Os Barbixas - Improvável - Estilos (Marcio Ballas, Omar Argentino e Marco Gonçalves)

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"Dramatic Styles"!
Dani and Marcão will play, stand up.
They will create a scene while I change the dramatic styles,
they have to change it right when I tell them to.
I'll need you in the audience to give me some styles...
Western... And tragedy. Thanks!
Barbie? That's so cute.
How old are you?
Eight? What are you doing here?
Sex... I got it. Sexploitation!
Let's go to our title, we'll get it from this box...
'I hear voices'
That's the title for our "Dramatic Styles" game. Go!
I hear voices.
You hear voices because there's a man screaming out there, sir.
Now it's a woman!
Woman or man, it doesn't matter!
We'll have to see it, because it seems to have come from the bank...
- Hey boss, let's finish her... - Not boss, sheriff! Call me sheriff!
Well, whatever.
Ha-ha-ha, boss! It's the beautiful Mary Jane!
Oh, the foreigner!
It's the headless foreigner!
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Speak you, jump,jerk!
Dear Lord!
I don't know what he said!
Style... Tragedy!
How can you not know what he said?
- How can you not know what he said? - I don't know!
And the horse is dead!
My horse! My little horse!
- I didn't mean to do it! - The head is walking by itself now!
The horse is dead...
The horse is dead!
Don't let the horse die!
The horse is dead!
Fine... I'm Ken!
It doesn't matter that the horse is dead! Its parts are removable!
And remember: The horse is sold with Sheriff Barbie!
Okay, horse, it's time for you to work...
A man called horse!
I'd like to say it's hard to be a horse in a sexploitation movie...
Because... I don't know.
Ron Jeremy could bang me at any moment, so...
Elidio, she's eight.
You haven't seen a thing...
Uncle Elidio is so funny, isn't he?
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.