother!
Mother! Mother, you learned to drive? - Yes!
I'm so excited !
Get up! - Brother, mother learned to drive.
Mothers are like that. - Yes.
Ram Singh. Panther.
I was leaving your country.
I thought I would bid you a final farewell.
Ram Singh, you were so arrogant because you are a police officer.
Now you'll lead a life of disgrace.
In prison, you asked so many questions.
This is Panther's final answer.
Did you fit the land mines everywhere? - Yes.
Did you implant the bomb? - Yes, sir.
Good !
When we leave, we should leave no traces behind.
Okay! - Brother!
Yes! - We've loaded the luggage! Let's go.
''When you miss the car. ''
''Then 1, 2, 3, it happens. ''
Stop the car!
Follow them.
Brother. - Yes.
Brother, today I'm very happy. - Why?
Brother, without any bloodshed or war. - Right.
We have done something great for the country. - Very Good.
Brother, today I cry tears of happiness.
Don't be too happy.
I'm feeling very emotional ! - Drive carefully.
Let me cry, brother. - I know!
Overtake the car!
No! Fool !
Brother, there are two paths ahead.
Should I take the left turn or the right turn?
Brother, for the first time in life we did the right thing. - Yes.
So take the right turn, brother.
Brother, look how he will fall. Here I take the turn.
His leg is flying !
''One, one, one. ''
Brother, today I'm very excited. - Why?
Brother, Ram Singh will be happy and give his consent for the wedding.
And after that sister-in-law and Pinky.
And we'll have children. I'm so happy!
Don't be so happy. You're making me sad.
Brother. - Yes.
Again there are two paths ahead. Do I go left or right?
Brother, when the future is bright. - Yes, brother.
I think you should take another right.
Brother, what a saying ! Go straight then turn right!
Brother, I'm excited about another thing.
Don't get so excited.
Just drive please
Brother, please hear me out. - No! You drive!
Okay, brother.
Brother, when everything is right. - Yes, brother.
Take another right. - Okay, brother! Another right!
I say, brother! - Are we back at the same place?
Brother, you told me to go right, but you brought. .
. . us to the wrong place.
A person reaches the right place at the right time in life.
Not yours, but my time is right.
Nab these jokers!
''This is a strange story. ''
''It ended where it started. ''
''In my heart. . '' - Don't sing.
When the future is bright, take another right.
Look where you brought us. - You were driving the car.
But who said which turn to take?
''Neither he nor I could understand. ''
''These destinations. '' Don't say anything !
Stop this nonsense!
It is not nonsense! So don't tell us to stop it!
This man always does the wrong thing and puts me in trouble.
Is that so? I make mistakes? - Yes.
Brother, you ask brother Cobra.
Who shot him in the leg? - He!
Hang on ! - What was the need to say that?
You put me into trouble again.
I accept that I had shot, but who made the gun?
Hang on !
What was the need to say that?
Fine! Who thrashed you? Ask him!
Chhote. - He! He!
Hang on !
You were pouncing on me so I forgot.
What was the need to say that?
Yes! - I remember! Fine. I kicked him.
Ask him who gave him the final push?
Chhote, who kicked you? - Who?
Who kicked you?
Who kicked you?
We both did ! We'll kick again !
Brother! Run !
They both kicked me! - Chhote, I won't spare them!
Nab them!
Brother! Bomb! Hit them!
Brother. - Yes.
I threw the bomb. Where did it disappear?
Brother, why didn't it explode?
Brother. - Yes.
Is it in your collar?
Remove it fast. Check it!
Is it with you? Don't worry.
I'll help. Don't worry.
It's there!
Brother, I found it!
Brother, let's play football with it.
We haven't played football for a long time. Brother, let's play.
Brother, come on ! Yes,
Brother! Kick it!
Brother, I'm David Beckham.
I'm David Beckham.
No, brother! I'm David Beckham.
What are they doing?
They are playing with the bomb.
Don't play alone.
Fine, brother. You are David Beckham. I'm Ronaldo.
Ronaldo! - Take the pass.
I'm Ronaldo! - Brother, you are Ronaldo. .
. .and David Beckham too! This is cheating !
Brother, they will thrash us! Beat them!
Beat them!
Take this!
''Tara and Sitara. ''
''Yes. ''
''They killed the enemy. ''
''Yes. '' Brother, let's go! - Come!
Find them!
Where are they? - They must be hiding somewhere.
They must be nearby? - Find them!
Where can they go? - Go!
Brother. - Yes.
We got into the tank and shut it.
But do you know how to use it?
Are you mad? I don't know how to ride a cycle!
And you talk about the tank!
Brother, why are you getting angry?
I'm talking rubbish because I'm very excited.
When I was small I rode a handcart. Let me try.
They are in the tank!
Get them out!
Brother. - Oh, no!
Brother, what is going on?
What is going on? Is it a mixer? - What's going on?
Brother, radio station ! Brother, listen !
We'll hear some news. - Hello.
Kill them! Don't spare them!
What happened?
He said don't spare them!
We're dead. - Brother, I'm very scared !
Brother, number!
Brother, have you ever gambled? - Yes. A lot.
Brother, choose a lucky number.
Hang on !
Brother, something has happened !
We're inside. Still they are attacking from outside.
Brother, choose your number.
One and one equals eleven.
Yes, hang on.
Brother! It broke! - Oh no!
Explode it!
Brother, remember mother taught us that. .
. .when nothing else works, prayers work. - You are right.
Come on. Let us pray.
Bsrother, god heard our prayers.
Brother. - I think.
We played football with it, didn't we?
Let's play catch. - Come on, brother.
Brother, remember that when we kicked it, it exploded.
Really? This is the same thing.
You hold it. - You hold it.
You ! - Not me!
Throw it there. - Okay.
Oh god ! What happened?
Brother. - Yes. Brother.
Should we make another sound? - What?
Let's press the tank button. Something will happen.
Brother, again something exploded.
Hey, Kasim! It is my car! Kasim!
''One and one adds to eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and one. ''
Run !
''My friend. ''
Brother, you said you couldn't ride a cycle.
Then how do you know to control the tank?
Brother. - Yes.
You need balance on a cycle, but not for this.
Brother, can you explain? - Brother I don't know.
Brother, I know you don't know but explain anyway.
''We'll exhibit such magic. ''
''The whole world will watch. ''
''We both are unique. ''
''There is nobody like us. ''
''There is nobody. - Like us. ''
''And there will never be anybody like us. ''
Run ! - ''One and one add up to eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
'' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and one. ''
Run ! Let's go there!
''One and one add up to eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
Come on, let's run this way.
Run !
''You don't know. ''
''Your death is near. '' - Stop the tank.
''An inauspicious thing is about to happen. ''
''Count the days on your fingers. ''
'' 1. 2. 3. 4. ''
''5. 6. 7. 8. ''
'' 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1. ''
Brother, where did they go?
Brother, who did this? Ram Singh came? - I don't know.
Brother! - Yes!
Brother! Cobra !
Take this. - Brother, you take it!
My aim is not good. You do it. - I don't have any aim.
Let's both do it. - Okay, brother.
Brother, again I shot his leg. - Oh my god !
Again my leg ! Brother!
Thrash them! How long will I pamper you?
Brother! - Panther!
Nobody can bind Panther!
I'll not spare you two!
Brother, Panther is running. What should we do?
Let him go! He is very happy!
Brother, I don't think he'll be happy like this.
Because Ram Singh is going to break his bones.
Ram Singh !
Won't you bet like that day?
15 punches.
Today only one punch.
Only one for Panther?
Brother Tara.
Yes, brother Sitara.
What do Tara and Sitara mean?
Explain !
Brother, you know that I can't explain to you.
Still I'll try.
Brother, I think Tara and Sitara refers to. .
. .those who live in darkness themselves. .
. . but spread light to the whole world.
For the first time you explain without hesitation. - Brother.
Brother for the first time we did a good deed.
But brother, one thing stabs at my heart.
Ram Singh's family didn't even try to stop us.
You are leaving without telling me.
If we told you, would you have stopped us?
I would have given you a lift to the station.
No need for that. We have legs.
We can walk. We don't need a lift.
I've arranged for horses for you two. - What!
Look there.
''Let us burn in youth's flame. ''
''Let us melt like a candle. ''
''Let us sway like crazy men. ''
''Let us fall and then get a grip on ourselves. ''
''Nobody is. . ''
''There is nobody like us, beloved. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one add up to eleven. ''
'For the first time Tara and Sitara realized
that philosopher's stone can turn stone into gold. '
'When they teamed up for the good of humanity and their country. .
. .they got a house, wife and a good life. '
'But whether their innate natures and old habits. .
. .changed or not, even they can't guarantee. '
''One and one doesn't add up to two. ''
''Those who laugh never cry. ''
''Those who are awake never sleep. ''
''They don't lose their identity. ''
''Wherever they see an enemy, they hit him. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one is eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''One and one. ''
''One and one is eleven. ''
''My friend. ''
''They don't flow with time. ''
''They don't say much but don't stay silent either. ''
''They don't tolerate injustice. ''
''This world. . ''
''This world has lost to them, my friend. ''
One and one is eleven my friend. ''