Pacem in Terris Award Ceremony 2011: Presentation of the award to Bishop Alvaro Leonel Ramazzini

Uploaded by dioceseofdavenport on 03.10.2011

if you'll allow me to read the award to you
the two thousand eleven Pacem in Terris peace and freedom award
is presented to bishop Alvaro Leonel ------- Ramazzini
by bishop martin amos and the Pacem in Terris coalition
of the Quad cities
in light of your passionate commitment to peace and justice
your forthright defense and leadership on behalf of Guatemala's most
vulnerable communities
has drawn -------- the world's attention
to the abuse against the exploitation of mineral resources by multinational
you have likewise advocated for just immigration laws and international trade
you have fearlessly sought in into war in bloodshed
by working on peace accords in human rights reports
these into all your social justice efforts
have interned fostered civil courage
for the people of guatemala
the region
the world
you embodied the words
of pope john the twenty thirty in his encyclical
Pacem in Terris
as a spark of light
a center of love
of vivid fighting levin
to your sisters and brothers around the world
given on this second second day of october
two thousand and eleven
in davenport Iowa
I give thanks to God, that I'm able to be with you today
as I recieve this award
I have in my heart
in my mind
the men and women
who in guatemala and else where
struggles so that human rights
will be respected
like thoses who have received this award before
we desire
and hope
for a different
a peaceful
founded of justice
freedom and charity