Temple Health - Broad and Beyond

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< < < of enthusiasm here, not just among the physicians but among the nursing staff and among the
people who work here. < in the vibe at Temple and a renewed interest in Temple.
< are all coming together at the same time. < of investment. < Chase and Temple is really exciting. < time in the history of Temple. < no doubt. < attracting people who are at the – at the top of their field; outstanding individuals
who are doing some things that are not being done at other places.
< metabolic diseases. < Temple was the ability to have a tremendous impact on kidney disease research as well
as taking care of the community. < a robotic center of excellence that is recognized on a national or international level.
< that you need. < overall, and that’s created a buzz of energy here that will make it easy for us to bring
in an influx of high-quality researchers, scientists, and clinicians.
< < < to bring that science to the care of patients. < great history here in Philadelphia. < storied history. It was founded more than 75 years ago. It was one of the real pioneers.
One of the distinguishing features is this expertise in both epigenetics and cancer biology.
< and the same mission, not only just to the community but to each other.
< Things like access to care, being able to keep people well and out of the emergency
room, in fact. >>Dr. Karlin Jeanes Hospital has always had
a commitment to the community. We are partners with the community and will always have a
commitment to provide healthcare here. >>Dr. Goldberg So we have a mission of service
to this community as well as a significant mission of education to our residents and
our students, and if you ask anybody what's Temple known for, it's for the types of residents
and students that leave here and go all over the nation taking care of patients and educating
and passing that on. I would put our medical students up against any other student or any
other resident in the nation. < that have been built here by building great clinical programs, by building research programs
that are outstanding. < a center where we have multiple robots being used to perform all sorts of cutting-edge
surgery, not only in neurology but also in GYN and cardiac and ENT, as well as colorectal.
I think that Temple will become the dominant robotic player in the region.
< a hot-bed of science and translational research in the country.
< to centralize the mission on advancing urban health not only here in the Philadelphia area
but nationally and globally. < for translational medicine here at Temple is to move things from what we do in science
to the clinic and do clinical trials. Temple's going to be a site of one of the more exciting
stem cell therapies for ischemic heart disease. We have identified a gene product that we
can deliver to the heart, and it makes the heart beat stronger. This trial is going to
be a transformative therapy. < is it also carries the possibilities of cures. It carries possibilities of managing many
diseases of aging including cancer. The synergies in that expertise are going to lead us to
be nationally recognized as one of the groups that moves this therapy to the clinic.
>>Dr. Horowitz There’s a whole new world that’s opening up. We have molecules to
successfully treat cancer that didn’t even exist 5 years ago. We can treat a person and
they have almost no side effects. < lies on our ability to educate the next generation of physicians, so I am passionate about my
mission to work with medical students, residents, and fellows to give them the best model of
how to give the best care. < over the past year has been the addition of the Fox Chase Cancer Center. It will be truly
transformational for Temple to have one of the 40 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer
centers. >>Dr. Horowitz The relationship between Fox
Chase and Temple allows us to do more. Taking new technologies, new medicines, new surgical
techniques, new radiation techniques, creating new ways to effectively treat cancer.
< < >>Dr. Karlin Temple Health has positioned us for success with high technological capabilities,
superior subspecialties. < really been the best thing that has ever happened to me professionally.
< cardiothoracic surgery programs in the country. < and the best robotic operating rooms in the world.
< < < is where it all started. < do, what we can be. We're poised to do some great things.