[News:: 6.Jan.2013] The Syrian Revolution in 90 Seconds

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- Al-Masar Media presents
- the Syrian Revolution in 90 seconds
- Bashar Al-Assad Deliver his speech and it is the first one of it's kind after last July and says:
- any phase transition should be Through the Constitution
- and he presented three stages offer the first one calls
- to bind the Regional countries from supporting the armed people financially with the stop of gunfire
- that will lead to the stop of the military operations
- about the second phase to the solution
- includes calling the national government to host a convention to national dialogue
Resulting to the formation of a Board to prepare a new constitution and put it to referendum
The third phase of the initiative include the formation of a new government According to the new constitution and hold a conference for dialogue
Issuing a general amnesty, he also thanked Russia, China and Iran for their support and because they stood by him .
Syrian activists reported that Assad militias deliberately implement Field executions against civilians after their arrest
And said that they intensifies their storming and bombing to towns and villages across Syria
And that militias stormed the village of Turkmen Tasneem North-west of the city of Homs
And killed 8 people
Free Syrian Army continue his blockade to the military airport In Deir al-Zour and also frees a security headquarter
Activists said mortar shell fall on Bab Touma neighborhood In downtown Damascus
Without pointing that there was any casualties.
While activists announced that the shell landed near George Khoury Square in Kassa'a area
And led to many damages