Curing Olives

Uploaded by groworganic on 12.12.2012

hi Im Tricia an organic gardener and I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply
for a clean and sustainable environment
for an enjoyable and rewarding experience
Olives are tasty and nutritious
and if you've ever eaten a raw olive you know that they must be cured before eating
theres several ways to cure olives
lye, a dry salting or lactic fermentation using a brine
and the lactate fermentation is the way we're going to demonstrate today
today ill be making greek style brined olives
for this style of olives start with either all green or all-black ripe olives
it is helpful to select olives of a similar size for a more even curing
discard olives that are bruised or scarred
as far as the supplies that youll need at least a court but preferably
bigger container made of glass, plastic, or ceramic
i'm using this "Harsch" fermenting crock
a gallon size pot for mixing the brine
ripe olives and an ample amount of pickling salt
start off by putting the olives into the crock
the ratio of salt to make the brine is three-quarters of a cup for every gallon
of water
a third of the total water that your going to use for the brine
needs to be hot
so that the salt will dissolve faster
then add the cool water after the salt dissolves
before you add your brine to the olives put in your weight stones
put a little cork plug so that the olives dont float up through the hole
now it's time to add the brine
make sure the brine cover the olives completely
ive moved my crock to an undisturbed location
and i'm gonna let it sit here for about a week between sixty and eighty degrees
after a week you can mix up a second stronger brine
using one-and-a-half cups of salt per gallon of water
drain off the first weaker brine and then add the strong brine
this time
we're gonna add a little bit of water
into the reservoir
this will prevent the growth of yeast on your olives while still allowing gas from
inside the crock to bubble out
for bitter olives
let them stay in the crock
for about two months in the brine
taste them, if they taste good to you
you can eat them right out of the crock in the brine
if you want them a little bit milder
drain the brine
and new brine and let them set for another month
and then again you can eat them right in the brine
you dont have to live in Greece
to have greek olives
so cure some olives and grow organic for life!