212 VIP | Webshow season 2 | Episode 1

Uploaded by 212VIPFragrance on 08.11.2012

I was born in Barcelona,
and we've always been really close to the fashion world.
I had some free time, and decided to start a blog.
I mean, friends and such were telling me -- "Come on!
Start a blog! You travel a lot... So many stories... Do it!"
My blog is different from others,
since besides fashion, my blog deals a lot with travel.
Or I'd do it here, walking, you know?
Oh, she's great. She's a model.
So I never have to tell her what to do. She just does it!
I wanted to show you this, because it's super cute.
Super cute. This shirt here's a little crazy.
I'm not one of those bloggers like, "Hang on, I've gotta put on makeup,
my 6-inch heels," totally perfect and flawless.
I mean, in my blog I'm always in flats,
because I just don't wear heels in my day-to-day life in SoHo.
I've got a whole closet the size of this room.
I talk to brands that want to promote their stuff,
I check out their lookbooks and pick out what I like
I don't know how I wind up going to openings.