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Uploaded by CustomMadeCom on 15.06.2012

You know literally I mean, I remember each job.
One thing that's really, really moving my soul is all the work I've been doing for guys in Afghanistan.
I mean we've got soldiers with their boots on the ground. You know, I don't care what your political opinion is about it, but we still got kids over there.
They're sending stuff to their girls at home, I just did an engagement ring for a guy down in Texas.
He's in Afghanistan, sent the ring to his mom, he came home and popped the question, it was perfect!
That's great. And those jobs always stand out.
Here are people who are in harms way... they utilize us, and then they trust us, to execute it for them.
And that's great. That's...that's incredible.
The story is an integral part of it, and that's the key: I mean you gotta connect with each customer, one at a time emotionally.
I really do feel, that I'm leaving a mark on somebody's soul each time I make a piece, and they on mine too by sharing with me what they want.