The Taste of Tea / 茶の味 (Full movie with English subtitles) PART 2

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He's singing?
Yes He also wrote the song
Why is he asking Ayano then?
'Cause he's a pro?
That's way too much trouble And not his style
Well, they did fall out before Grandpa!
See, you're choking!
Leave the tomatoes! Why don't you take a bath? Huh?
Hello? It's me Stop hassling Ayano
None of your business, brother
But I'm serious too
What's wrong with a manga artist making a CD?
It's not for sale just a private thing
A birthday gift for myself
Yeah, yeah, yeah
But that's between Ayano and me
And it's been settled
Financially With money
It won't cause you any trouble
Eh? I see Okay I'll call him directly
Gimme a break and shut the fuck up!
What? Are you stupid? Yeah, I'm listening
Hey, don't transfer any money!
'Cause I'm not gonna do it! Mixing your birthday song?
Do it yourself, asshole! No, I'm telling you not to
If you transfer it, I'll use it, but I ain't mixing shit for you
Whatever, dickhead! I'm hanging up
I swear to God I'm deleting this
Um, I can play the keyboards
Good enough for a demo
Yes Why don't we make the demo first,
send it to Ayano, and then ask him if he'll do it?
And the chorus?
I can sing too
And dance? Dance?
You're hot water I know
That birthday song of his Wonder what it's like
Your feelings, your heart The comfort you offer
For you are hot water For you are hot water
Hey, hurry up!
Move it!
You filthy bastards!
Don't get dirt on it
We won't
I'm starving
Dumplings at Sudo's, bro?
Sudo's? Closed already The old gal closes up early
I wouldn't mind Ran Ran's dumplings
Ran Ran, now that's a plan We haven't eaten there in ages
My treat Let's go
Oh Yeah!
Don't you dare leave stains!
So this is the red elephant, discovered by Poliades the 13th
Look carefully at its tail At the tip, where it's curled
When an elephant's tail is curled, it suggests that in its next life
Haruno, are you listening? Eyes over here, please
In its next life, it'll become something with natural perm Okay?
The curly tail will be passed on This'll be in the exam
It's been raining since morning The baby fox was lazing about
'Why don't I write a letter?' But he saw Rabbit and Raccoon yesterday
'I know! I'll write to Mouse '
'I haven't seen her for days '
She hurt her leg and can't go outside
So I'm lying there and suddenly
Like this
See the difference? He's amazing
That's beautiful
A true master
Please eat eat
Go ahead
Thank you
You know this is my last night
Will you do that for me?
Inhale Together with me
Inhale Exhale
Now Look at this
Stare at the light Stare
You're blinking more than usual
And your eyelids are becoming heavier, but that's fine
Becoming heavier And heavier
And finally they become so heavy, they close,
and stay that way
You've now reached a very deep place
It feels very good there
A place that belongs to you alone, where nobody can bother you
You can only hear the sound of my voice
You'll be able to hear nothing else
I will now remain silent for a while
'The Jungle girl who shocked the nation!!'
'Discovered in the wild 13 years ago!!'
'Brace yourselves, 'cos she's back!!'
'As a comedian!!'
You can turn it up now
You sure?
They can only recognize my normal voice
Who is this?
Jungle girl turned comedian
hello, we're Tokyo Dombi Combi!!
Look at her, everyone!! She used to live in the jungle!!
Unbelievable, right? I mean, she looks just like the girl next door
I used to be like a saber toothed tiger!!
Wrong cue, partner
Well, at least you can tell this is really a live show!!
So, um, as to why I decided to team up with her
A saber toothed tiger!!
So, um
'Please Wait a Moment '
I totally experienced a new world
A new world?
Space rushing towards me like crazy, blinding my vision
And I was mixing I might be the real deal!
You already are
The real Shit Nobuo! I feel embarrassed!
Well mine had some cool moves
Your tea
It was like a 3 D burst of colors right from here!
I know!
It felt great!
Then what happens?
Then I become a part of it, and nothing matters anymore
It's not about what happens next
Well, it's somehow liberating to assimilate with that world
Probably because it belongs to my subconscious I think
It might be hard for you to understand, because it's my world
Even I don't get it
Just like so many other things in this world, yes?
Do you know what I mean?
Please give it back
What? Isn't this it?
Give it back!
These please
Hey, Uchi
Check this out
A book on Go
This one too
Um what is it?
You're in first year?
You like Go?
Join our Go club I'm the president, and he's
The vice president
But I
You're not a member of The Nihon Ki in?
Are you in cram school?
Any extra curricular activities?
Then join us Which class?
Class 3
Same as Aoi
All set then See you after school
Be there!
We met him in the library
I like these poses, they're good
You don't see stuff like this nowadays I like it a lot
But something's not quite right yet
No, really Like this one? It's good This is the way it should be
Oh, yes
But this one's awesome too
But it has to be like this, you see
Not this?
This this then this
This then this
I wanted to make it a bit more masculine
And Grandpa won't look at them?
Not recently, no Even today, he went out to see my brother in law
And he knew you were coming
Ah but that sounds like him
Does it?
Your brother in law is Ikki Todoroki right?
Yeah, the manga artist
I'm a fan
Last thing he'd want to hear He's a bit weird, just like Grandpa
Hey, you're in the frame
Looks good
How's this?
Looks totally real
Hey, what happened little girl?
That area's off limits
What's the matter?
Mud man
Mud man?!
You beat me
You're good
Where did I go wrong?
With this move?
Thought so
Another game?
I have to go home
Take care
I should've moved this Hajime?
I'm alive!
Here use this
Thank you
You can keep it
Sorry Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
I'm so sorry
Don't mention it Mr Yasuda
Thank you Thank you
Then what happened?
He ran off, crying
He sure is something!
If I couldn't eat for three days, I'd die of sheer hunger
That's why you're impressed?
What's wrong?
Y'know, you're really something too
I agree
I'm home
He's back
We have guests?
What a dumb song
Nah take it out
What was that?
My stupid relative made it
Sorry about it
No problem
It's got no vocals yet?
Get me the schedule sheet
Back to work?
After a break
Ayano, why did you become a sound mixer?
Well it's more like why shouldn't I, y'know?
Good enough answer?
Ayano, the Mixer
And you? How's your wife?
My wife?
My wife's fine
I haven't seen her recently
Close the door man
What's Chiba Gas?
Chiba Gas? Oh that's Chiba Gas
Chiba Gas as in Chiba Gas?
It's, y'know
Oh that one!
One half ass job after another
Book that period
And you're assisting, Sabu
Thank you
Right, ready to give it a shot?
A shot?
A shot man!
Roger, my ass!
And the title?
'Oh Mountain'
'Oh Mountain'?
3 Days Later
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Moun moun moun Mountain Mountain Mountain
Mo un tain
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
The mountain is alive The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
Oh, my mountain, Oh, my mountain The mountain is alive
The mountain is alive, mountain is alive The mountain is alive
The mountain is alive!!
Listen to it long enough and your brain will melt
They're like perverted aliens from some unknown world
Hey, wanna trust me with this track?
It's platinum disc material
You're nuts
There's a white wall
A white wall
Observe it and give me more details
It goes on, forever and ever
It's tall and in front of me, on my sides, behind me, extending into infinity
And you where are you in this white world of yours?
I'm floating in the air
Wearing this white bodysuit thingy something sort of fitted
thin and translucent over my whole body
with something cute and fluffy, like bunny ears on my head
And I'm floating in the air
That sounds nice
Very, very nice
Where's dad? At my brother's again?
He's in his room, working
Working? On what?
We aren't to look
And that stupid song? Is that finished?
Ayano sent us a copy of the CD Complete with a bonus video
Is it any good?
Gave me a headache
Did you watch it?
I liked it
I'll listen to it when I have time
But given the choice
I kinda liked it
What about it?
It's more cool than weird and it stays in your head
It was sorta cool
What is it?
Oh c'mon
What is it?
Hey, wait!
We've gotta go
Yeah, it's starting
A bit more?
Tanaka's turned green
Green! Just remember it!
Rain check?
Didn't he say purple?
They left
Maybe I should go too
A game?
Five handicap?
To a good game To a good game
It was my dream to play Go with you like this
Then let's play everyday
I'd like that
Good day?
How long have you been there?
Not telling
Will you pay attention? It goes in here
Not there
And close this
Hi everyone
The director has arrived
Sorry I'm late
In a minute
It's not working well
Last of today's dailies!
Running time?
About two minutes
Wow, that's long!
Right then, everybody please take a seat And close all the curtains please
All of them Tightly No lights please I want pitch black
Everybody ready?
Wrong seat, Yoshiko
I'm fine here
These are your drawings Go upfront!
Must listen to the director
This sequence is all yours?
It's Yoshiko's world full on!
I want sound and effects!
We'll improvise on the spot!
Make it good, guys!
I'm psyched!
Here we go!
Lights off!
I'm already liking this
Scene 64: Tired
Aw Aw That hurt!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
Awesome timing!
This is great!
Oh and here he comes!
Man he's wicked!
Gattai King!
Super Big!
Super Big!
Take this! Take this!
God, they're SMALL!!
And flat!
And it's Marimari!
That was fantastic!
Lights on!
Welcome back!
Thank you
What did you think?
Absolutely wonderful! Your movements are tops!
Thank you so much I'm relieved!
It was a great opportunity you gave me
And with advice from my master/Grandpa,
I was able to gradually get back in form
And now I feel like I could have a family and also be an animator
I did it!
And it was a lot of fun! Drawing's where the joy is
Yes that's what
Anime's about!
No doubt about it!
Just a moment, please
Wait a sec Yes?
I see an angel It's telling me I'm okay
That's good
It's a hair dryer
Oh, um, well I'm going to take this call right now
So you go ahead and have fun with your angel dryer friend, okay?
Hi, sorry What is it?
Is that right?
The director too?
And another job offer? That's great news!
What a comeback!
Of course I'm happy for you I'm behind you, 100%%%
Dad? Yeah, you're right We need to thank him as well
A nice dinner out the three of us? I know I know I will ask him
Okay then, see you later Bye
On the count of three you'll come back to reality
One two three
How do you feel?
Good, I guess
Good, good Now let me put this back
You know, my angel was
a telephone
Boss, could you
Thank you very much
Everything has been taken care of
If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us
Here is the key we borrowed
Good bye
Wow So this is what it looked like!
Wow cool
Smell's like him
We look young
Wow! So young
Your granny
Hey, what is it?
Is that you?
They're all the same
What is it?
So that's what he was up to
You're walking!
That's good
That's really good
This is yours, dad
Here goes
You're running
It's Hajime
No it's not
Must be
I don't run like that
Oops, fell down
But keeps going
Do you remember?
No, it must be Hajime
It's not me
It must be when you were a kid
Wait a sec Me? This?
Hey, do mine
Well I'll be it is me
You're on a bike
That one's Hajime's?
Definitely Hajime
Ooh, I'm wobbling!
Can I see?
And Sachiko's?
That's hers?
It's summer Sunflowers
A horizontal bar and
Look at her go!
A backflip
She does it!
A backflip
A perfect backflip
Why d'you think I'm a kid here?
Game's just begun
There's nothing to see
And I'm already lost
I'm gonna go here
Then I'll go here
Ooh, that's good, but what about here?
Hey, Sabu
Take a break
Written, Directed & Edited by KATSUHITO ISHII