Alfred Hitchcock Prezentz Chubby Bunny Challenge

Uploaded by DailyFiberFilms on 15.01.2013

[Alfred Hitchcock Theme Song fades out] Good Evening...
I hope your excuse me if I appear wildly exuberant.
But I have recently come into contact with a cure for boredom.
It involves these little puffins
known as marshmallows.
You see it is a delightful game, in which you stuff these little marshmallows
into your mouth
and repeated phrase Chubby Bunny
in order to fill your mouth to the point that you can no longer repeat said phrase.

It is quite delightful and is a great hit at parties and my circle of friends.
Chubby Bunny.
Chubby Bunny.
Now i have two marshmallow
and my speech pattern is starting to be a little slurred.
Chubby Bunny.
I think I can handle more.
Chubby Bunny.
You see I'm reaching my limit.
Chubby Bunny.
My communicative skills are starting to be impaired.
I'm about to break a personal record.
Chubby Bunny.
One more for good measure.
Chubby Bunny. [Alfred Hitchcock Theme Song comes in]