Truth about food poisoning

Uploaded by NSWFoodAuthority on 12.11.2012

Want to know the truth why they're always brought up when we vomit?
Well first, learn the truth about food poisoning.
It all starts with a little contamination.
You may not know if the preparation was unhygienic
the food was stored at incorrect temperatures
or the meal was undercooked
A range of factors cause food poisoning
Symptoms can vary
Some take time to show
and it's not always caused by the last thing you ate.
Vomiting could be caused by any meal eaten in the previous eight hours.

Diarrhoea can start anywhere from
four hours to three days after eating contaminated food. Whatever the course,
food poisoning is serious
So reduce the risks by following a few simple rules.
Keep it cold
keep it clean
Keep it hot
Always check the label. And if in doubt
throw it out
Oh, and those carrots? Truth is, they're not carrots, but small lumps of orange coloured
Learn more about the reality of food poisoning
and if you're worried about symptoms, please see your doctor.